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Dungeon World / Simple monster stats question
« on: September 08, 2012, 10:28:17 AM »
I have a preorder copy of DW, and I'm currently reading through the monster list. Sometimes in stat section I see monster damage written like "2d6-b+2". What exactly is this "b"?

Monster of the Week / Help me prove players wrong about MoW
« on: June 24, 2012, 01:36:01 PM »
Last day got hit pretty hard by people criticizing MoW as compared with nWoD.
Main points were
-ability to make all challenges rolled just by 2 or 3 of 5 stats, and max those
-the overimportance of Cool as Under Fire is catch-all problem stat
-overall lack of any sort of "Willpower roll" versus scary things(and defaulting to "under fire" does not help).

Can you give me any advice? Because, frankly, I came across this things before, and have to say they're...true in at least some points (like +tough guy being able to endure fire with his +tough), I just didn't realize they were this important. I don't like nWoD for having quite bigger list of traits and skills(well, being traditional game), but I don't know how to counteract this problems to help my group not abandon this system.

Murderous Ghosts / Is it okay to hack it?
« on: June 16, 2012, 10:07:00 PM »
It seems like nobody suggested it yet, but, well, it won't be first hack of a hack =)

brainstorming & development / Fate points? In AW?
« on: October 27, 2011, 04:37:47 AM »
So there's AW, and we love it. And there was those games, where we had "Fate points" or "Plot points" or smth like that, and it helped us when the roll was.. not quite as cool as we wanted.
Can we somehow include this into AW?
Easy at first sight, not so much in second, at least I'm not sure. AW has this quality which separates it from usual crunchy games: there're a lot LESS rolls in the game, so much less that we can give xp for just rolling a stat(you know that). Sometimes, if that's not battle, we can go for whole session with rolling no more than, say, 3-5-7 times.
So rolls are rare. And rolls are valued. Their outcome? Valued, too.
In traditional games we roll the whole time, so we can't always spend FP, we only save it for something crucial. in AW with, say, 2-3 FPs(per session) we can totally change the game's outcome
Solutions? Well, for now I see two. We can give flat bonuses - say, 3FP means not "3 rerolls", but "you can add +1 to result 3 times, either for one roll, or divided for several". Or we can use something like "1 FP reroll per CAMPAIGN", making it really special.
Or both.

Any other ideas, comments, smt like that?

P.S.: using "ark"-based 6 FPs and  making them roll +(FP left-3) can be interesting, I think

P.P.S. Monster of the week has 7 non-restorable "ignore wound or make this roll 12+ post-factum" luck points. Interesting idea. Any other?

Apocalypse World / Operator questions
« on: October 20, 2011, 06:16:26 PM »
So I have one player as ..operator. And others are his crew, like, driver and his 'tank' car, battlebabe, gunlugger...
And he chooses his gigs on the session start. Protecting someone(caravans going through the area) as obligation and killings (3-barter/embattled) as paying.
And he rolls 8. So, one gig succeeds, one goes south.
1) Which one goes south? Or, to be more precise - who decides? No comments in book on this part, so I'm really not sure. It looks fun to let player decide, what he likes more - money for raider chief's head, or keeping his side of the deal and protecting the cargo in process. But anyway, I'd like a clear answer, not homerule.
2) okay, assuming player is honour-bound and chooses "I'm guarding caravan's retreat while embattled with the raiders". Question is: where do we go from here?
Book says that what supposed to be a clean job(e.g. Op made a good ambush point and made traps) turned out to be not so clean and they are pinned/trapped/whatever themselves.
And it also says that catastrophe is like any other move MC makes.
AND also it says that Op has right to say "this is not on screen, I just want the results".
So he don't have to play through the situation from "we're trapped, do something!" point.
So what happens? Hard move like I say "you were captured by raiders, yada-yada, go try pleading for freedom"? Or it's nothing so harsh and just "you're lucky to have a fast car, which is damaged by the way, or you'd be a corpse. Still, your injuries hurt nearly as much"? But how much damage and harm? I don't feel like just throwing "you all and a car get 3-harm each" kind of things, it feels sorts of stupid, as it's just random number of harm/damage.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

Apocalypse World / Rules questions[AW crowd control]
« on: October 07, 2011, 04:28:51 AM »
1) by brainer - I've seen somewhere idea about brain relay which was hanging on the telegraph pole to affect almost everyone around. Is it really supposed to work?
Should brainer be able to "go aggro" with his mind on a group of people? Does it depend on relay, or it's just how brainer does things? Will it be rollUnderFire before going aggro?(usual "problematic" modifyer)

2) by manipulate: same thing, trying to calm bunch of people and making them do what you want.

I'd really like to know how Lumpley wanted this to be, but other people's comments are appreciated as well

Apocalypse World / The Hocus and the TouchStone. Skinner and Maestro'D
« on: August 24, 2011, 12:18:24 PM »
Hocus leads a cult, of course. Still, he is very much "preaching" in my vision - same as Touchstone. He is more "solitary" preacher, yes, more warrior-like with some moves, but I can't get this precise feel, why they're crucially different. Why one can't be the other.

Maestro'D owns an establishment, of course. Why Skinner can't? (I can go with same ideas as above, but I suppose you've got it)

They're very similar in feel. Can somebody please describe their critical differences? With examples, if possible.

I want to try and MC matrix hack for AW. While I have some ideas already, this morning I realized that I do not have a decent idea for all those stunts matrix operatives do. Of course all of them can be mapped to the standard harm-dealing moves AW already have, but what I need is some sort of distinction of how they are freaking cool against "sleepers".
Like, there is a very simple game named ThereIsNoSpoon, slightly risus-like, which says "roll 2 d6. first is usual die, second is green die. If you roll well with the first - you did it. With second - you did it 'while running up the wall', bending the rules. and if you hit with both - man, you're nearly as cool as Neo"
See? I want this very simple and easy distinction making it easy to describe all the awesomeness characters do.

What I've got so far:
 - Get them roll +Matrix(I already have this stat anyway) and get hold anytime in the scene. Until the end of the scene you can spend this hold to augment your (appropriate to class) moves, describing all the matrix wall-running shit. If you need more hold before scene ends(like when Agents or powerful Exile programs come to the town) you can roll again, but before roll +(hold spent-matrix) similarly to harm move, or lose your concentration (with all consequences you can easily imagine)
 - just give them some static bonus against normals (maybe +matrix to those rolls), which does not apply against heavy hitters as described above
 - have them count as gang in fight(as they both deal great harm, and can dodge incoming harm) except against Big Ones as above

Note: I'm talking mainly about cool battle moves as well as cool driving and maybe some other buffed-up mundane skills. Things like "stop bullets mid-air", "teleport" and other Neo-like craziness will be resolved differently

Note 2: PCs are going to be on slightly lower power level then main cast of the Matrix(Trinity, Morpheus, etc), and getting there in a due time.

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