Experience marks

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Experience marks
« on: July 04, 2011, 05:33:32 AM »
Having just reached the end of a mystery in which the two hunters on the team (one down due to player sickness) not only defeated the monsters, they did so without letting a single civilian come to any harm at all, I realised that I wanted back one of the rules that got dropped somewhere along the way:

  • At the end of the mystery, if nobody else was killed since the hunters got there, mark experience.

That's there as a benny for doing the job without any collateral damage, or letting people get killed while they muck around (like when they go shopping for crazy gadgets to trap or kill the monster, which seems like every mystery).

That also reminded me that the list of hunter relationship moments that trigger experience marks is definitely not fully done yet. Please let me know if there have been any moments in your games that ought to be on that list, because I think the current ones are probably only about half as many as it ought to be.