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You might want to read the Dead Weight hack here in the forum. Its unfinished and abandoned (as far as I know) but I found it very inspiring. Its a bit more specific setting though ...

thank you, I'll check it out!

Apocalypse World / Re: (More) Seeking MC Advice
« on: December 20, 2012, 03:10:23 PM »
I understand your self criticism, before I started my first game as Mc (it was also the first time for me and my group -people deeply grounded in D&D- playing AW) I was scared to mess it all up, but as we begin the first session everything went fine.

I just go with the flow, looking for interesting things that happens, asking tons of questions, keeping an eye at fronts and how they react to the things that the Pc's do.

I had a bloody-devil gunlgugger, for him sadistic violence and demonstrations of brute force was his daily bread. He was killed by the other Pc' at the end.

I had a maestro'd who had some problem with the infected followers of the brainer/hocus, in one of our first session he killed a couple of them. Monk, one of the followers, asked the brainer (the leader of the cult) to do something about it, it was something like "I know you know that guy, but I want justice. I'm not asking you to kill him, I just need one of his hand for compensation, you know".
The brainer had a talk with Monk, succeding to persuade him not to harm the maestro'd, at least not now. And all that revenge thing just faded away.
Later in the game the Brainer was killed, and Monk became the leader of the cult.
They were all infected by a plague spreading all over the city, the maestro'd was infected too. They both -monk and the maestro'd- worked to find a cure separately. Monk succeeded finding a cure for the plague (threat clock= find the cure).
Session 12#, the maestro'd is dying because of the plague, his right hand is a mass of deformed meat. Then he meets Monk, who offers him the cure, but with a small price to pay: his left hand.
(I summerized it all just to make a quick examples, how it all happened was much more xciting)
What I want to say is show genuine interest at what happens in thw world you are collaboratively creating, and everything will find its course. Stay involved in what happens. And if your players are having fun, it means you are doing well your part.
Have fun!

thank you both for the quick reply!
Anyway, yes I was thinking that I just need a couple of custom moves (maybe one for melee and one for long range shots?), but I always find myself stuck on the specific of the move.
Initially I thought of modifying going aggro and SBF to fit what I have in mind, but then I tought that probably it will be easyer to make a move from scratch.

and now a little brainstorming:

zombies are slow, not very smart, but implacable and hungry (for now I don't want to state a difference between a "fresh" zombie and a completely rotten one, I think that part stays in the fiction of the game.
One it's easy to handle, a group or...a hoard, it's a real pain.
I don't think they inflict harm, (maybe scratch with nails? but, the trouble is if they bite you.

if you fight a zombie in melee:
10+ you may headshot them (on a10+)
on a 7-9 choose some option, like:
° you impede them
° you don't get cornered
° you take advantage

or maybe on 7-9 mc's choice:
° you miss something
° you broke/loose your weapon

if you fight with range weapon:
10+ headshot
7-9 headshot but you choose: use more ammo or expose yourself.

the two above are just gut examples (maybe even silly), but I'd like to have a move with the right "feel". Right now it all seems so messy, usually I dont have any trouble making custom moves for Aw, but that about fighting zombie, wow it always left me unsatisfied, like a food with no taste.

When somebody tries to fight a zombie, what are the possible outcomes, as you see it?
that sounds a lot like "turn their move back on them", ehehe.

Apocalypse World / zombie apocalypse, has anybody ever tried to do that?
« on: December 20, 2012, 07:38:28 AM »
with my gaming group we'd like to play something with zombies and pc's as survivors, but I feel that we need to change a few things of the basic Aw.

I'd like to know your experience about that.
For now I decided to remove the playbook, and focus on the Pc's -normal people in a special situation- how they relate to other survivors, scarcity and how the world change them.
and then come the zombies.
that's the main problem, I don't know how to handle a "fight" with the undead.

Some ideas come up, but none of them really satisfying, since all I want to do is to play that kind of setting I'd aprreciate some adivice.
Sorry for my broken english ;)

the nerve core / Re: Vincents intentions regarding queer concept
« on: December 18, 2012, 05:55:59 AM »
Very interesting and useful thoughts in that topic.
Also, it comes in a moment where I’m playing with my friends an Aw campaign,  which is set in a world where women are dominant and men are enslaved (literally, in many cases), and are considered merely as a lower (if not the lowest) human being.
I think the main idea of our setting is the fact that a guy it is intended as a totally different species from the women.
That opens up a whole lot of questions about sexuality, in a more radical way. That’s the point where I wanted to get. The “old world” gendered habits are long forgotten, or maybe I should say totally unknown. So you don’t know nothing about sex, relationships, or any other issues related to gender roles, and you will discover and create everything from the basement.
[we are just at the second session, and I’m playing a skinner not mc’ing, so I can’t tell much more about our game itself. All we know for now is that we are slaves and live in an enclave run by a matriarch.] 

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