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the nerve core / An interesting new system
« on: November 14, 2016, 01:58:15 PM »
Feels a bit weird to me posting about a "rival" system on these forums, but since becoming an active member of the community I thought I'd share something cool that I found out about recently.

Open Legend is an open source roleplaying system that is based around opening up as many options as possible for both the players and the GM. The author seems to have come to a lot of the same conclusions as Vincent did, things like simplified wealth so you don't have to track currency, GM moves to keep players missing rolls interesting, and a focus on story-justification for your actions rather than just "I attack". It's also in the process of ongoing development, and there's a Discord server and a forum where the author regularly takes input and provides his reasoning for creative decisions, which the amateur game-designer in me loves.

Seems pretty awesome so far. I don't think it will shift me away from Apocalypse World when it comes to post-apocalyptic coolness, fantasy coolness from Dungeon World, or other kinds of coolness from the other PbtA games, but for different settings it might be my first port of call. It's especially easy to port into existing fiction, as I found out by making a complete Hack for The Witcher and Star Wars in 2 and 3 hours respectively. You can check out the full rules - for free - here and the Kickstarter for the new Steam Punk X Dark Fantasy setting (being written by Ed Greenwood, who made the Forgotten Realms and Matt Mercer of Critical Role; I'm fanboy-ing out so hard) here. If nothing else, it's an interesting case-study since the design decisions are reasonably well documented.

Apocalypse World / AP: Steel City
« on: October 07, 2016, 06:28:41 AM »
It's been a long while since an AP was posted on these forums, but I always found them helpful when preparing for a session, so I thought people might appreciate a playthrough of 2nd Edition.

Our setting is based loosely on the city we all live in (Sheffield, UK) which is famous for its steel industry, and surrounded by the rolling hills and valleys of the Peak District interspersed with the occasional village. Let's meet the cast!
Phoenix - The Driver, cool as a winter morning and willing to do whatever it takes to make a quick buck. Once tied someone to his pickup truck and played tug of war as a form of torture at the behest of...

Stomp - The Faceless, wears a face of leather, which was probably other peoples' faces at some point. Utterly deferential to his mask, Norman, and very self-conscious of how scary he is. Gets along well with those that aren't frightened of him, such as...

Nif - The Child Thing, nobody quite remembers when or how he showed up, but he's often seen wandering around the place, following balls of twine nobody else can see. Gets into places no matter how well they try and fortify them, and has used this to steal from...

Vega - The Hardholder, reluctant ruler of Forge. Once a no-nonsense freedom fighter, she overthrew the warlord who used to run this place, and then ended up having to take care of it when nobody stepped up to the plate. She was got all the arms and armour for her resistance movement from...

Spector - The Savvyhead, likes weird and wacky weaponry. Currently trying to find a battery strong enough to power a machete taser. Built a huge, automatic shotgun, which is the favourite instrument of...

Rhythm - The Show, attempting to cross-breed 80s synth-pop with hair-metal, even though nobody knows what those things mean anymore. Phoenix currently holds his leash, and does his best to look after this strange musician who seems to have become attached to him.

That's it for now. It's a big group, which is proving a handful, but I think it's working out alright. I'll write up a short summary of the first session and some lessons learned later today. Let me know if you're interested!

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