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+Strings [stole straight out of Joe's Monsterhearts.]

Spend a String to:
   make them vulnerable to you
   subtract 1 from their next move against you
   declare that their actions count as holding fast (if you’re in the scene or it affects you)
   add an extra harm to whatever harm you deal them
   add 1 to your next move against them
   add 1 to their next move (if you’re in the scene or it affects you)

//When you turn someone on, learn their vulnerabilities or manipulate them, roll social.

On  a 13+, take and string on them and they'll promise you something they think you want.

On a 11-12, take a string against them or make them vulnerable.

On a 8-10, they choose one:

   They're vulnerable to you
   Promise something they think you want
   Give you a string against them

//When you shut someone down or shut something out, roll social.

On a 13+, all four and take a string against them.

On a 11-12, choose three.

On a 8-10, choose two:

   They lose a string against you
   You don’t leave yourself vulnerable
   You don’t need to hold fast during your next encounter
   You don't act like a fucking monstrous brute or a brittle calloused husk

//When someone is vulnerable, add 1 to your rolls against them.

//When you try to dissect someone, +vamp.

   On 13+,  may ask whatever question you like and they answer.

   On 11-12, they pick one and you answer for them.

   On 8-10, you pick one and they answer for themselves.

      Who do you want all hot and heavy?
      What are you covetous of?
      When are you at your most vulnerable?
      Where are your secret pains?
      How could I break your commitments, your loyalty?

//When you make a pact with someone, +deal.

   Outline the nature of the agreement with the MC.    

   On 13+, pact+1. On 11-12, pact+0.  On 8-10, pact-1.

   Spend pact to have the other party fulfill their end as best as they can.
   Gain pact by holding up your end.
   If you renegotiate, add you current pact to the roll.

I don't know if you had another move worked up for make a deal or whatever, Johnstone, but this is my first stab at it.

I'd like to rework strings, pacts, dissect and social so that they integrate better together.

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I'll have to go back and look at Monsterhearts again. Strings is a really neato idea, but I don't have a good handle on it right now.