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Re: Design brainstorming
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A thread by Marhault on Story Games got me thinking again about all the great D&D humanoid races we used to play. Link:

I'm keen to design more of these into Goblin World, so I'm thinking of taking GW back to its D&D roots by making some Thouls and other boutique evil humanoid races. I should be able to design it more generically so you can play a very mixed party of evil races forced to live in the same dungeon without making it too Gonzo.

XP from 3:16
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Running a few playtests for a 3:16 hack I'm writing tentatively called "Butchers and Thieves" and here's what happened:

The Thief poured a magic healing potion on the ground rather than let the Butcher get any experience from having it.

This is exactly what I was looking for: the right tension between competition and co-operation. So I think I'm going to explore the options of expanded 3:16 experience system that we use in our 3:16 Deathwatch hack. The draft I have so far is:

Killing them...
 - 1 XP for most Minions
 - 1 XP for most Elites
 - 1 XP if you killed a Master / Solo

...and taking their stuff
 - 1 XP for the most Gold
 - 1 XP for the most Valuable
 - 1 XP if you got a Magic Item

But don't forget...
 - ...what that guy in the tavern was saying: 0-3 XP each for completing the mission
 - pay the leech: give 1 XP if someone healed or buffed you
 - ...the weakest link: catch up algorithm for low XP at the expense of high XP

Number Appearing?
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With a couple of rule tweaks the new Beta of DW is meeting all my Sunloving Butcher gaming needs right now so Butchers and Thieves is on hold. Link for B&T anyone is interested:
<<<Link deleted>>>

Steve has done an awesome job finishing the Ingenero hack of Goblin World. Looking very tasty.

Loving the idea of Farewell to Fear ( right now. Thinking about it has helped me refocus on what I want from Goblin World: playing backstabbing "monsters" surviving together even though they have been cast as the villains.

To get the game closer to what I want I'm thinking of changing the name from Goblin World to Number Appearing. Also thinking about using old D&D monster stat blocks to connect to the feel I want. This is clearly never going to a popular game, but man I am having fun designing it.
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