Sieze by force, again

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Re: Sieze by force, again
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Could you give an example of such a situation?


- Cigar Louie has your best friend in a head lock- you want to shoot him, but not your friend.
- You're sitting at 10 o'clock Harm, and while the drugs are keeping you moving, you're twitchy and a little out of it
- They're standing there, all looking the wrong way, and you've got the shot gun ready... then the sandstorm hits.
- The Savvyhead put two wires together, and you were sure your gun was right at the back of his head, but now the unstable portal to the Psychic Maelstrom is everywhere and you aren't sure of anything right now
- She just said she's pregnant and it's yours

Apocalypse World, shit happens!