Blood and Shadows

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Blood and Shadows
« on: July 05, 2010, 08:41:01 AM »
Rereading some of the old development blog posts, and noticed somebody mentioning a World of Darkness hack, which got me to thinking. Here's a few ideas, I don't know if I'll run with them at all, so feel free to contribute your own, or take these ideas and run with them yourself.


When you rise at sunset, roll +blood. On a 10+, you're fine for the night. On a 7-9, you feel the pangs: take -1 ongoing until you feed on blood. On a miss, anything you do until you feed is acting under fire, where the fire is losing control.

When you feed on someone, gain +blood equal to how much harm you deal to them, to a maximum of +3.


The Predator
The Shadow
The Rose
The Prince
The Elder
The Wretch


When you feed upon a mortal's dreams... (stuff)

When you swear a binding oath... (stuff)

Re: Blood and Shadows
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When you use your supernatural vampire powers, roll+blood:
On a 10+ pick 2, on a 7-9 pick 1, on a miss, the MC picks as few or many as they like:
* You do your supernatural stuff
* You don't lose control
* You don't take -1 blood ongoing until you feed

(kind of silly wording, and rough, but you get the idea)

One of the MC moves:
Make them hungry