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Apocalypse World / Help With Fronts and Threats
« on: April 02, 2012, 10:38:55 AM »
So I've been staring at the notes I scribbled down from our first AW session last week and am trying to figure out how to turn this chicken scratch into an interesting Front and a few Threats. Nothing's really jumping out at me though. This might be because (due to busy schedules) our sessions only last for an hour and so I, the MC, don't know the PCs in the game well enough yet. I know the players just fine, but I've only traveled with Dust the Hocus, Tor the Faceless, and Garber the Touchstone for a little over 60 minutes so far. However it's a poor carpenter that blames his tools, so I put most of the blame on myself as MC.

I tried something new for this game and specifically bought a Tarot card deck to do readings on MC characters and situations for inspiration between sessions. My amateur interpretation of the cards revealed that the caravan (the players came up with a mobile hardhold) had an experienced and successful leader and was now reaping the rewards of a period of hard work. However the course of action indicated was to delay, which would lead to unfulfilled hopes and disappointment. I decided that this meant the caravan had become complacent after a very successful foraging/scavenging autumn season and will foolishly attempt to winter at an abandoned coal mining complex. The Dark Future of this decision will be absolute disaster, as supplies run out, transportation becomes impossible, and the people descend into cannibalism and God knows what else.

Now I've started a Fronts Sheet that expresses either fear or ignorance (haven't decided which yet as both seem appropriate). Both could cause the hardholder (an MC character) to remain in one spot for too long leading to this fate. I wrote up the first Threat, an Affliction: Delusion, and made a countdown clock that represents the people settling in (3 to 9pm), refusing to move unless threatened or manipulated (9 to 11pm), and eventually being immobile (12am). I'm just worried that the triggers are too passive; I'll simply tick down the sections every time the hardholder goes among the populace preaching about how great the new settlement will be and the PCs keep silent about it. If the PCs vocally agree with the hardholder in front of a lare section of the population, then the clock jumps right to 9pm.

That sounds right, but I'm having trouble coming up with other Threats to spin off from this situation. Adding to the problem, one of my players has already asked, out-of-character, if their PCs can leave the caravan. I told him of course, then outlined some general pros and cons of a small group of 20 souls breaking off from a group of about 100. If my players do decide that their PCs will leave the group I of course won't try to stop them. But then I'll have to come up with a whole new front (or modify my idea for the abandoned hardhold). I've also read on the forums here that PCs need groups of MC characters to interact with, or things get boring. So I'm trying to think of ways to potentially tie them to the caravan more strongly. I won't force them to stay of course, but give them choices that potentially tangle them into the lives of some MC characters around them and give them a reason to stay with the group.

So... that was kind of rambling. Apologies. In a nutshell, any general advice on how to create Threats and Fronts and PC-NPC-PC triangles?

Apocalypse World / Opening Questions
« on: March 19, 2012, 10:18:13 AM »
Hey all. First time posting here, though I've lurked for a bit. I finally convinced my group to play Apocalypse World and I'm psyched. It has exactly the kind of gritty, shit just got real, your actions have consequences tone and setting that I love in my games. I've been reading through the 1st Session chapter over and over again to make sure I have it all down, and I'm pretty sure I do. The only thing I'm somewhat apprehensive about is the suggestion (command?) to ask questions like crazy.

Obviously stuff will jump out at me as we go through character creation, Hx, and the 1st session. The players will answer a question in such a way that more questions'll pop into my head, and things will snowball from there. I'm wondering though, if anyone out there had any particularly good questions that they either asked or were asked in their first sessions. Something to jump start my brain so I can barf forth apocalyptica onto my players.

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