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Hi all!

Running my AW game I feel I lack in one area. I really want some more language to spew apocalyptica forth with, it's hard to come up with evocative words about the apocalypse sometimes. Got a picture in my head but it just doesn't come out with the impact I'd like it to have.

Was hoping to get a suggestion or two about an author who writes in an especially good descriptive way about this kind of subject.  And I do mean books rather than film or other media cause I'm looking to get better at finding the right words.


My players always want to do multiples of the same moves, particularly when a combat breaks out. It doesn't seem quite right to tell them no on this but it might be kind of a time sink over time and doesn't feel quite right letting this happen.

Example: A charged situation occurs, and the three characters present ALL decide to read the situation. Well.. there's only so many questions and they end up asking the same ones.

I can see going two ways:
1) As long as the character succeeds, then can continue reading, but a failure lets me make a move and inevitably moves the story forward.
2) Only allow one character to read a particular situation from a single point of view unless the situation significantly changes.

Any advice?

Apocalypse World / NPC Hardholder
« on: August 23, 2010, 06:43:03 PM »
The players are holed up in a steady base of operations lead by an npc hardholder (not the playbook, just calling him that as the leader of the hardhold) Is this individual typically a threat? I can see the characters wanting the hardhold to succeed and therefore the hardholder, but sometimes a hardholder may be dysfunctional or dangerous to the PC's or to the hardhold itself.

Do you see an NPC such as this as part of a threat? In what circumstances?  And would he be part of the home front?

What I have in mind for my game feels a little strange cause he is a threat to the pc's and others due to his actions, he in fact seems to embody ignorance and I thought he might be a threat in the ignorance front, however... here he sits firmly at home and ostensibly sharing the PC's best interests, at least to a degree.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

the nerve core / Quick question on game sales perspective
« on: August 22, 2010, 02:30:12 AM »
Was wondering to myself since pre-ordering (aside: hey wheres my book?) but do you as the designer prefer that a customer purchase directly from your website or is it better to buy a copy of your book from a retail store if I can find it? 

Seems like you probably make a couple bucks more from a direct buy but I'd love to get more demand in retail for games I intend to buy if it's helpful to do so from your perspective.

Hope that makes sense.

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