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Apocalypse World / Re: Tracking ammo
« on: March 12, 2012, 06:24:32 PM »
I never track it, unless as Barter.

"You are low/out of ammo" is a MC Move, make them buy, activate their crap's downside, make Apocalypse World seem real, announce future badness, &c.

Make sure it follows from the fiction.

Also, where do you get your ammo from? is a great question to ask PCs.

If absolutely everyone at the table things it's neat / add verisimilitude / are gun fetishists, then you could track every bullet if you wanted too. That personally sounds tedious to me.

The Regiment / Re: The Regiment Alpha Playtest Kit 1.0
« on: March 09, 2012, 01:04:03 PM »
Yeah, I'm not sure if this'll work at your table but I was having similar issues at mine.

What I did was just state that as PCs, just tell me what you're doing; I'll be asking that a lot. If it's a Move, I'll call for it and decide which one.

Also, only having one Moves reference sheet at the table helped.

Obviously, canny players will still narrate with Moves in mind, but it switched from "I go aggo" and "I hack and slash" and "I help/interfere" to just answering the "What do you do?" question in in-character terms, then as the MC deciding if that qualified as a Move or not.

Sure, there's sometimes a little OOC back and forth but each time that's an opportunity to talk about expectations and negotiate a common culture of play. Helps if you have good rapport with everyone at the table.

Eschaton / Re: Playstrom Session Zero: Playbooks
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:25:29 AM »
The dats are still up in this thread:

Don't log that I never scryed fer ya, scraphead.

Dungeon World / Re: Defy Danger / Hack & Slash Question
« on: February 29, 2012, 05:48:40 PM »
Honestly? Sounds like Defy Danger, or defend maybe? Could be H&S too, though.

What's confusing to me is the GM is leading with the fiction, not the PC.

I can't think of what move in particular you're making as a GM right there. You're probably announcing impending doom or something like that but it comes of as: the NPC makes an Attack, roll to Parry. Which you can't do in DW.

Moreover, I don't know why you're making that move in the first place. Did the PC miss? Did they just stare at you blankly?

Usually, I let the PC initiate battles, unless they hesitate or deliberately wait for the Monsters to attack, in which case I make a Monster Move or just deal Damage directly.

Like the other week the Pally burst in on a pirate's den and then demanded that they surrender peacefully or die. So, they shot him with a blunderbuss and did their damage. No roll needed on the part of the Pally. I suppose if he had said, 'Can I leap out of the way?' I'd either be like: 'In full-plate? Fuck no.' or, 'Sure, Defy Damage!'

Dungeon World / Re: Dungeon World is...
« on: February 26, 2012, 05:57:39 PM »
"It's like D&D, just quicker" said the lapsed grognard in my group. To him, it felt like D&D (fantasy adventures kill dudes and take their stuff) just with less stuff to manage and a lower handling time. I think it's really an ideal and contemporary introduction to D&D for anyone who's hear of but never played the classic stuff.

Harper's right to point out that despite some substantial nods to the classic editions, it's much more contemporary. Which is probably a good thing.

Personally, it's fun and it's scratching not my nostalgia for classic D&D (I'm far, far too young for that; I've played a small amount of Planescape and a ton of 3.x) but rather my introduction to role-playing via Palladium Fantasy. I suspect that within the next few sessions (like five or seven) I'll probably be itching to try something else. (Probably Monsterhearts.)

What it has been is enlightening about the whole hack AW process. There's a space opera game in my head about transformation, identity, and archaeology that I may or may not be working on with Kira Scot (Harrison Ford: the Queerening). Seeing both Joe and Adam + Sage (and John too) produce games via AW has taught me a lot about the process. It's given me lots to think about and some hope too.

Dungeon World / Re: The Sorcerer's New Spells
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:11:51 PM »
Yrah, John, it's just like the Savvyheads crap. The AND/OR operator is obvious to me but I didn't include it in the write-up. Oh, AW brain-damage.

I like to include special tags too, like 1-mana or 1-abjuration tags on stuff like [Pickled Owlbear Kidneys] or [Abyssal Bitumen] to denote holds for Casting, Rituals and Assault.

Dungeon World / Re: Last Breath
« on: February 20, 2012, 11:59:46 PM »
Well if you're ever in Montreal, just let me know.

Yeah, the current rules don't support high level play that well but I expect that'll come later.

Dungeon World / Re: The Sorcerer's New Spells
« on: February 20, 2012, 11:58:24 PM »
Uhm. No he doesn't avoid it - it's just like I ATTACK WITH COMIC POWERZ and he makes the roll and then it's like 2d4 and rolls a sum of 3 and less armor that's 1 point of damage! Woo! It was worse when he'd attack with the staff, a dozen HP and no armor, then get 7-9 and take eight DMG for the trouble.

Yeah, it's base d4, just like their damage die.

It's been one part abstracted like Dungeoneering gear and one part included specifically as Loot. I kind handle it like barter. So, you have stuff that's worth so much Barter but it isn't Barter; it's bottle caps or alcohol or batteries worth 2-barter. Same for spell components.

Yep. New schools are an advance thing.

Nope, the number of Spells you can Prepare isn't based on Int, it's based on Level:

"When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet contemplation of your spellbook, you lose any spells you already have prepared and prepare new spells of your choice from your spellbook whose total levels don't exceed your own+1. You also prepare your cantrips; they don't count against your limit."

Dungeon World / Re: Last Breath
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:55:25 PM »
Man, if I had my way with the world, you'd have to buy all three at once. ;)

I take you point well and it's well argued. Really, you're right that no one should have to piece together a game from another game. Having a section on "Advanced Delving" is absolutely necessary.

I suppose that what I was trying to get is that I'm not convinced that Love-Letters, in particular, fit into what Sage and Adam are doing. They fit in wonderfully with my game but I'm not really running DW on the rails. I've rewritten all the playbooks more or less, add two new ones in and have changed a few really core things about how some of the basic mechanics work. All this because none of my players are all that interested in OLD SCHOOL or NUSKOOL D&D of any edition really. I have one grognard at my table and mostly, he's interested in metatextually exploring in a sincere way what it means to be "LAWFUL GOOD" in a world where Good and Evil are metaphysically real - a notion that all of us find abhorrent in the real world. Oh, if that wasn't enough, I take to heart some of the things that Vincent and Joe put in their games, that if you're running a game about Dungeoneering, have no place being there.

I guess my point is that the Town Moves are the Love-Letters. Love-Letters are suppose to make up for fictional a down time that doesn't really exist in the structure of D&D because the players don't have gigs and they aren't integrated into the community. It's Town for shopping and healing and getting new missions and the rest is Dungeons. Defeat the Monsters in fantastical Locations, get the Treasure and save the Princess. While it's more complex than that, I don't know where I'd put the Love-Letters in or what function they'd serve that's intrinsic to DW.

Dungeon World / Re: The Sorcerer's New Spells
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:38:34 PM »
Yeah, I use D&D spell-lists as a rough gauge what a spell or similar spell should cost. Mana costs roughly equal the Level of the Spell. Mostly, it's a case by case basis thing. I have the Mage /Ars Magica spheres in the back of my head when thinking about it. Also, thinking asking myself 'Is this a Minor, Medium or Major effect?', 'Can I offset the benefits some how?' or 'What are the long and short term outcomes of the spell?' Also: give them what they work for not what they hope for.

Fireball is one of those weird spells, though. In every edition that I've played there's this moment that your Wizard hits third level and holy fuck I can nuke shit out of these guys. It's such a big step to go from 2d4 to 3d6 area (plus feats and advances). The rub is that you might only be able to pull that off once during the whole day where the Fighter and the Paladin are able to dish it until their HP runs out. Which incidentally, far later than that of the Wizards.

Generally, thought, it's not going to be a one-to-one thing. Mostly, it's like the Wizard is gonna wanna do something, and I make a call based on what I think is fair and being a fan and all that. It's also salient that my player has very little interest in combat generally, so I don't think it'd even occur to him that he could be casting spells that did that much damage.

The lesser version clause is on there if ever I need to tone down the scope a spell without blocking it too much. Like, if the Wizard wants to do this very powerful thing at third level that's really clearly a ninth level spell, instead of saying 'I'd cost nine points of mana and you only have four' I can say 'it'll cost two points but it'll only do this much of what you want and have these limitations.'

Dungeon World / The Sorcerer's New Spells
« on: February 20, 2012, 07:43:19 PM »
So, this counts as a currently being playtested hack of the Wizard I've been calling the Sorceress/Sorceress. It's been through a few iterations but it seems to be working at the table pretty well.

It's basically my response to the fact that the Wizard is suppose to have phenomenal cosmic power but actually is kinda useless a lot of the time - aside from the one or two maybe critically useful spells they might know and have prepared. Also, you don't have the time or the resources research a Ritual while you're in the dungeon. I wanted something a little more practical for dungeoneering as well as something that rewarded player creativity.

So, here's a thing. It hasn't been game breaking and the Magic-User is still really, really pathetic when it comes to combat even with the greatly expanded options. Casting takes a little more handling time, and some more GM Fiat that before. However, it's been giving the Sorc some concrete tools to be good what he's suppose to be good at on the tin. Like magical shit and eye-fireballs.

There are some gaps in the document. It's mostly meant to share some of my design thoughts and not be like, a complete thing. So, that being said, infer or as questions.

Dungeon World / Re: Last Breath
« on: February 20, 2012, 07:20:53 PM »
So, like, Joe does this thing in MH's where he just strait quotes the goods from AW. MH, DW and AW are all very different games, but they share a lot too. With some rigorous thought, principles and rules can be imported between the three (not all or just anything, mind you). I don't think DW needs a section on Love-Letters but when I GM DW, I write Love-Letters.

All the good stuff about custom moves is in AW - I mean, how do you think DW came into being?

Dungeon World / Re: Last Breath
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:59:17 PM »
Yeah, what Mike said.

After our Barb sold her soul to Death for ritual sacrifice into perpetuity (More skulls for the skull throne!) I wrote her this GM love-letter:

You're death-contract with was recently acquired by the Raven Queen, for a price only comprehensable to gods. The terms seem laxer but broader in scope. Write down “Debt: My Soul, to the Raven Queen.

Please kindly roll two six-sided dice. On a 10+, pick one. On a 7-9, pick two. On a miss, I'll pick three for you.

• You murdered a sexton at in a neighbouring church. There's currently a price on your head.
• The Raven Queen has marked you with leucism; you've taken to wearing a veil to prevent sunburn.
• The Contract now includes service, in addition to sacrifice.
• You have to take an additional taboo to appease your ancestors.
• The ancestral spirits have abandoned you, lose Shamanism, but gain Haunted.

Love and Kisses,
Your GM

She missed the roll, became Haunted, marked and cast out by her family-spirits. She seems to be turning into a sort of wyrd bloodthirsty acolyte of death. Much fun for all.

The Last Breath thing allows you as a GM renegotiate the terms of the characters existence. Make it interesting.

Dungeon World / Re: Beta questions
« on: February 11, 2012, 05:20:19 PM »
I think I added it to the starting crap for the Thief. I think they were effectively weight 2 and depending on the circumstance were anything from a short sword to a shiv. I don't really like the notion of throwing knives (knives aren't really made for throwing nor are they heavy enough) so the question of Ammo hasn't come up.

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