Highlights for the MC

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Highlights for the MC
« on: August 10, 2010, 11:22:06 PM »
So I was thinking about the MC's moves in my head on the way to work, inspired by the other thread, when this idea suddenly hit me:

Whenever stats get highlighted, the MC picks two players (if you've got at least 4, pick two that didn't get to highlight last time). Each of those players picks a move off the MC's list of moves, and highlights it.

When you make one of the highlighted moves, and misdirect and never speak its name, hold 1.

Spend hold to... I dunno? I'm open to suggestions, here. Spend 5 to mark improvement? Open certain new options to the MC, put new custom moves in play, unlock the ungiven future for the MC after you've done it at least 5 times? I'm open to suggestions here.

But I really like the idea that, for example, one player might decide, for a session, they want to encourage "Make then buy", and another might want to see some "Activate their stuff's downside" action, or such.