Characters out of action for many days (healing)

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Characters out of action for many days (healing)
« on: January 06, 2012, 09:22:51 AM »
How have you handled in your games the time period when a character needs to spend many days out of action to recover his wounds?
The best solution, I think, is to have that time period advance faster "A week later...", but...
-do you have the threats or fronts act and advance while the character rests?
-if there are other PCs not hurt or willing to rest, what do you do?

What I´d do is to have the threats act, tell the players what they do, and ask if their characters still want to rest. If there are PCs active while others rest, I´d ask them what they do during that week, and then have them roll one custom move, common move, or a series of them if needed.

I´d love to read any examples of actual play to know how have you dealt with the situation.

Re: Characters out of action for many days (healing)
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The situation would be the same for a savvyhead working on a project that takes him a lot of time.