TerrorForm - Generational Gameplay Using AW

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TerrorForm - Generational Gameplay Using AW
« on: September 09, 2012, 08:24:58 PM »
So, I'm working on a game called TerrorForm. The basic premise is that Earth is going to be terraformed after humanity moves to orbital stations. They want to fix their world. Problem is, not everyone makes it off. Gameplay focuses on those "Forgotten" as they try to survive until their Abandoners come back to Earth.

I just recently decided to use AW for this game, and in fact, just wrote up a post about it on my website. Here's an excerpt about some of the changes I'm looking at:

Holding on to Hope

In Apocalypse World, nothing is off limits. Everything is impermanent, everything can change. That means if your character is working towards some kind of stable life, it’s the MC’s job to destabilize that life. The only exception is if you advance far enough to have your character sort of ride off into the sunset.

That’s not the case with TerrorForm. Of course, the GM is supposed to mess with things, to provide challenges, and to make sure that threats encroach on everything that that PCs are working for. However, in TerrorForm, the GM should also always hold out hope, however faint. Hope that tomorrow will be better. Hope that, if water can be obtained, things will be easier. Hope that the next generation has a chance. That’s true in all three phases of the game, and it can’t be deviated from if you want your game to be a game of TerrorForm.

I'm hoping to keep updating here as I complete my writing about the game. I do all of my design out in the open on sandandsteam.net, so when I develop something, it'll be posted as soon as it's done. That means there should be a semi-steady flow of info about the game both on Sand & Steam, and here.

If you want more info about the game, I've written more about it on the site:
Retrieval Commencing
Phase One: Departure
Focusing Down
Through the Refining Fire
Feel Document

If this is the wrong way to handle this kind of thing, please gently let me know. I loved AW when I read it, and it feels like the perfect fit for TerrorForm. If you've got feedback, ideas, suggestions about where to take the rules, whatever, let me know!


Re: TerrorForm - Generational Gameplay Using AW
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 10:29:59 AM »
I've begun more work on this hack, and I've got a few more things defined.

First of all, the Phases. Rather than five phases, I've cut it down to three: Abandonment, Regenesis, and Homecoming. Each phase will have a set of playbooks that stem from the previous phase. The Doctor becomes the Patcher becomes the Medicine Man. There will be two generations passing between each phase, so the changes in culture and society between phases will be dramatic.

Second, the playbooks themselves. I've come up with fourteen different playbook ideas, each with an "evolution" for the phases. Guess that means a total of 56 playbooks, which sounds like a lot. It's not guaranteed that all fourteen will pan out, of course, but I like the concepts. If you want me to list them out, let me know. They'e only names right now.

Lastly, I'm working on coming up with names for the stats. Hot, Cool, Hard, Sharp, and Weird are awesome and descriptive, but they're very much for AW. I want stat names that are reflective of of the setting and the feel. I've been batting a few things around, and I'm noodling about Controlled, Wild, Connected, Removed, and Mournful. Of those, I think Wild and Mournful are punchy and evocative, but the others need some work.

In order to figure out the stats, I might need to start looking at the Basic Moves to see both what I want to include, and what is needed to accomplish those moves.

I know things are vague now, but if you've got feedback, suggestions, or need clarification, I'll be happy to give more info. Thanks!