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other lumpley games / Game Advocates: DitV
« on: May 09, 2014, 07:11:58 PM »

I havent had a chance to listen yet, but Virtual play is awesome. Bill and Mel White always do a great job discussing what happens when games meet players.

Nuff said.

Dungeon World / Come on, show us your Parleys
« on: December 29, 2011, 05:03:38 PM »
So, over in this thread we're talking about Parley, and the option "If they refuse, it's defying danger."

So, who's used this option? What happened and what dangers were defied?

Apocalypse World / AP: The Airfield
« on: September 16, 2011, 05:16:36 AM »
We created characters tonight and went through Hx. We've got an Operator, Driver, Savvyhead and Quarantine.

I'm playing the Operator, Proust. She's wearing utilitarian denim pants and work boots, with a beat up Flack Jacket she picked up when she got Cobra to help her get Specialist Jackson MI out of town in his orange Ford Mustang. That chick was strange, but her gear was hard. A bit beat up but, the jacket should still stop a blade. Proust picks up gigs at Food Truck, a sprawl of tables at the end of a cratered runway centered around a kitchen that's been set up in a converted school bus. Proust is working off a debt to Captain, for sheltering her when her deal with Kettles went bad, and a few of his gang got sick and died. She warned him the cans were blown, but Kettles wouldn't listen. Cobra got her out that time, driving up in his Semi with the rocket launcher bolted into the sleeper. Cobra is useful, but keeping him in gas is costing Proust serious jingle.

The other member of Proust's crew, Robinson is the local Savvyhead who's got a junkyard set up in a hangar lot near the airport. He's skilled but a bit weird. He once showed up out of nowhere to save Cobra's ass when he had been shot on a run. Lateley, Robinson's been a bit jumpy because of the new guy in town, Specialist Mannsfield(?), Dwayne MI, or as Proust likes to call him "Specials." Specials came riding into town one day with Cobra, who says he found him out in the old part of the city, out where that submarine sits wedged up between them big old buildings. He was just standing at a crosswalk with his snazzy flack jacket and that assault rifle, just like Jackson had. Anyway, Robinson takes one look at his gear and gets to worrying that the new guy might disrupt his control of Tech in the city. Proust has her own issues with Specials, who refused to kill Millions on her last gig. If he had, Millions wouldn't have butchered Amy and left her staked out on Proust's regular table.

For his part, Specials woke up a few weeks ago from cry-sleep in the bowels of the submarine. He's supposed to meet up with Jackson, but she's nowhere to be found. The world has changed and his memories are still hazy from the suspended animation. The first person he sees is Cobra, in his leather jacket and metallic shades driving his mustang. Cobra brings him out to the airport, where he cant help but notice Proust's jacket with Specialist Jackson's name tag on it. He took the job offer and went along on Proust's mission, but he wasn't going to kill Millions just on her say so.

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