When to make MC moves

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When to make MC moves
« on: February 25, 2013, 10:50:58 AM »
So like how to do hard moves is pretty well defined; when a player misses a roll, or when a well established setup isn't acted against, right?

But when you guys are Mc'ing how frequently do you guys do soft or prep moves? the playbook recommendation is 'when ever there is a pause in the conversation and the players look to you to say something' and that combined with the way things are portrayed in Moves snowball is kind of to me whenever there is a lull in the tension or when the pc's are doing something that isn't a move or leading up to one. But I am earnest to hear you guy's thoughts as well?

Re: When to make MC moves
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Everything you do as an MC should be a move. As I see it AW is a system for moving the fiction along and as long as players or the MC makes moves it will happen. Every MC move listed helps move the fiction along by giving the PCs something to react to (even if that reaction is remaining passive you have altered the fictional landscape and sooner or later they will push back against it).

Stuff you normally do as a GM is usually an MC move. I have seen some GMs do stuff that is like threading water though by prompting you to try resolve a situation you already tackled (roll perception again!) either because they don't know any better or because they can't stand to see the fiction move in the direction it is heading.

So whenever I open my mouth I'll soon be making a move unless a PC takes the initiative. The move doesn't have to be hostile even, separate them often looks like "so Hurdy and Gurdy, you are out hunting" which separates them from the other PCs.

Re: When to make MC moves
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There is a rhythm i think

 soft move, what do you do, reaction(move) hard move/soft move, what do you, reaction(move) 

You can also just come with a hard move when the action is low and you think there should be something happening RIGHT NOW!

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