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brainstorming & development / Re: Uncharted Worlds - Space opera hack
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:05:36 PM »
- Scapegoat seems ripe for abuse. Probably be better to make it an +Ing roll triggered by a 6-, rather than an automatic success

- You get followers, you get followers, you get followers! EVERYBODY GETS FOLLOWERS! When one person can roll up 12 followers, you've got the makings of a bookkeeping nightmare and a huge ensemble cast. I would at least make the followers skill only takable once.

- With your current very strict debt/favor mechanic, "Investments" seems way overpowered. Get an additional +3 favor when most others get only 1 +1, and replace a crushing, inescapable debt with one that can be worked off fairly easily? Win.

- On the same idea, equalize Authority/Diplomacy. Either +/-3 or +/-2 would work, but +4 favor means you can ask for about anything and get it without penalty. That should have a bit of cost.

-Ice Cold doesn't make any sense without +cool. I'd replace Mettle with Ingenuity and call it something like "schemer."

-Why does changing a melee weapon into an energy weapon add +Reload, but turning a missile weapon into an energy/laser weapon remove -Reload?

-What does 2x Loud do? (Pistol/Rifle+explosive)

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