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There is a chittering shriek of rage, and a sorrow-spider launches itself from the remnants of the box! You stagger about the room, trying desperately to tug it free from your hair, while its mandibles snap and its legs dig into your scalp. Finally you cut it free and stamp it into green goo. You have sustained considerable damage both to your scalp and your dignity.

You were unlucky. Better luck next time...

Persuasive is dropping...

Wounds is increasing... (I think this increased more than a little)

You've lost 1 x A Nearly Unwrapped Cat?



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A curious little glitch:

I chose the card that let me go to the shroom hopping race and after the first race generate a Wounds of 4 and discovered I could not use any of my healing items.  So I kept racing anyway and ended up with wounds 5.  And nothing happened.  While in this little pocket of the game I could not die.  Upon leaving for Fallen London, I then died and washed up on the shores of the river.

I am now picturing half dead racers that keep entering race after race because to leave the race is to die.