My first Apocalypse World session as MC

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My first Apocalypse World session as MC
« on: December 01, 2011, 12:14:50 PM »
Some of you may have read my post from Monday talking about my first session playing Apocalypse World. It was super fun and I fell in love with it instantly. Last night I convinced some friends to let me GM the game for them (all of them newbies to the game) and it was simply put amazing. I have been GM-ing games for 10+ years and I have never felt so comfortable in the GM seat as I did with this game. I went into it with zero prep, minus rules prep of course, and the storyline just flowed naturally. The moves all gave the players chances to ask questions that forwarded along the plot and gave me ample opportunity to bring them some hurt and make their lives interesting.

Our characters included an Operator, a Driver, and a Savvyhead. I was surprised no one chose a combat monster as most games seem to head in that direction. The operators gigs gave the game a seamless introduction as he contracted the other characters into helping him with his gigs. This led to some wonderful trouble including the driver getting captured by a gasoline guzzling cult while trying to make his delivery. From there the story just took off. Wonderufl time!

This game seriously rocks! I have found my new favourite! :)



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Re: My first Apocalypse World session as MC
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Man, I'm so glad I could be part of you getting into AW, Pheylorn!

And I'm really glad your MCing went so well!
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Re: My first Apocalypse World session as MC
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2011, 03:15:20 PM »
Awesome Pheylorn!
Good combo of playbooks too, huh? Did you fill out the first session worksheet? Any idea on fronts? Did the players remember to mark XP? If so, did anyone advance? What sort of maps emerged from the fiction?

All sounds like great stuff, and you certainly seem to be enjoying the format. Let us know how the second session goes?

Re: My first Apocalypse World session as MC
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Awesome game. Keep it coming.