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Monster of the Week / My first Monster of the Week game
« on: October 19, 2020, 11:18:21 AM »
Hey first of all thank you for making this game,
I came across it thanks to the McElroy's Adventure Zone and then again thanks to the good people at the 3W6 Podcast out of Vienna. I got the book a couple of years ago and always thought of running this as a second game, or short campaign but unfortunately The Dark Eye is too good and 3 years in my players want more. Anyway, I thought I could reconnect with some college mates and run a text only Discord based Monster of the Week game and we are in the process of setting that up. Our stick is going to be to be that my PCs were the Buffy Gang 10 years ago at high school, but their Buffy-esque character sacrificed herself and didn't get better. The group drifted apart, everyone dealt with the trauma in their own way, and now presto bad things start happening again bringing the old crew back together. They have grown a little, become more rounded people but also have more to lose now.

My first scenario is actually relatively close to one from the Tome of Mysteries (Big Haunt on Campus) only it is a form of the spirit of Medusa which attempts to deal with her Posidon (first death) and then later the lady who conjured her and then maybe her version of Perseus (i.e. the hunters, or friends of the first victim who try to take things into their own hands). We will see what happens.

anyway, I mostly posted to say thank you for creating this rad game, and maybe if anyone has any tips for me, I am definitely all ears.

All the best,


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