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(cross-posted with Story Games)

Consensus about Cthulhutech seems to be "background and artwork are brilliant, rules are kind of shitty."
Consensus about Apocalypse World seems to be "rules are absolutely awesome."

How come nobody tried to do a AW hack for the Ctech background ? Until now that is.

pdf file: advisor.pdf
pdf file: major.pdf
pdf file: fifth_engel.pdf

My rules to hack the thing is : the less changes, the better. Right now the changes are :

• minor name changes : "weird" becomes "other", "barter" becomes "budget", "surplus" becomes "giri" or "asset", "gig" becomes "objectives", "gang" becomes "unit", "disease" becomes "taint", "followers" becomes "contacts", "augury" becomes "breach", "insight" becomes "intel" and I let go of hungry and famine for now but might find something more appropriate.

• the Shock countdown : works exactly like the Harm countdown but for psychological damage. Shock is a tag that things or actions have, and work like harm, except it's always area (everybody who see it takes shock). Stability works like armor for your mind. Has anyone come across a better way to handle mental breakdown in AW?

• added some tags : mech (works like gangs- err, units with size and all but you have to pilot it instead of giving it order), behemoth (a size tag bigger than large)...

So far I've done the Ashcroft Advisor, the Major and the Engel pilot. My goal is to map everything 1:1 if possible and change only fluff if I can. So far the Advisor is exactly 1:1 the Hocus, the Major is more or less the Hardholder (had to change an option here and there) and the Engel pilot is the Driver with a big Eva instead of a bunch of cars (I had to retool the vehicle rules a bit).

I'll post them here as soon as they're done.

Thoughts, reactions, ideas, corrections, insults ?

EDIT : the Major and the Fifth Engel playbooks.

Apocalypse World / Ken from Fist of the Northstar as a battlebabe.
« on: March 30, 2011, 09:10:33 AM »
So I'm recruiting a pal for our thursday game and I'm like "it's a rocking post-apocalyptic game", and he's like "can I play somebody like Kenshiro, from Fist of the Northstar in that game ?" and I'm like "Kenshiro is totally a battlebabe !"

I mean, crossing the wastelands displaying his awesome pectorals for anybody to see and starting shit left and right with style ? Totally a battlebabe. So I figured out how I'd do it:

I'd pick the set with Cool+3 Hard=0 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-1 then I'd pick the moves ice cold and impossible reflexes. Now he's a bad mofo.

Then I'd consider making a custom move or two for his martial arts but then I'd think hey, martial arts are all about turning your body into a weapon, right ? So I'd just make a couple custom weapons and give them the implanted tag instead.

Since implanted is kind of a big deal (you can take that stuff from the character) i'd count as one of the two custom options. I'd take two hand weapons instead of one and one gun and since not getting a gun is kind of a deal, I'd throw in one option more.

I might give him his dim mak touch by taking a handle and making it 3-harm hand implanted (3 options). Then I'd give him some kind of super-duper technique that makes him a bit more credible in face of a small gang : starting with a staff, I'd make it 2-harm hand area implanted.

Legit ? It might be a big... big. 3-harm implanted seems like a great deal of harm character can dish out without a mean to take it from him.

Any other pop culture character you'd turn into a basic AW character type ?

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