Damn. Now I kinda want to make a KPFS hack.

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Damn. Now I kinda want to make a KPFS hack.
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you know how it goes. you've got this game lying around that you really like because it's the most depraved thing you'd like to play, unlike THOSE other depraved games that suck because hey, we only kill puppies in this one, it's not like we rape them or anything. god forbid that. but the rules kinda suck because it that was made before the author had the strange idea to try his games before publishing it. but he did that new game that's all the shit right now and you want to convert the rules. because that's a constructive thing to do with your time and it will be considered a major cultural milestone in a few centuries, no doubt.

so here's how it goes.

when you kill puppies for satan, roll +fucked up.

when you want to freak people out roll +fucked up.

when you're escaping a bad situation kicking and screaming and scratching faces roll +mean.

when you tell somebody to do it, or else, roll +mean.

when you latch unto people until they do your binding like the weasely little fuck you are, roll +relentness.

when you look around for a weakness to exploit, roll +cold. oh and here's the questions the gm has to answer to, you can ask anything else but he's probably going to tell you to go fuck yourself.

when you recieve the punishment you deserve roll +harm suffered and you want to miss that one.

when you try to pass as normal, roll +how many people hate you and you want to miss that one too.

when you summon the power of satan spend evil and roll +evil spent.

and don't you expect to get some nifty playbooks with nice photoshopped pictures or anything because you get squat. you still have to write your own character sheet. maybe i'll type you a summary for those moves on my old remington, yeah, the one that's missing both shift keys.
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Re: Damn. Now I kinda want to make a KPFS hack.
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when you TAKE A SERIOUS RISK that can cause you serious fallout, roll +relentless. 7-9 you can avoid it but at a price, GM call. 10+ you do it just like that.

when you TELL SOMEBODY TO DO IT, OR ELSE, tell what and roll +mean. 10+ they do it or suffer harm as established, their choice. 7-9 they can instead
-get the fuck out of here
-take you seriously and try to talk you down
-give you you something you might want (like a thing or a piece of info)

when you TRADE BLOWS, roll +mean. 10+ you choose 3 options. 7-9 you choose 2 option.
-you suffer -1harm
-you deal +1harm
-you don't make a mess out of it
-you overpower them
(overpowering them mean you pry something off of them, or they stop attacking you or something)

when you LATCH ONTO PEOPLE UNTIL THEY DO YOUR BIDDING, roll +relentless. 10+ they do it if you promess to stop. 7-9 they do if you stop right now and you promess them to do something back.