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i think it would probably be up to you as the DM, but personally if the defined items lasted until the party got back to civilization and they went shopping i would let them convert defined items back into charges. if you tried to keep them defined forever it would just add a lot of book keeping which i think having something like adventuring gear tries to avoid.

i personally dislike the session duration because i know some of our games end a session in the middle of a dungeon or something of that like and having your rope suddenly disappear is not only inconvenient it also doesnt make much sense.

the options i would take are until they get back to town or until the end of a setting (basically dungeon forest castle what have you).

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If we're losing the +1, maybe we need a -1.  Like:

Adventuring Gear
Torches, poles, spikes, and other miscellaneous gear
Expendable 3, 5 Gold, 1 Weight
When you don't have the right gear for the job when
making a move (picking a lock with a dagger, e.g.)
take -1 to the roll, or expend a use to produce the
gear you need.

Or something.



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I'm against the -1 for not having tools because tools are fictional positioning. Don't have a lockpick (or something about the same size/shape)? You can't pick a lock. Sorry.

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i agree, no penalties. i see adventuring gear as an easy way to say "you have stuff" rather than a means to punish players for something. if you have a dagger and a dagger can work for picking the lock go for it! if not just face the fighter headbutt the door down.

adventuring gear: you dont need to plan for every situation, just but a bag of gear and go!

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OK, so the GM will need to consider where things are on the spectrum:

Impossible without tools.
Possible, but dangerous or consequential without tools.
No tools needed. Not an issue.

More or less.  Not trying to over-codify it.

Works for me.



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Hey guys, great discussion!
I've been allowing the +1 then writing it on the character sheet, (like John) but on a fail or hit with complications, I invariably take aways their stuff, or offer limited success with a consequence or hard bargain, again invariably tied up with the adventuring gear. So, they want to risk authoring in their precious rope and grappling hook for a +1 and it might get lost/damaged/become an issue, that's cool.

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I'm not sure the +1 is needed. If you don't have the correct tools you can't do the action you'd like.  Give them opportunities to pull out that lamp, rope, spike, etc.  Count down their resources.  When they run out of something hit them, hard.

The in game fiction is powerful. 

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I agree with John and Saint and everyone else who says the +1 is unnecessary and confusing.

Like, if I have a rope, there's lots of things that I can do, fictionally, that I can't do without a rope. That's already an advantage!  Why do you need the +1?  And then I can keep doing those things as long as I have a rope.  Plus, after all, maybe your "hard bargain" requires losing your gear or the DM's move is to "take away their stuff," which already serves to whittle down their supply.

Also, that allows magical equipment to be significantly better than non-magical equipment.  A +1 magic rope is now pretty badass!

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If I were running the game in person, when people used adventuring gear, I'd have them write it on a post-it note and stick it on their character sheet.  When the dungeon front resolved, everyone takes off all the post-its, they're worn out.
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