Lights of Hoover 7: Slow night in Hoover

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Lights of Hoover 7: Slow night in Hoover
« on: March 30, 2011, 11:22:58 AM »
In which a series of dice roll results send the Doc to Hoover

Visage is one of the mechanics in Wheelyard.  He has a tumor on the side of his jaw that pushes against his teeth and pains him.  The doc tried to at least take some teeth out to relieve the pain.  I did it as an Under Fire roll and he rolled a 7, so he couldn't do it entirely and will need to put Visage under anesthesia, put him unconscious for a while.

So, Anthony has Doc try out his new move Finger in Every Pie.  He get's another 7, so he get's nitrous oxide but its geared for a car, not for a person.  He needs someone to rig it so that he can apply it to Visage.  The mechanics have no idea how to make this work.  They offer to rig it up to the Croaker but don't know how to rig it so that a person could use it (rolled a d6, giving it a 50/50 shot if the Wheelyardies could do it - they couldn't).

The engineers would know how to do something like this. 

But before that...

Cybelle is sent to Hoover to meet the Chemist's drug dealers there and to sit in on their weekly card game.  She is told they have a guest sitting in on the game and that she should get a read on him and get a read on the Hoover dealers.

I knew that the card game would get hit by a jackal, Omar Little-style because Pima wasn't going to be there.  But suddenly, Pima was in Hoover.  But certainly the Doc would keep Pima close, right?

Nope, Doc reasoned out that having Vegas' best gun with him when he goes to talk to the Engineer-in-chief, Phoenix, would be a shitty idea.  He gave Pima his gun and sent him on his way to have some fun in Hoover.

So, we've got the Doc heading to see Phoenix, Harlan and an engineer are heading to the Vegas drug dealers' weekly card game (yeah, the engineer is the special guest the Chemist wants Cybelle to brain scan) and Pima out there in Hoover, gun in hand.

No one knows the card game is going to get jacked.