Eschaton moves.

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Eschaton moves.
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    [Working on this thing again. Striped down frames. Four stats, five moves (plus maybe a generic, statless, act under fire)]

    Another is any person, place or thing.

    When you traumatize another, roll fray.

    On a 10+, have them mark trauma; brutal, sudden and irrevocable.
    On a 7-9, instead they may choose one:
    • Evac from terrible you.
    • Reboubt their position.
    • Cause collateral.
    • Exchange trauma for trauma.
    • Comply with your sick heart.

    When you are traumatized, mark that trauma down. If another takes vantage of it, you take -1 or they take +1, as the case may be. All traumas effect the fiction and consistute the characters affects. Some traumas may worsen and cause that that character to die, or otherwise leave the narrative.

    When you want to recover from trauma, frame a scene with another where they help you heal and explain how you do it Give them a sync with you, and roll scar.

    On a hit, strike-out that truama. On a 10+, both. On a 7-9, one. You may either take a sync with them, or erase that trauma completely. When a trauma is striken, it is less volatile in the fiction and, rarely, you might take vatage of it for a +1. Traumas that are striken are refered to as scars.

    You sync whenever you stalk, seduce, manipulate, turn-on, gain trust with, or commit similar intimacies with another. This may occur in a scene framed explicitly for this purpose, retroactively, as a flashback, or in the heat of a moment. When you do with, roll vamp.

    On a 10+, sync with them.
    On 7-9, they can decide to either:
    • Have you both sync with one another.
    • Answer any one question of yours.
    • Take direct action based on your explicit desires.

    Sync may be spent to:
    • When traumatizing, have the victim mark trauma in addition to the outcome.
    • Interfere with their actions causing them to act at a disadvantage.
    • Aid in their actions, causing them to act with an advantage.
    • Ask them a single question.
    • When they must answer a question, you may instead answer for them.

    Whenever you beseech the eschaton to commit acts inhuman, impossible and graceless, tell the field what you desire and then roll moth. You may not refuse its gifts; your reciporicity is demanded in return.

    On a 10+, it fulfills your hearts dark desires.
    On a 7-9, as above but also, mark an additional moth.

    When you listen for echoes, roll moth.
    On a hit, you may witness distant events, either temporal or spatial, or ask a single question of another.
    On a 7-9, as above but also, mark an additional moth.[/list]
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