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Apocalypse World / Re: Driving trains, settlements, and rotating cast
« on: April 20, 2016, 06:58:24 AM »
I've talked to some players and they're not massively keen on the hold as a train. Not quite sure if they are unaware a hold can be as small as 75 people at the start. If they want a smaller train again, we can all ways set an npc as holder and reduce it to 10-20 people on board. I personally like the idea a lot more than a driver vehicle.

Game is tomorrow. Once we meet in person rather than texting, the other players have characters, and we've done some world gen, we can sort what works for everyone.

I've played quite a few AW games. Sadly never had a full campaign of regular, but I've played in some very good one shots. One shots are just more common in my area because it's hard to get a regular crew together. Had a decent length campaign of monster hearts which was fun. I've also ran games before, but only rules lite games like lasers and feelings, this will be my first AW based game form the other side of the table. I've never played long enough for things like threats to properly come into play, but I have drooled all over the concept from the 1e book. Have the 2e rules form kickstarter.

Got as much prepped as I can. Stayed in the office late last night so I could print of all the handouts. I work in a major university so they don't monitor printer usage, people use it for personal things all the time. But at the same time, I don't want people picking up sheets with the words "battle babe" on them :) Printed one copy of each playbook, 1 copy of the GM moves, 2 sets of threat sheets, and a couple of copies of the basic moves. I'm going to get some hex grids printed today for maps and such. Picking up a folder to store it all neatly this afternoon. Have some dice, pencils and erasers at home. Anything else I need?

I've got some basic skeleton setting/plot ideas on what to do so I'm not stuck, but I don't want to go too far ahead planning the setting. I had previously said they'd prefer more to be handed to them, but I'm no longer so sure that's the case. The players expressed a lot of excitement about trying the cooperate world building parts of AW.

Apocalypse World / Re: Driving trains, settlements, and rotating cast
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:03:15 AM »
Thanks Ebok.

The train as a hardhold is an excellent idea I'd not considered. I reread the 2ed preview during my lunch break, and it really looks like it fits way more than a driver vehicle. Paticularly when it comes to the new vehicle battle moves and stuff like shunting, spinning out of control and the like don't really apply to trains, or at least applying them massivly changes the stakes to the point where it's not going to work as a regular thing.

I was originally thinking of making him take the "collector" move and limiting him to 3 carriages. He was talking about setting up a makeshift gun emplacement on the roof, and "my other car is a tank" could cover this. But I'd probably need to throw him a freebee light bike or dune buggy just to make the character work. It was to be a small train, just the one engine and a 2-3 cars. But even then, there are the problems you highlighted like the state of the track and having it be unique (how) vs all the problems of multiple trains on the same track with no central control system. One idea I had comes from out last game - Blades in the Dark - where life outside settlements is totally untenable and nearly all transport takes place on specially protected trains. If you're lucky to survive 5 min in the wilderness, it would explain why no one's blown up tracks (yet). I could borrow bits to make a maelstrom, or just whole sale take the world we had and fast forward a couple hundred years. Nothing about AW says it needs to be Earth. I like the nodes idea too. There's no reason not to do that. I think the player just likes the idea of a mobile base, so a road train truck might work too, of not quite as cool.

I'll talk to the player. He's quite inexperienced in roleplaying games. Most of the group except myself and the regular GM are too, which is why I was planning on doing a little more setup than is usual for an AW game, and just giving them them things rather than asking. To be honest, from playing with him, I kinda expected him to be all over the hardholder rather than driver. The rest of the players are still undecided on characters. There's a good chance he'll like the idea.

If he really wants to play a driver, what could work is another player plays the hardholder, and "owns" the train. The driver just drives it. It'll be a bit bigger as a hold (I looked up Snowpiercer - how have I never heard of that? - although not that big). But big enough that there could be a car or 2 that houses buggies as the driver and the hard holder's regular vehicles that can offload and sortie off for raiding and supply gathering. So he gets to drive a train, just not own it, and do regular driving things as well. Maybe enforce taking the smaller hold option and change a want to fuel. If no one wants to be hardholder, an npc one will do and give us a bit more freedom in designing it anyway.

I'll have to see how it goes on Thursday. If it's a train-wreck (hurr), our regular DM has a Dungeon-world game as back up. But I love modernish settings more than classic fantasy, so I'm hoping they like it! You've given me a lot of ideas. I'm less apprehensive and more excited again now.

Apocalypse World / Driving trains, settlements, and rotating cast
« on: April 19, 2016, 05:52:41 AM »

I'm going to be GMing a game of AW for my regular group this Thursday. I've run plenty of one shots, but this might be my first campaign. Eek. We're going to do the first session, and if it's a horrible train wreck, our regular GM will take over.

Speaking of train wrecks, one of the players wants to play a driver. With a train. I really dig the idea, it's cool as hell and I want to run with it. But I'm worried about making it work.

The other thing about our campaign is the other players. We have a core group, but every so often something will come up and someone will have to miss a session. It's not as often as some groups I've played with, but life does happen sometimes. Sometimes we get a new player who will be there for maybe a session or 2, then disappear. I need to make a setting that can incorporate this. Without the driver, I'd just anchor things to a single setting or area. Absences are explained by the character off doing their own thing for that session. Having a very mobile train kinda throws that into whack.

I'm thinking of setting it in post apocalyptic midwest USA or central Europe, severely depopulated. There's a lot of big ol diesel trains around there that could still work. Plenty of places to go and things for the driver to do without it being too overwhelming for me. Maybe japan, but I don't really think I could give the players a Shinkansen at chargen! If the population is severely limited, to little island hardholds between vast stretches of badland wilderness you need a train to get around, that would be cool.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I could run this? Block the player and ask him to just make a truck instead? Seems a bit of a cop out.

Apocalypse World / Re: Passive moves
« on: April 04, 2016, 12:39:00 PM »
Announce future badness
Maybe drop some hints that something might be off. Is this is the modus operandi of the bandits? Pepper your description of the journey and the road with some burned out husks of previous victims. An npc along for the ride who's a little twitchy, maybe they've heard rumors, maybe they're an insider, maybe they have a deathwish/axe to grind with the bandits and are hoping to run into them, whatever fits being a fan of your players most.

Result of a hard move
It's well within reason to trigger the trap on a hard move. Doesn't have to be related to the roll. You can try bait this out by giving them things to do with rolls during the "safe bit" at the start as you establish a nice atmosphere. Maybe there's a convoy vehicle that could use the savvy head's touch. Maybe there's an npc dispute for the touchstone. Angel patients, that sort of thing. They'll be too busy doing what they do best to suspect. Until an unlucky roll happens...

Inflict harm (as established).
Just trigger the trap. If the scene is dragging and no one has done anything to detect it, or rolled <7. Really remember to be a fan of the players with this one.

Apocalypse World / Re: 2nd Edition Kickstarter
« on: March 02, 2016, 08:06:49 AM »
@Tim Ralphs

The wording of  the Collector or My Other Car is a Tank moves (2 *additional*, *other* car), the number of car slots on the sheet, and the vibe of the class suggest that they are supposed to start with one. It's probably just an oversight that it doesn't explicitly say it.

Seems like a fine way to run it. Nice and cinematic.

I think you were find for the grapple. If it had of been a 10+ I'd understand, but it's much more interesting the way you played it. The character is still awesome, just going against a particularly trying foe.

The read a sitch does seem unduly harsh though. I think it's fine for a player to do that, especially if they are more a thinking fighter than an all out brawler. Breaking the grapple would have been the perfect break to quickly scan for weaknesses. The move was way too harsh. If you wanted to stick with the spinning blade, he got a partial success, at the very least, he should have gotten 1 forward to acting under fire and dodging.

Thinking of how a situation would have been played out in a movie. I could see the hero getting into a grapple with the villain, choking him a bit before getting thrown off. I couldn't see them getting suckered with a blade like that out of nowhere.

Generally for something like that, a brutal fight with a brutal opponent, you want the pcs to come out victorious, but quite a bit bruised and bloodied. Like winning a tough race. Exhausted, battered, but high on adrenaline and feeling like a total badass.

the nerve core / Licences for derivative work
« on: June 24, 2015, 12:28:14 PM »
Hi all,

Say one was to create a video game that was based off the apocalypse world setting and rules system, sort of like Baldur's Gate and DnD.

What would the licencing be for such a project? If it was add based? free? Paid? In app purchases? How about protocols for informing or involving Lumpley Games?

Just a thought experiment (for now), but I'm curious

Apocalypse World / Re: Multiples of the same playbook?
« on: May 27, 2015, 10:10:39 AM »
I'm going to both agree, and disagree with what Ebok says. The vast majority of the time, you don't want duplicate playbooks, so if you want a simple answer, it's no. It's not the ideal situation. It's can lead to boredom and the points about it all becoming about kill shit and a whole lot of "doing exactly the same, but with a better roll" are spot on.

But, in special circumstances, it can be worked with. You can take characters in different directions, like the gunslinger who wants to look out for the little guy vs the heartless profiteer. Maybe a brainer who supplements her weird powers with being able to handle a gun or a vehicle compared to one who talks his way out when the maelstrom isn't cooperating. The starting stats, and choosing moves from playbooks option on level up will help set each player apart.

I'd only do it if the situation really called for it and it threatened the group though. The whole party wanting to be a heavily armed gun totting gang is better served with a gunslinger, a battle babe, and any other with a heavy tilt towards shooting things up (best +cool and hard stat option, sawn-off as handy weapon, barter for better gear as soon and as frequent as possible). There's no reason a savvy head can't shop around for an assault rifle or a hocus acquire a car. Consider custom moves, but be careful with balance.

Some playbooks duplicate better than others. Savvy head is probably the worst, but even then you could probably spice things up by giving them projects that require teamwork. Conversely, your example of hardholder would be one I think would work best. Two or more hardholders vying for control over a single large hold, each with their own fluctuating hold over the people can be an interesting set up for a game of thrones style politics, combat light game. I'd still think hocus and choppers would be better, but if they don't appeal to any of the players, why not multiple hardholders? There's so much to work with for pc-npc-pc triangles as you struggle to convince people that you're they should be loyal to. Do you go the fear route, or spend precious resources keeping them happy? Or up the scale and everyone has their own settlement, joined against a larger threat. How do you deal with an underling getting caught stealing from an ally? Make an example and piss off your own people, or show mercy and lose an important trade route?

Ultimately, the best solution is talking the the group openly and honestly to find out what everyone wants (yourself included) from the game.

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