Agenda + Principles + Moves

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Agenda + Principles + Moves
« on: April 19, 2011, 09:57:08 PM »

Make the players' characters' lives not boring.
Make the eschaton seem real.
Play to find out how the world ends.

ALWAYS SAY (as per AW)


Always tempt the characters to play for the Other side.
Make the human monstrous; make the monstrous truly abject and alien.
Talk about the world and its ending.
Play up the uncanny and the desperate.
Give the Nodes a life and agenda of their own.
Immanentize the eschaton.

Address yourself to the characters, not the players.
Make your move, but misdirect.
Make your move, but never speak its name.
Ask provocative questions and build on the answers.
Be a fan of the players’ characters.
Sometimes, disclaim decision-making.


Add or remove a tag.
Activate a tag.
Have the Other intervene.

Separate them.
Put them together.
Announce off-screen badness.
Announce future badness.
Inflict harm (as established).
Trade harm for harm (as established).
Make them pay a price.
Tell them the possible consequences and ask.
Offer an opportunity, with or without a cost.
Turn their move back on them.
After every move: “what do you do?”

As always: ideas, comments, criticism, &c are always welcome. I'm just spit ballin'.

Re: Agenda + Principles + Moves
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Ooh! Eschaton, I like that one. Better than apokalypsis. Even looks better in the Romanized spelling.