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I've been working on this on and off for the better part of a month and, having finally had a chance to get it to a playtestable state and play it, I'm sharing the first draft with the good people of Barf.

The Good Fight is a game about the supernatural struggle between Good and Evil in a contemporary setting. It started as an attempt to essentially build the Angel to Monster of the Week's Buffy, but it has in the meantime changed into somewhat more than that, with a throughline and subtext that I wasn't even aware of when I started sketching it out. You can think of it as a "prequel" to Apocalypse World, the massively multiplayer crossover edition of the old World of Darkness, Monsterhearts with grown-ups, tragic long-form Fiasco, a mash-up of Primetime Adventures and Monster of the Week, or even Dungeon World transposed into the modern day.

At this stage, it's also highly experimental and very broken. You can get it from here:

Here's the opening blurb:

The world's going to hell. We all know this, or at least our entrails do. But not everyone knows just how.

There's Evil out there. Honest, no-shit, capital-E Evil. Things go bump in the night. The whole crawling, walking, talking, shrieking mass of cliches.

Then there's also evil out there. Honest, no-shit, small-e evil. Children with distended bellies. Squats full of reeking addicts that no-one will get to in time. Soulless bourgeois assholes murdering people in droves, with pens and figures and apathy. That always-falling sensation of imminent collapse we've been wallowing in for the last forty-odd years of our civilization, where apocalypse seems just around the corner but never actually comes to end our misery.

And on this corner, there's you lot. The mass of unfortunates who, by some ugliness of fate, sheer bloody-mindedness, or plain old misfortune, are clued-in to the fact that those two things are anything but unrelated. A lot of people go mad when they scratch the
surface of the world. But there's an alternative.

You say: It doesn't have to be like this. And you go out into the world to make it so. Regardless of the cost.

If you do read it, or even run it, please let me know what you think and how it goes for you; I actually think this could be something really interesting - but I also think making it so would take more playtesting than only me and my group of (lovely, dedicated) playtesters can accomplish.

Monster of the Week / Custom Playbook - The Hex
« on: February 25, 2013, 10:37:51 PM »
I've been playing around with hacking and customizing Monster of the Week (Which, by the by, is fantastic), and to get a handle on the system, I've built a custom playbook. The idea here was that while the Spooky seems to suggest someone who has inborn or unwanted supernatural power, the Hex is someone who deliberately went after it. The touchstone is obviously Willow, but also Giles in his "Ripper" days, Tara, Ethan Rayne, a dash of John Constantine.

Do I have totally the wrong idea about how to go about this, or is this an interesting playbook? Does it overlap too much with the Spooky to be useful?

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