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Apocalypse World / Burned Over and scarcity/barter
« Last post by Puckohue on December 29, 2020, 09:54:44 AM »
Burned Over isn't about scarcity the way Apocalypse World is.

I'm new both to AW and Burned Over and planning to MC one of them sometime next year. What would you say Burned over is about?
Apocalypse World / Re: More questions about Burned Over
« Last post by lumpley on December 14, 2020, 09:39:13 AM »
First question:
Basically yes, but be sure to use "or more" for vehicles and structures, and be sure to use the value modifiers for good things, big things, etc.

So like, the Operator with 4-barter wants a swimming pool. They can buy a normal post-apocalyptic swimming pool for 3-barter. If they want it to be nice, that bumps it up to 4-barter; really nice bumps it up to 5. If they also want it to be big, now it's 5- or 6-barter.

Ultimately, with a rich Operator, they can easily buy anything, and you can just say yes, UNLESS what they want to buy is nice or unusual. Then you should cost it out.

Second question:
As MC, explicitly announce how the NPC is using their hold.

The quick action could be anything! It could be a whole new move, sure, as long as it's a quick action. (Acting under fire is the easiest example here, but there are any number of moves that could be a quick action that they might take.)

Apocalypse World / Re: Burned Over - Devotion for The Vigilant?
« Last post by lumpley on December 14, 2020, 08:55:08 AM »
It's a copy & paste error! The Vigilant doesn't start with devotion.

If they take the improvement, have them create their fallowing using the rules in the Monarch playbook.

Apocalypse World / Burned Over - Devotion for The Vigilant?
« Last post by cadence on December 10, 2020, 07:39:02 AM »
Hi, I've started a Burned Over campaign and something came up I wasn't sure about. The Vigilant playbook starts with the Devotion move, but unlike Devotions for, say, The Monarch, I can't find any reference to the followers that move implicitly comes from or how to decide its devotions or wants. Similarly, I'm not sure how devotions and wants are decided for a following that comes from an improvement.

It also reads weird that The Vigilant can "establish a following and get devotion" as an improvement rather than "establish another following" when they apparently start with one.
brainstorming & development / Re: Making a new game?
« Last post by NormanAustin on December 07, 2020, 11:40:03 PM »

So, I'm new here, but I've just finished making my own pbta game that's based on space western media. It draws really heavily from Monster of the Week since I don't actually own Apocalypse World (yet). I'm mostly wondering, how do I get this published? Any advice? Also, I'd love to talk to the Apocalypse World devs and MotW devs about like, copyright and stuff.

I'm very small and have no idea what I'm doing, but I've made a game I'm really excited about, and once I finish play testing it, I want to send it out into the world! :D

Anyway. Thanks, no clue what I'm doing but I'm trying. The game's working title is Stardust Blues. I'm very proud of that one.
Actually I am also new here and I also design the games and I want to convert my talent into money so can you please help me with that. I have many skills but no money.
Apocalypse World / More questions about Burned Over
« Last post by ASoilBuilder on November 30, 2020, 06:09:33 PM »
In another thread, Vincent mentioned:

"Barter works like a stat now, measuring your ongoing economic position, which is like a combination of flow-of-resources through you versus your social footprint in the surrounding society. It doesn't go up and down as you spend and gain like cash. Instead, it tells you how much of a hassle it is for you to buy things every time."

Question: When the Operator in our group chose his scavenge it resulted in a Barter Stat of 4-barter. The Burned Over Zine lists the Barter rating for different items and services, including 3-value or more for vehicles and structures. So, let's imagine he is buying some type of structure, the Operator should have the "jingle on hand to cover it, no debt, no sweat, thanks for doing biz." Is this correct?

How about if he then wants to buy some tools for 2-barter. Once, again, he has 4-barter so he should also be able to have the "jingle on hand to cover it, no debt, no sweat, thanks for doing biz."

The root of my question being: If the character has 4-barter they should be able to get all these things. There would be very few things they don't have the jingle for. Is that the correct read?

Of course, as we continue to play to find out, the items acquired could then become a Threat, the Operator's reputation could suffer from the transaction, etc. etc. I get all that. I just want to make sure I am understanding how the Burned Over Barter system functions.

Second question
Doing Battle: let's say the result of the roll is the character gets 3 hold and the NPC gets 2 hold. As MC, do I explicitly announce what the NPC is using their hold on or do I just describe it though the fiction?

Also, if the PC seizes the initiative and "Takes a quick action" what are some examples of what they would want to do? This isn't making a whole new move is it? The actions are just fictional actions or something else? The player struggled with this one in session 1 so I want to be able to provide them with clarity at the beginning of session 2.

Thanks for the help! We are really loving the Drowned City location!
Dungeon World / Bitcoin blender
« Last post by BruceSen on November 27, 2020, 04:59:50 PM »
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Tomorrow, friday, we at Skepnad will launch a Kickstarter for the swedish translation of Apocalypse World (2nd ed).

Tag along if you are curious, want to learn swedish or want to get a book with new apocalyptic art! Oh, and if you are a Swede learning about this, here, for the first time, h?ng med och gl?m inte att ber?tta f?r alla du k?nner!

Thank you!

Jimmy Ringkvist
for Skepnad
Monster of the Week / Re: My first Monster of the Week game
« Last post by Lambert on November 03, 2020, 09:18:50 AM »
First of all thank you for taking the time to write a reply to my post. :)

Secondly I love what I have seen of the game and of course sitting around a table would be better, but this game suits itself to be played over the internets in writing. I feel very 90ies at the moment. My characters are running around town, gathering clues and making crazy assumptions.

I would love more stuff for this game, nicely produced playbooks for around the table, reference cards with the core moves on them, etc. It is a shame I missed the crowfunding for this. Who knows maybe someone can persuade Michael Sands to write something else/more for it.
Monster of the Week / Re: My first Monster of the Week game
« Last post by blakeryan on November 03, 2020, 01:41:49 AM »
It's great to hear you've dived into MOTW, I love the game and recommend it as great start to RPGs.

Having a theme/hook for the characters is great. In the past i've done these
- 1890 Victorian England, PCs all went to the same bookshop and the bookseller went missing
- NSA agents, keeping the U.S.A safe from supernaturals and covering up to avoid panic (X-Files meets MIB)
- MOTW using the Dresden Files universe, with 6- results for magic being electrical malfunctions.

As for tips
- sprinkle in the sense of touch or smell in your descriptions, don't just use sight and sound.
- don't be afraid to have minions/monsters leave and come back, they don't all want to die in the first encounter.
- include some hollywood tropes like a rooftop chase or car chase, it's action genre-have fun with it!
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