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Okay, I got into an impossible project.

Based on this webcomic, it's a game that mimics the style of a webcomic that mimics the style of a computer game in which the characters play a computer game.

The entire story is also prone to always escalating, being incredibly silly, jumping the shark, and then in the end having it all come together. And then just keep going.

My game draft, found here, concerns itself with a framework, but assumes that the group will start adding rules, new types of gameplay, and character moves as they go along. This game isn't supposed to help you much after a few sessions.

I only think this will do much sense if you've actually read at least some mspaintadventures, and probably Homestuck specifically. But if you have: do you think this approach might work? Are you interested in writing character moves? Check in at the above link, or the brainstorming document. They're open for comments and editing to everyone.

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Captchalogued in my sylladex.



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holy shit

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Yeah, pretty much. It snowballed out of the 5-minute game design challenge on story-games. Now I'm skyping with an american late nights talking about playtesting.

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And now I'm pretty much done.

Of course it's not finished. It's just, well, finished enough for me right now. I will take it to the next Con I go to and see how it works out. If I keep working on it after that, only time will tell.

Here are the playbooks – which follow the format and layout, but really are just character sheets.

Here's the game text.