Healing and Hx

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Healing and Hx
« on: December 21, 2011, 09:51:58 AM »
Hi all.

On an Italian forum a doubt arose; this is healing move:

When you heal another player’s character’s harm, you get +1Hx with them (on your sheet) for every segment of harm you heal

And this is one of angel's:

To use an angel kit to speed the recovery of someone at 3:00 or 6:00: don’t roll. They choose: spend 4 days (3:00) or 1 week (6:00) blissed out on chillstabs, immobile but happy, or do their time like everyone else

Angel's move doesn't directly heal harm, rather it speeds the healing (as opposed for example to healing touch), so the doubt is, does angel's move give Hx for healed harm?
On the Italian forum (this, by the way) someone said yes, and someone no; so here we are, looking for more thought (also frome Vincent, maybe?).

Re: Healing and Hx
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I would definitely say "yes".

The healing move (+Hx) is describing the consequences of intimacy with another character: you cannot spend time healing someone and nursing them to health without getting to know them better.

To remove that effect in this case would be to go against the spirit of the rule, I feel.



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Re: Healing and Hx
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I dont see much difference between healing someone and speeding their healing. If my character went to the angel for some healing and he sped my recovery, she'd be all "thanks for healing me, man."
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Re: Healing and Hx
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Yes. If the patient chooses "blissed out on chillstabs," the angel gets the Hx bump.