AP: Smallville

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AP: Smallville
« on: June 24, 2011, 09:24:52 PM »
We are now on session 5, and I thought I would post this for shits and grins. I will be updating this as I get events straight in my head.

The characters:

Shithead, chopper, leads the "Hells Satans"(sic). 5' 11", dark skin, wears combat biker armor and is never without his crowbar.

Kim Gremlin, driver, living with the Satans in an ancient gas station: "Fort Esso", drives an equally ancient Impala and a bucket truck.

Abby, gunlugger, lives in Kim's Impala, she has named her guns (her surrogate family).

brief appearances by:

Eltrut, hoarder, totally NOT collecting things with turtles on them (this player only played twice, the second time switching to a different character. Then Real Life Drama intervened, and she doesn't play with us anymore)

Grace, skinner, not much to say for this character (this player also only played twice, switched to a different character, then decided farmville was more important)


Smallville (formerly Indian Springs), placed on one of the few remaining intact roads, this small holding is little more than a collection tattered buildings. Main exports=sex
(also trouble, cuz that's where we are).

Farmington, built in a mysterious crater in the nevada desert, experts in "water reclamation". Main exports=food, biofuels, alcohol, drugs.

Shinytown (formerly Las Vegas), glowing neon fortress of the "keepers", self appointed judges and executioners. Exports=(ostensibly) law, protection

There's also a dangerous, unexplored fortress in the desert (Area 51), and, far to the east, there's the legendary Valhallafornia, where wine flows like water and food is plentiful (there's certainly not any secret horrors or unholy abominations there, I'm sure)

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Chopper, Driver, Gunlugger - check. You are a bunch of badass badasses. I dig the gas station as a fort/brothel. And you guys are the muscle protecting the staff? What are the fronts?

Valhallafornia is a stroke of brilliance :)

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Well, I'm not the MC, so I don't know all of them, but we have:

Hells Satans(obviously)
Tum-Tum, pimp and hardholder of smallville
Princey, Tum-Tums silent right hand midget enforcer
Desert Rats, scavengers and raiders that live in the desert
The Keepers, self-appointed lawmen (soon to be a playbook)
The people eaters (not purple), cannibals that live near or in area 51
And, most recently, psychic sewer butt-worms (they really suck)

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Quick update from the gunbunny…

New Characters:
Binky: (Faceless) 7’+, well-muscled guy in bondage armor. His mask is a kid’s plastic clown mask stapled over his face, and he wields the ‘Welcome to Indian Springs!’ roadsign as an axe.
Charlie: (Quarentine) 14 year old boy, ripped. Has a mainframe named ‘Papa’. Less than a month out of stasis and he gets laid 3 times in a day. Abbey was drugged so she wasn’t too rough with him.
Angel: (Angel) 5’-ish, Chestnut hair, grey eyes, olive skin. Hot +1 but acts like she’s +3 at least. Has a habit of getting tossed around like a little bitch.
Nils: (Savvyhead) incoming…

New Vehicles:
The Tank: Armored bucket truck. Boom extends 60’ for mobile sniping.
Trane: Mack tri-dem axle truck. Chassis has been replaced by 3/4” steel plating. Tum-tum’s truck, but he lets Kim borrow it whenever. Abbey’s new home.
Earth Mover: Stripped and armored Caterpillar 797. Rear hopper has ramps which allow small vehicles and other crap to be loaded and un-.

Abbey’s Weapons: Bonus!
G36C: scoped and silenced AR (Besty)
M110 SASS: scoped and silenced sniper rifle (Clementine)
Cane knife: machete made from on old truck spring (Jasper)
Remington 700 SPS: hunting rifle (Gabby)
Stevens 311A: sawed-off (Bacon)
Bond Arms .45/410: derringer; 2-harm, close, reload, concealable (Ophelia)
Grenades: yeah, grenades (Name suggestions for this and below?)
C-4: 2 bricks and timedet gear
Many knives
My characters:
Abbey Road - Gunlugger (Smallville - AW)
Angel* - Angel (Smallville - AW)