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Apocalypse World / Custom Moves Compendium
« on: August 13, 2010, 06:56:43 PM »
Alright. A little bit of context, and then the custom move. Don't worry about explaining every minute detail - trust that we'll piece it together.

Post your shit.

the nerve core / If you like poetry...
« on: August 10, 2010, 04:53:14 PM »
I'm unsure if this is appropriate to mention here, but:

I'm have a blog where I post daily (M-F) poems about the post-apocalyptic visions I've been having*. As I've been playing and reading Apocalypse World lately, some of the aesthetic will probably leak through.

The blog is

*note: I haven't actually been having post-apocalyptic visions

Monsterhearts / The Ghoul
« on: August 09, 2010, 06:40:57 PM »
Death changed you. It took away your contemplative joy, it dulled your senses, and it left you impossibly hungry. That hunger is with you always, like a hum in your ears that swells and crescendos until you can't hear anything else. That hunger comes to dominate you when ignored.

There is a certain beauty to what you've become. Your gaunt body, its unnatural form - it draws people in. Your stark disinterest seems exotic. Underneath that disaffected presentation, though - the hunger, the hunger.


gaunt, striking, thin, stiff, disfigured

hollow eyes, quiet eyes, calculating eyes, harsh eyes, hungry eyes

resurrected, constructed, disturbed, rejected, sent


Hot -1, Cold +2, Steady +0, Volatile -1, Dark +2
Hot +1, Cold +2, Steady +1, Volatile -1, Dark +0
Hot +0, Cold +2, Steady +1, Volatile -2, Dark +0
Hot +0, Cold +2, Steady +1, Volatile -1, Dark +1

Basic Moves

You get all of the basic moves

Ghoul Moves

You automatically get:

The Hunger
You have a hunger for (circle one):
flesh, chaos, power, secrets, fear
While the hunger is always there, sometimes it becomes all-consuming (circle one):
at night, erratically (MC discretion), when slighted, in quiet situations, in loud situations

When it is all-consuming, gain +1 when attempting to satiate your hunger. If you outright ignore your hunger, or avoid an opportunity to feed, you need to try to keep it together. On a miss, you become your Darkest Self.

In addition, choose two:

Short Rest for the Wicked
If you die, wait it out. You awaken 12 hours later, somewhere else (MC's discretion). Your hunger is all-consuming.

Cold Hard Desire
When you turn someone on, roll +cold instead of +hot.

What the Right Hand Wants
Your body was stitched together in parts and pieces. And those parts and pieces echo different histories, and want different things. Declare a second hunger (with its own all-consuming condition). Mark an experience whenever you satiate that second hunger.

Wanting is Needing
When someone stands in between you and your hunger, you can declare that your hunger is all-consuming. If you do, mark an experience.

Gain +1Dark (to a maximum of +3).

Watchful Golem
When you defend someone despite great personal risk, without ever letting them know, mark an experience or remove a String they hold against you.

Sex Move
When you have sex with someone, try to keep it together. On a miss, add "sex with [their name]" as an additional hunger. It becomes all-consuming when you are alone with them.

Darkest Self
Your hunger is all-consuming. You will maim, kill and destroy anything in between you and the nearest object of your hunger. To spare someone or something, you need to try to keep it together. When someone restrains you or fends you off for long enough for you to regain your senses and composure, you escape your Darkest Self.

the nerve core / Apocalypse World not linked on main lumpley page.
« on: August 03, 2010, 09:28:05 PM »

Apocalypse World doesn't appear to be linked on the right-hand Lumpley Games menu. I found a link to the AW forums, by scrolling down and reading a post, but even there you only mentioned "the barf forums", and that was it.

Intentional, or oversight?

Apocalypse World / Best moments in the text...
« on: July 31, 2010, 05:07:37 PM »
"you pray for some grinning kid or veteran or just someone with a heartshocker and a hand with sutures and a 6-pack of morphine. And when that someone comes, that’s an angel."
-from the Angel description.

When I first saw the playbook for Angel, I scoffed. "That's a silly name for a class. And the picture looks like some scrawny punk kid." And then I read that description above, and it brought it all crashing home. It changed angel into the best class name ever, and it brought the vibe of Apocalypse World home so hard: you make do, because at least it's something.

"They’re the ones you should walk away from, eyes down, but you can’t. They’re the ones like the seductive blue crackling light, y’know? You mistake looking at them for falling in love, and you get too close and it’s a zillion volts and your wings burn off like paper.


-from the Battlebabe description.

Pure fucking poetry.

"What they do in life is follow their parts around — their noses, their stomachs, their hearts, their clits & dicks, their guts, their ears, their inner children, their visions."
-From the Principle: Name Everyone and Make Them Human

If Vincent could just somehow let all the authors in the world hear this advice, I'd read more. It's what makes characters compelling.

Your turn. What moments in the text have grabbed hold and kept their grip tight?

Monsterhearts / Outsourcing
« on: July 30, 2010, 05:07:48 PM »
"Broken glass is luxury
Friendly fires, or alchemy
Daylight is the enemy
Witching hour, soft power"

-Soft Power, Ladytron

"Turn her over
A candle is lit, I see through her
Blow it out and save all her ashes for me

Curse me, sold her
The poison that runs it's course through her
Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over all over"

-Strawberry Gashes, Jack Off Jill

"Sick sick sound
All fall down
It is a necessary evil
Just like highway gas stations and people

I remember golden days when all this was a mystery
And you could write a letter then or god forbid come visit me
And if you find yourself without me
Can you find yourself without me?
Can you find yourself without me?
Can you find your self without me?"

-Necessary Evil, Dresden Dolls

your turn.

Monsterhearts / Forbidden Ground
« on: July 30, 2010, 12:54:46 PM »
An idea:

What if each Skin has a different place they can't enter, and trying to enter it requires that they Stay Calm?

So, Vampires can't enter direct sunlight, Mortals can't enter a monster's dwelling for the first time, Witches can't enter hospitals, etc.

To do so requires that you Stay Calm, and you run the risk of freaking out, attracting attention and giving yourself away. Oh, and the risk of sparkling, obviously.

Monsterhearts / The Infernal
« on: July 28, 2010, 05:03:03 PM »
At first, the whole situation was innocent enough. It gave you things, made you feel good about yourself. You came to it when you had problems, and it helped you solve them. And when you asked how you could repay it, it told you to be patient. That all debts would be settled in due time.

It hadn't mentioned debts before that.

You've got satan as your cornerman, or a demon in your brain. Or you're the right-hand man of something otherworldly. Maybe the stars glow for you, and you alone. Regardless, you owe a debt to something much bigger and more terrible than you will ever be.


Distant, Quiet, Anxious, Tense, Frantic, Vicious

Empty Eyes, Calculating Eyes, Burning Eyes, Flickering Eyes, Piercing Eyes

Bartered Soul, Last Chancer, Returned, Emissary, Legion, Lackey, Chosen

Basic Moves

You get all the basic moves.

Infernal Moves

You automatically get:

Soul Debt
Name the power that you owe a debt to. It can hold Strings against you. You can choose to carry +2forward on any roll, in exchange for giving that power a String against you. When the power holds 5 Strings against you, your Darkest Self is triggered (it can also be triggered in other ways, like normal).

Also, choose two:

Elsewise Power
Give the power one String to use a move you don't have, just this once.

'Need' Is My Favourite Word
When you, like, really, really want something, give your power strings. Roll +strings given. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose one: You get exactly the thing you wanted; It doesn't come at a cost to anybody else; It costs you one less String.

Dark Recruiter
When you bring an innocent soul to the power, mark experience.

Fury Beyond All Earthly Fury
When you lash out at someone, you may suffer 1 harm to deal +1harm, regardless of whether you succeed.

When you lash out at someone, on a 10+, they lose 1 String on you. On a 7-9, add "they lose 1 String on you" to the list of options.

Sex Move

When someone sleeps with you, you may give them any number of Strings held against you by your power. If you do, it counts as them gazing into the abyss.

Darkest Self

The power takes over your body, and carries out its own agendas. The MC controls your character's actions and speech, for the time being. Every time the power makes you do something you don't want to do, it spends one of the Strings it has on you. You can Act Under Fire to convince it that "no, not that. Anything but that." But it keeps the String, in that case. You escape your Darkest Self when the power has no more Strings.

Monsterhearts / If you listen closely...
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:58:13 AM »
Dresden Dolls (esp. Sex Changes, Half Jack, Backstabber, Necessary Evil)
Bright Eyes (esp. Lover I Don't Have To Love, The Calendar Hung Itself)
City and Colour (esp. Save Your Scissors)
Mass Undergoe (esp. The Flesh Parade, All The Knives In The World, Baby!)
Jack Off Jill (esp. Strawberry Gashes)
Evanescence (I don't know. I don't listen to Evanescence and never have.)

I am laughing so hard right now. Rad.
Join in with more suggestions?

Monsterhearts / Passing
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:28:51 AM »
Everyone can go to high school, or college, or Jackson's Pit, or wherever it is that kids go these days. Everyone looks just normal enough that they can pass for just a teenager.

Witches often dress like goths and pagans, and someone Actually saw Jemma bring a dead frog to school 1nce, OMG like for real. But Jemma can still go to algebra class without being burned alive or arrested.

Fae are often dainty, with narrow features. They often have this "rainbow child" thing about them, and According to Max, when he was dating Lilyth, she wanted to strip naked and fool around in the middle of the woods, like wtf, who does she think she is, Queen of the Hippy Sluts? But, fae can go to the movies on friday night, just like you and me. People are weirded out by Lilyth, and the other women view her as this unknowable threat, but whatever.

Mitch is a dumb jock. That's all there is to it. He must be taking some weird sort of steroids or something, because people often find crazy shed hair in his gym locker, like how can one person even grow that much hair?

So on.

Monsterhearts / The Fae
« on: July 28, 2010, 02:42:33 AM »
At the edges of this world, just beyond the veil, there are colours that few might even dream of. Beauty enough to shatter any heart. The fae live and breathe at the edges of this world. They keep a dusting of that magic tucked behind their ears, just in case.

And the fae are willing to share. They're nothing if not generous, asking for only one thing in return. A promise. Break it, and feel the wrath of faery vengeance.


dainty, girlish, gaunt, mysterious, disheveled

quick eyes, lyrical eyes, mesmerizing eyes, laughing eyes, piercing eyes

fae born, fae blooded, adopted, touched with the gift, stole the gift


[Not that far along in the hack yet.]

Basic Moves

You get all the basic moves.

Fae Moves

You automatically get:

Faery Contract
If someone breaks or abandons a promise or contract made to you, they suffer 1 harm.

Also, choose 2:

The Constant Bargain
Whenever someone asks you to do something for them, and you do it, roll +[stat]. On a 10+, they lose one string on you, and you gain one on them. On a 7-9, choose one or the other. On a miss, you've proven that they can walk all over you, and they take another string on you.

The Wild Hunt
When you draw upon your most feral manner, perhaps echoing the movements of a cat or the voracity of a wolf, add +1 to your seduce roll.

Beyond The Veil
When you gaze into the abyss, you may also choose to: commune with the faery king; find a hidden String against someone.

Whenever someone makes a promise to you, they mark experience. Whenever someone breaks a promise to you, and you seek vengeance, mark experience.

Sex Move
When you lie naked with another, you can ask for a promise. If they refuse it, take 2 Strings against them.

Darkest Self
Everything you say is a promise. Everything you hear is a promise. If a promise is broken, justice must be wrought in blood. To let a promise slide counts as Acting Under Fire. To escape your Darkest Self, you must make a grim sacrifice in the name of faery.

Monsterhearts / Stats & Basic Moves?
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:19:29 PM »
When you gaze into the abyss, roll +dark.
On a 10+, choose 3: it shows you what you asked to see; it's telling the truth; carry +1 forward when confronting the situation; it could always have been worse. On a 7-9, choose up to 3 from that list, but suffer 1 harm for each. On a miss, the abyss shows you whatever the fuck it wants to, and then threatens you. Meet its' demand, or become your Darkest Self.

Monsterhearts / Your Darkest Self
« on: July 27, 2010, 02:37:18 AM »
So, I scrapped the Style+Type way of generating characters. Everyone picks their skin (Mortal, Vampire, Witch, etc) and that's that.

Skins have: descriptors, stats, special moves, a sex move, and a darkest self.
While you select your descriptors, stats & moves (just like in AW), each skin has exactly one sex move and one darkest self.

Here's what the Darkest Self is - it's a dark and awful thing that you can become. Not just a monstrous teenager, but a true monster. The worst possible fate for your kind.

While you are your Darkest Self, you are locked into a set of instincts and impulses. To do otherwise is Acting Under Fire.

There's an escape clause: something that gets you back into normal mode. Maybe it's hurting a loved one, sacrificing strings, isolating yourself, going too far, confronting your past, etc, etc. Something that brings you face-to-face with what you want least.

For example, when a Werewolf is its Darkest Self, maybe it can only interact with others if it Seizes By Force or Threatens (Goes Aggro). Like all Darkest Selves, you can Act Under Fire to try to momentarily bypass this rule. To escape your Darkest Self, you must isolate yourself until the sun rises once again.

Here's why I thought of this, and why I merged style+class:
The Mortal's sex move is to trigger their partner's Darkest Self. OMG, right?!


1. Does this sound fun?
2. Is this too prescriptive?
3. Does this emulate the whole "you thought I was a monster before, but now I'm a REAL monster!" plot point that seems to rear its head in this genre?
4. What are some possible Darkest Selves for different Skins?

Monsterhearts / Monster, What is Thine Heart For?
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:14:41 PM »
In Apocalypse World, motivations are clear. There is resource scarcity, and you got people trying to kill you, and you need to stake out a place in the world. Easy.

And if you're one of those classes that Vincent warns you won't have a constant instream of motivations, you still got that, 24/7. Some classes even have more motivation on top of that, like managing your town or leading your batshit-crazy cultists around.

Monsterhearts poses a new challenge, here. There is no material scarcity. While there is the threat of monstrous attack and weird violence, I imagine it being less immediate of a threat (unless you have your emotions at stake, which should happen all the time, if you're doing it right).

So, what is that motivation? What stops everyone from just accepting one another and having emotionally-validating sex with one another? What makes this a heartbreaking tragedy, in the most teenaged of senses?

I think that part of this comes into play when you look at the guiding principles, and how they drive situation. If the principles include Acceptance is Never 100% right at the top of the list, you've got a lot of the motivation right there.

What else?

Monsterhearts / Skin Deep
« on: July 26, 2010, 05:09:30 PM »
Skins are like: Mortal, Witch, Werewolf, Vampire, Fae, etc.

What should the skins list include?

Mortal, Chosen, Angel, Demon, Witch, Werewolf, Vampire, Fae, Lich, Monster, Homunculus, Alien, Elemental, Sorcerer, Possessed, Ghoul, Wraith, Ghost

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