[AP] Depth of Life

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Re: [AP] Depth of Life
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Nice Work Dusk!!

One small detail - Just as the end scene was fading to black, Mercy looked down and saw food trays from the Loco at the feet of her poisoned and bloated guards.  Now Mercy knows who's to blame.

Can't wait for Season 2 of DoL guys!!

Re: [AP] Depth of Life
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Scurry! No one asked you! :)

Poor Cookie. It's really not her fault that all of this happened to her. She's a tragic, tragic character.



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Re: [AP] Depth of Life
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Thanks for writing and posting that Drew!

Was a helluva session... I'm honestly surprised all the active PCs survived!  The transformations of some of the characters have been amazing.

Wonder what that light at the end of the tunnel is...

Thanks for all the great game play to the rest of the players as well.

Love and kisses, your MC!
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