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books in the teen romance genre I've read recently have featured angels - angsty reincarnated angels who attract demons who mess with their girlfriends

I'm reading one right now about a Genie - he's bound to stick around this girl until she's made her three wishes, but she's reluctant to wish for things because they won't 'be real' and then she falls in love with the Genie. He's terrified of staying too long in the Real World because he's ageless in his own world, but can see change happening in hours.

Not sure if that helps but that's what's being published.



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I posted this song by Frightened Rabbit in the Outsourcing thread and then played around with it for fifteen minutes or so, looking for a playbook angle. Never could get it. A doopelganger-type who can only relate to people as someone other than herself? And needs something from people, like their energy/heat or whatever. Maybe too close to the ghoul. It felt like a stealth ghoul.

You twist and whisper the wrong name
I don't care nor do my ears
Twist yourself around me
I need company, I need human heat
I need human heat

Let's pretend I'm attractive and then
You won't mind, you can twist for a while
It's the night, I can be who you like
And I'll quietly leave before it gets light

So twist and whisper the wrong name
I don't care nor do my ears
Twist yourself around me
I need company, I need human heat
I need human heat

I need human heat
I need human heat
I need human heat
I need
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I don't really have any new sexiness but I wanted to say that The Hollow sounds great.

One thought for Angels is that they are about serving beliefs/ideals that are effectively defunct (not unlike the punchy writeup someone did above for The Construct, actually.) Kind of like the premise of that Covenant (?) RPG condensed into a single splatbook. Servants of A Prophecy whose time has passed, or servants of A Prophecy who have been waiting so long for it to come to pass that they have lost hope or (if you want a flipside options, like for Vampires) become deranged or obsessive.

I am not sure what the String angle is, though, and I feel like that is the main thing for any new character type.

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Whenever angels come down to earth and get physical bodies, they are totally vulnerable to temptation. Give them human flesh, they start drinking and whoring and murdering people. That's how Venus became a star in the sky, by twisting Harut and Marut around her finger.

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    You’ve been prepared since birth to be occupied by a supernatural entity. Now you’re out of your cult, and finding out about the rest of the world. Can you escape your doom?

    First Impression: Frail, Untouched by the sun, Socially awkward, Wallflower, No sense of boundaries or personal space

    Eyes: Wide, Glassy, Bright, Scared.

    Origin: The compound, Runaway, Foster parents, The attic, The Cops say you can't be home-schooled anymore.

    hot 2 cold -1 steady 2, volatile -1 dark 1
    hot 0 cold 2 steady 2, volatile -1 dark -1
    hot -1 cold 1 steady 2, volatile 0 dark 1
    hot 0 cold -1 steady 2, volatile 1 dark 1

    You get these these moves for free

    : You have recently broken free of (or are beginning to exercise your independence from) an secret religious order. Pick two scary advantages your sect has, and one problem they have when they deal with the outside world:
    • Scary Advantages (pick two): magic lore; followers everywhere; influence in the community; integrated in society; well-funded; diligent recruiters.
    • Problems (pick one): public suspicion; tradition-bound; short-sighted; paranoid; baroque hierarchy; factionalized; strict rules; total obedience; tyrannical leaders; antiquated gear; poverty.

    At the beginning of each session, or whenever there is downtime, roll +Dark to see how your sect will make a move on you. On a 10+ you will know about their move before they make it. On a 7-9, you’ll know about the move, but the biggest threat to you in the sect will gain a string on you.

    Fate:You only know the vaguest hints about what you have been raised to become. Pick three tags to describe how your Fate will unfold:
    • Sacrifice // Ancient prophecies // Ascension // Death // Can't save everyone // Impossible love // Possesson // Nemesis // Pain // No normal life // Danger to loved ones

    Strange Ways
    : Pick three tags to represent the way you were brought up:
    • Purity // Confessionals // Regular incantations // Nudity // Dependence // Stream of consciousness monologue // Praise // Prayer // Dark rituals // Brutal honesty // Self-destruction // Seizures

    The Keeper can ask you to take actions (in accordance with the tags) that reflect your training and upbringing – if you do it, mark experience.

    Then choose between these two moves:

    • Virginal: You get +1 Hot (max +3). If you lose your virginity, lose this bonus
    • Knowing: You get +1 Dark (max +3).

    Then choose one:

    Often Overlooked: You come across as clueless and loopy. When you're in danger of having too much attention paid to you, roll +Steady. On a 10+ choose 2, and on a 7-9 choose 1:

    • choose someone who will pay no attention to you during this scene
    • gain a String on the person who most wants to know about you

    On a miss, the hostile parts of the world will pay particular attention to you this time.

    Doomed: When another player-character does something to you that helps fulfill your Fate, they get a String on you.

    Flee: When you need to escape, name the route you're trying to use and roll +Volatile. On a 10+ you're out of danger, no problem. On a 7-9 you can go or stay, ... but if you go you'll pass the danger on to someone else. On a miss, you're caught halfway out.

    The Power of Heart: when you help the person who has the most Strings on you confront a problem, you help them as though you’d hit the roll with a 10+, and you gain a String on them.

    - - -     - - -     - - -

    Sex Move: The person you've just slept with falls under the crosshairs of your sect.

    Darkest Self
    : You return to the embrace of your sect. (Removing your Darkest Self probably has something to do with your friends coming to save you.)
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    Oh, and I really like the Genie.

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    Steve, at first I didn't like it, but now that I've read the whole Vessel, I think it does the Quitter, or one version of the Quitter anyway. I guess the other version is The Psychomaniac.

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    I was actually reluctant to post the Vessel for the longest time, 'cos I couldn't see how it was different from the Mortal. I'm still not sure, actually - but this combination of moves feels like it heads in an interesting direction.

    What's the Psychomaniac version like?

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    You're in a bike gang and you're all immortal because you all died. And whenever you talk to someone outside the gang, the other gang members come and harass them and stuff, etc.

    The idea for the Quitter was that no matter what you do, the other members of your group come and interfere in it, and fuck it up for you, and you want to get out of your group. But if it's based directly on Psychomania (the movie from 1971), it would be an undead mystic biker gang. And maybe you could decide you DON'T want to leave it.

    Re: The New Sexy
    « Reply #39 on: May 05, 2011, 09:46:47 PM » has an article about Evil Overlord romance: it seems relevant.