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Dungeon World / Re: Shapeshifting animist is a poor substitute for Druid
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:31:57 PM »
Heh. This is a timely thread. I was just about to start one called "Druid Runs Amok" when I saw this. There's some really good ideas here. I was playing two days ago with my two kids (14 year old son playing a Druid and my 13 year daughter playing a ranger). We were playing lvl 3 chars.

The Druid decided on being an elf so he got the great forests forms and after enjoying 20 minutes looking up weird sea animals on google, decided on the open sea as his second category of forms.

We had a blast. The Druid certainly had the limelight though, and was shape-shifting every other turn to counter every threat. He rolled 10+ on almost every shapeshifting move the entire night so it was a little difficult to reign it in.

It was great to see such creative roleplaying from my son.

The first fight, a wizard they knew was running away from 5 wargs chasing him across a field. The PCs ran to help. The Ranger was shooting the wargs in the eyes and throats, downing one, her companion tangled with another.

The druid turned into an African King Eagle. The thing had a wing span of over 6 feet, massive claws and he swooped down and picked up the scrawny mage dodging the salivating maws of the wargs and depositing the wizard to safety, then leaping back into the air, swooping down and at the last instant turning into a venemous snake  that bit the warg but didn't kill it. The warg trapped the mage in it's paws and was about to bite its head off when poof, he turned into a giant sea turtle with a shell diameter 35'. The warg was so confused it almost meowed. They tidied up the fight after that.

The giant sea turtle was a familiar staple in other encounters. One I didn't even see coming: so they were tasked to get the Book of Luthroth, required by the mage they rescued, from the bowels of a library in a city under attack by a goblin horde. The druid easily sneaked into the city--flew high--duh and into the library, overcoming most physical obstacles. My challenge was what to do with The Ranger so she wasn't completely left out. (You know bro and sister players--they don't always form the best teams.)

Anyhow, after a brutal fight with an orcaster and a lizard man, who were also after the book, the druid coming out victor, and the ocraster fled. The ranger eventually made it all the way through the sewers and into the city by the time the druid finished up this fight.

He eventually made it a subterranean large circular room--special collections area--there was a pedastal on the which rested the book bathed in a shaft of obvious magical light. A suit of armor (obviously a guardian) stood nearby ready to engage anyone who messed with the book. Druid flew in as a small bird, circled the pedestal, and then when it was right above the armored suit, turned upside down, shape shifted into a giant sea turtle and crushed it like it was a tin can! Squish. We all just started laughing. My daughter was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe!

He got the book, shapeshifted to an ant, and crawled out of the room, the guards that rushed down not being the wiser. After all who would see an ant?

Later, he did the turtle move again, flying lazily above the goblin command post of the goblin horde as a humming bird then upending and crushing the platform. I wonder what they thought seeing a giant turtle fall out of the sky and kill their leader and two of his orcasters? He then zipped away as the humming bird again, while being trailed with bursts of magical energy from the one remaining orcaster.

The goblins not used to seeing it rain giant turtles pulled back their assault. The heroes had saved the town (well okay the druid hero). The ranger at this point, the druid outdistancing her.

It was fun but, he did tend to hog the limelight. Thanks for the ideas here.

Dungeon World / Re: So what happens if someone cant do something?
« on: November 27, 2012, 09:45:45 AM »
Regarding the concept of not having consequences and having consequences and how it affects an action is interesting. It sounds like if a character is in a padded room with no one watching, he is a god and can technically succeed at everything. He can run and jump over that imaginary pit. He technically "succeeds" because there's no consequences. Everyone wants to be a god. But being a god is only fun if you can impress those who worship you. :) It's not much of a story in a padded cell.

Depending on how I was feeling at the time, getting the gem out of the statue, I would probably do a Defy Danger (STR) and then do a move to further the story on a failure or partial success. Maybe on a failure they don't get it and the jem glows a bit when scratched with the knife. Why did it do that? Or maybe when trying to pry it out with their knife, they broke their dagger (separate them from resources) or they made a loud noise or the statue got knocked over and fell down on their buddy. Even though there's no planned danger, bad or interesting things can still happen.

Or I could they could succeed but at what price? The wizard can't climb up that high and certainly isn't strong enough to get it out, but given the time and the resources, he can eventually get it. Ask him how he plans to do that. He might have to go back to town and recruit help to build scaffolding or bring a ladder or learn that levitate ritual. That will take time and money. Do they have that time? What else is going on tin the world? Plus while the wizard is back at town what/who else may have moved into the dungeon while he was gone?

Dude... awesome.

Dungeon World / Re: Fighting multiple opponents
« on: September 10, 2012, 07:17:39 PM »
This was in the 2.3 beta. I didn't see it in the pre-release, but it's possible I missed it:

"It's a brave monster that goes into battle alone. Most creatures fight with someone at their side, and maybe another at their back, and possibly an archer covering the rear, and so on. This can lead to multiple monsters dealing their damage at once.
If multiple creatures attack at once roll the damage die for each of them and take the highest result. If some of the creatures deal a different amount of damage roll the damage with the highest potential for each creature involved in the attack and take the highest result.

A goblin orkaster (d10+1 damage ignores armor) and three goblins (d6 damage) all throw their respective weapons—a magical acid orb for the orkaster, spears for the rest—at Lux as she assaults their barricade. I roll the highest damage, d10+1 ignores armor, four times: once for the orkaster, and once for each of the other goblins. I take the highest result, a roll of 8, and tell Lux she takes 9 damage ignoring armor as the acid leaks into the scratches left by the spears."

Dungeon World / Re: When are Bonds resolved?
« on: August 24, 2012, 12:35:02 AM »
Thanks for the responses. I knew I was missing something. We didn't really explore the bonds during char gen. My bad. I forgot to do that. We'll explore that in detail the next time we play.

Dungeon World / Re: Confused and need help
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:47:23 PM »
I pretty much grok the idea of soft moves and hard moves, along with foreshadowing impending dangers.

This game will really benefit from some solid play session recordings.

Agreed. Has anyone done a pod cast of a DW game? That'd be useful.

Dungeon World / When are Bonds resolved?
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:22:35 PM »
I GMd a game about a week ago with three of my buddies (btw it was one of the best DW games ever, I might add, the world we created together was mind blowing!)

But we ran into a little snag regarding Bonds. One of the chars had this one... I think:

"_______________ has stood by me in battle and can be trusted

He felt "Yes he stood in battle and was trusted!". The other player said. "Yup!"

So what now? Does it go away? Or does it reset, because it's possible he's trustworthy in this one fight, but what about next one? Maybe he won't be? So do they just treat is a a reset? Take the XP at the End of Level move for a "resolved" bond and then reset the same bond? That's what we ended up doing. It felt a little like they were just trying to get the XP--I was okay with that though because I wanted them to experience leveling up. But maybe some clarification on this and more examples on how to use Bonds between players would help.


Dungeon World / Re: Share Your One Line Game Starters
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:03:21 AM »
You're on the Wind Ship skimming above the clouds, mist dampens your face, and the captain cries out, "Bring her hard to port! We'll lose them in the clouds!". It's then that you notice another vessel closing in on you. Where are you going, and why are you on the ship?

Dungeon World / Re: Pre-Release Character Sheets
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:57:22 AM »
I liked the character sheet. By character art, are we referring to the character picture? I didn't really like those. Seemed to take away from the generic view of what each player has for their char. I think it's better to provide a place to allow the player to draw/attach their own pic.

Dungeon World / Re: Dungeon World / Wheel of Time Hack
« on: July 20, 2012, 11:52:20 PM »
I love the WOT setting and am anxious to see what you do. I've been running a d20 email adventure based off of their Prophecies of the Dragon source book for several years now, but it's fizzled out.

But it'd be interesting to try out DW in a setting where there's an established cannon. Not sure how that would all work out. But I think there's enough blank history--where only bits and pieces are known where you could throw in a lot of blanks and come up with some cool adventures.

I totally agree with what stras said in both his posts. Excellent points.

Keep up the good work and keep us informed!

Dungeon World / Re: DW - Single Player?
« on: July 18, 2012, 03:11:42 AM »
Thanks for all the ideas everyone. Appreciated!

Dungeon World / DW - Single Player?
« on: July 14, 2012, 12:19:54 AM »
So... my DW gaming group lately consists of me as the GM and 1 player (my 14 yr old son). Yeah it's weird, but that's the way it is right now.

Couple of questions:

1) Does anyone have suggestions on running DW with a single player? I know it's not really made for that, since Bonds and inter-player relationships are such a integral part of the game, but I'm wondering if something like that can be modified to work with NPCs played by the GM? Ideas?

2) How do I leave blanks if the character knows nothing about the world? Here's what I mean: the way the first adventure and the world shaped from his questions, the character is a cleric to an unknown god (unknown by others) and comes from a reclusive village that was actually protected in ages past from some ancient danger that no one remembers why by some sort of magical barrier. No one has come or gone down the road leading in or out of the village for hundreds of years.

Except for him.

He stepped through the magical barrier and found himself in a world he knows nothing about. So far so good, but then I ran into problems. It feels like I can't leave blanks for him to fill in if his character has never been here, how would he know anything? Or are blanks more than what the character knows? Can it be something that the player can help out with even if the character knows nothing?

Similarly, can Spout Lore work in such an unknown world?

Part of the difficulty stems from me not fleshing out the world some the first place. I should have given more structure to start with and maybe it wouldn't have developed the way it did.

Things are getting better now that we have two sessions done, but still it's a little weird not leaving blanks. Ideas?

Dungeon World / Re: AP: The Barrow of the Dwarven Queen
« on: July 13, 2012, 11:39:45 PM »
Great review. I just sell things at half price and move on. But I like the idea of doing a Defy Danger when it makes sense to avoid the cultists noticing that their temple was raided or to get a respectable deal from the shifty eyed merchant.

I struggle with the 7-9 on Defy Danger. I'll have to try the recommendations on this thread. That may help. In combat things are moving so quickly and fast (that's good) that to slow it down with DD and drum my fingers and think, what can I do, what can I do, isn't good. I'd like to see Defy Danger 7-9 have an optional rule that provides more ideas for the GM. I'll also try asking players when I'm out of ideas.

I enjoyed reading the play report. Keep it up.

Dungeon World / Re: Question about DW hardcover
« on: June 30, 2012, 11:13:31 AM »
Too late. I just signed up for the $65 package to get my own hardcover copy and a shirt. *gasp* Heh. Don't know if I'll ever wear it. (I'm such an impulse buyer sometimes.) Well, use those funds wisely... for 'twas not easy to part with them.

I'm excited to see the final in print!

Dungeon World / Question about DW hardcover
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:22:02 AM »
Will the DW hardcover versions only be available for kickstarter contributors of $65+? Or are the hardcovers goings to be available to the general public? If so, how much will they be?

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