The Lights of Hoover: Death, Oblivion and Other Transitions

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Some nights I just don't feel like dropping the hammer hard.  Tonight I did a ton of hinting at future badness and vomiting forth.

When we last gamed, Doc had announced that he was going to set up his learning hospital in Hoover and he toasted the hospital's founding with the Engineer-in-Chief, having poisoned her glass.  The other PC's knew.

Hoover went into an all-night festival, everyone was getting drunk but Harlan, Cybelle and Doc were uneasy.  Harlan hit the town with Pima, accepting the free drinks that came with being the Croaker's driver for the night.  Cybelle just kept a watch out and Doc went back to the Croaker and went to sleep, nervous and feeling guilty.

That morning the engineers came for the Doc; they needed his help.  Phoenix, the Engineer-in-Chief was sick, really sick.  Doc went into Hoover Dam itself with Cybelle, saying that he might need her as his nurse.

Doc convinced Gold, Phoenix's second that he was legit after Reading a Person.

How would I get her to believe that I was worth supporting when this was all over?

You'd have to come clean and not bullshit Phoenix, not tell her that this sickness was a flu but that she was going to die.

Phoenix wanted to leave her brain for Hoover, having her soul stored in a glass bottle; once the Angel told her that she was likely to die soon she called for a quorum of engineers in order to make her sacrifice.

Before this, Cybelle had skulked around, looking into the Psychic Maelstrom, seeing if there were any other Brainers among the Engineers.  She picked up on two readings, the flickering of Phoenix and another odd thing way off down a hallway.  She came to a barrel-size glass tube with rubber stoppers on either end, attached to an old speaker-phone.

She figured out that it was Lovelocke, the Chemist's best friend and former Brainer, stored here for the past year.  She wanted to take his stored mind into her own, even though she already had a hitch-hiker, Ma, a failed roll from the first game.  She rolled under fire to see if she could take in Lovelocke.  The dice demanded a harder choice...sure, you could get Lovelocke but you only have room for two in there.  You'll have to leave Ma in the barrel.

Yup, Ma was left in a brain-tube in Hoover and Lovelocke was in her head now.

Good stuff.

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