[AWESOME] Looking at your own character through crosshairs...

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[AWESOME] Looking at your own character through crosshairs...
« on: February 02, 2012, 12:48:12 PM »
...and being a fan of the other players' characters!

So, a funny thing happened in my Depth of Life campaign:

In the ongoing story, the Hardholder had the Angel tasked to work on a cure for a terrible plague that is afflicting the holding.  Later, the Hocus, hated by the Angel, got badly hurt in a massive riot and the Hardholder tried to... compel... the Angel to perform some healing, but the Angel refused. 

A big snowball of moves later, the Angel suffered a bunch of harm (gang beatings and rifle shots) and, instead of taking a debility when they took harm to 12:00, decided it was better for the story if they died instead!  The Angel's player was such a fan of the Hardholder, that they wanted to see how they were going to now deal with this whole plague thing without an Angel!  The player sacrificed their character, who still had a bunch of stuff on the go, to "produce future coolness".  I was really impressed and it was somewhat unique in my experiences as a GM/MC.  I've had players nobly sacrifice their characters, but never something like this.

Anyone else have such an experience?
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