[Playbook] the Donjuan

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[Playbook] the Donjuan
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Introducing... Donjuan
Some old bastards talk about something called love. They talk about the breathtaking moments, fainting by love, the flowers and hand-grabbing. That for sure died with the world itself, they say, but I think some people still make you feel that way, they get rid of our broken lives and feelings to just use us and leave us empty again. No happy endings.

STATS: choose one line:
Cool+2, hard-1, hot+2, sharp-1, weird=0
Cool+1, hard=0, hot+2, sharp=0, weird=0
Cool=0, hard-1, hot+2, sharp+1, weird+1
Cool+1, hard+1, hot+2, sharp-1, weird=0

MOVES: you get all the basic moves, HUNGRY DICK/CLIT, plus choose 3 Donjuan moves.

HUNGRY DICK/CLIT: at the beginning of the session, you´re in WANT, so roll+HARD. If you´ve sex with your WANT, mark experience. On a 10+, you pick whom do you want this time. On a 7-9, the MC picks him. On a miss, the MC picks him, and if, by the end of the session, you haven´t had sex with him, cross out permanently one advancement option not picked yet from your character sheet.

FAMOUS: whenever you first meet somebody hot & important (your call), roll+HOT: on a hit, you get to say what they´ve heard about you. On a 10+, you also get to say wether they´re interested in you or not.
On a miss, the MC says what they´ve heard, seen or suffered because of you, and they´re for sure interested in you, or either you WANT them (as in hungry dick/clit).

HERO PANTS: when you fight for your current or next affair (either to protect him or to get to it, whatever), you roll HOT instead of hard to seize by force and go aggro.

LOVER MIND: you roll+HOT instead of SHARP to read a situation, if somebody you´re interested in is involved somehow.

KILLING STARE: when you look and talk to somebody in that way, roll+HOT. On a hit, the MC (or the player, if PC) picks an option from the list:
-He´s nervous. He´s got to leave, and will be sloppy, commit mistakes if he doesn´t or can´t. -1ongoing for PCs, until they leave.
-He´s attracted to you. He won´t act against you this time. PCs are acting under fire to act against you.
-He rejects you, but is hesitant now. You get +1forward to spend on a next move against him.
On a 10+, you also get +1 forward against him.
On a miss, he reacts anyhow he wants, usually in a dangerous way (anger, obsession, etc.). Besides, you probably WANT him now, if not yet, plus you can´t use this move on him again this session.

IRRESISTIBLE: you get +1hot (max+3).

DON´T TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER: when you try something you really want and fail at it (not just fail a move), you get +1 forward. You also mark experience when you finally achieve it.
If it´s got something to do with sex or similar, you instead get +1ongoing, on anything you do to get it back.

SPECIAL MOVE: if you and another character have sex, and it is the first time you´ve sex with him, choose 1:
-mark experience
-Get a gift from him, worth 1-barter.
You also hold 2. You may spend it, 1 for 1, to get +1 to a roll either him or you make, your choice.

If you and another character have sex, but it isn´t your first time with him, you instead get -1forward.

It lacks details, but I think it is nice, and I always like hot-based playbooks. What do you think?