Infernal Questions

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Infernal Questions
« on: February 15, 2012, 10:07:55 PM »
1. When I use the Infernal power where I give Asmodeus (or whomever) a string and somebody's character reveals a secret fear, desire, or strength, do I get to choose one of these three for them to tell me about? Do I get to demand a secret fear, for instance, if I don't give a damn about their strengths? Or does the other player get to choose whether to reveal a fear, desire, or strength?

2. Why isn't there a list of personality tags so I can decide what kind of devil Asmodeus (or whomever) is? (i.e. what kind of evil he wants to wreak upon the world which gives the MC a starting-point for what he wants me to do in order to get favours from him).

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1. The player gets to choose which of those three things to reveal. Sometimes, a guy just can't fabricate a secret desire on demand, y'know?

2. That's a really good idea. Do you have a suggestion about what that list might look like?

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1. Okay. Wasn't quite sure, but that's what we did.

It could be more or less the same as a list of threat impulses:
* to own and sell people
* to denounce and overthrow
* to hunt and dominate
* to infect and poison
* to fight and wage war
* to turn people against each other
* to ruin things

Or it could be a bit more open-ended and evocative, but still give the MC a clear idea of what its motivation is, like the names of the threat types themselves (so, following the last list):
* Slaver trader
* Iconoclast (or Usurper, or Denouncer)
* Stalker (or Hunter)
* Poisoner (or Corrupter)
* Warrior (or Brawler, or maybe Punisher)
* Betrayer
* Despoiler (or Ruiner)

I didn't check to see if you already have a threat list for demons or other supernatural enemies, but you could just use that, or create this list and use it there as well.

What would I pick for Asmodeus? I think I want Asmodeus to tell me to ruin peoples' lives via subterfuge, so I would probably pick *to ruin things or *to infect and poison on the one list, and *Poisoner, *Betrayer, or *Despoiler on the other

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Or maybe keywords that describe general method:
* Subterfuge
* Havoc
* Strife
* Corruption
* Betrayal
* Ruin