Apocalypse World @ Origins 2011

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Apocalypse World @ Origins 2011
« on: May 11, 2011, 11:01:58 AM »
For those of you attending Origins 2011 (http://www.originsgames.com/) in Columbus, OH this year (barring the real apocalypse, of course), Apocalypse World will be featured at least once.

* Red Rover - Thursday 1 pm - 6 pm - GM: Evan Torner

Against the harsh post-apocalypse, who trusts a benevolent stranger? A pre-loaded convention scenario for Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World

Out of the destruction and decay of the apocalypse, you have forged lives hardened against the scarcity and want that surround you.  You have learned how to do without, how to cut loose parasitic individuals, how to kill in self-defense.  But now that Red Rover's in town, things are changing.  He has ample provisions and is sharing the wealth.  Minds are shifting in his favor, and you are becoming alienated from your own tribemates.  But what's the price for this benevolence?  Who will be sent over to Red Rover?

* Apocalypse World will also be available at the Indie Games on Demand area on Friday and Saturday morning and afternoon (times and location TBA).  Simply show up with a couple of your friends and we'll get you a GM and a creepy gaming experience!

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And now we've got a Facebook group:


...and a Story Games thread:


(Though I'm somewhat notoriously NOT a forum member of Story Games)

Please come out and show us your taste for the exquisite side of the role-playing hobby!

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Off to Origins tomorrow - we'll give some AP reports upon return!

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Oh my God, was that excellent.

7 person table of Apocalypse World.

The players were utterly baffled by Red Rover. Benevolence in AW is the new weird.  And the Gunlugger totally blew his devil's bargain check, which meant I could tell him to do things or he had to suffer harm.



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Re: Apocalypse World @ Origins 2011
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2011, 09:29:58 AM »
Evan - is that scenario written up at all? I was wondering if perhaps I could run it at a UK convention?