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Apocalypse World / Operator obligation gigs
« on: January 19, 2013, 05:26:00 AM »
I have a couple of questions about obligation gigs:

1) how do you handle obligation gigs with other pc's (consequence of the sex
Move)? Since it is not an Npc, as mc what do you say to narrate the outcome of the gig?

2) i don't know if it's right, but I remember that the sex
Moves work only on pc's. Does that means that the operator's sex move works
Also on npc (as an exception)?

Thank you

Apocalypse World / Zombie apocalypse, let's do this!
« on: December 27, 2012, 06:20:03 AM »
With my group we'd like to play a
Zombie apocalyse, with pc's as normal people (no
Playbook For now).
Influence: zombie movies (really?!), walking dead, 28 days later, survivors...

So far I've made some custom moves, and I'd like to implent something about humanity/survival.

I'd like to know your opinion about, advice or critics.
Here you are!

There are five basic stats (hard, cool, sharp, empathy, and another one that has not a name for now. Plus resolve).

Resolve: use it when you need to rely on your inner strength, desperation or will to survive. You don’t assign a value to it, it starts at zero and will have a fluctuant value. You gain it during the game, when you roll an highlighted stat.
You can spend Resolve to benefit of some advantage in a given situation:
? Spend a point to have +1 on a roll (max +3. With +2, your resolve is now +1. With +3, it uses all you resolve).

When your resolve is 5+, reset it to +0 and take an advancement. [I’m thinking to other way to spend resolve points]


When you open violence to an undead, roll+hard. On a 10+ you headshot them, choose 1. On a 7-9, you may choose to headshot them but you have to use more ammo/sacrifice your weapon, otherwise you can choose one (approppriate):
? you look for a better opportunity (take +1forward).
? you don’t let them come near.
? you inflict terrible harm.
? you inflict harm to every target you choose within reach of your weapon.

Analysis: if you get a 10+ it means you successfully kill-kill a zombie. Choosing to inflict harm to every target, means to kill-kill other target within reach. If you choose to inflict terrible harm, you do your best to be a ruthless dead meat killer, and in case of a group/horde you kill-kill/ dismember/mutilate more subject.

When you face an horde and you decide to flee, roll+cool. On a 10+ you are good to go. On a 7-9, choose to leave or stay, but if you leave Mc choose one:
? you leave something/someone behind.
? you don’t go unnoticed.
? you suffer some collateral damage, take 1-harm.
? you are exhausted, and need to take a break or act under pressure.
? you find a different problem on your way.

When an undead reaches you, roll+hard.
On a 10+, somehow you manage to shove him and you can act again right away. On a 7-9, choose one:
? you defend yourself, but you are still in the clinch.
? you can try to force yourself to attack, but you take -1-forward.

? you can free yourself from his hold, but you are overstressed and anything but save yourself it’s act under pressure.
On a miss, he bites you, the Mc make an appropriate hard move or you roll for damage.

When you search for loot, roll+sharp. On a hit, you find the item you were looking for. On a 10+, Mc choose two. On a 7-9, Mc choose one:
? what you find is better than you thought.
? you find it quickly.
? you find it with relatively little trouble.
? there’s some more, but you can’t take it now.
[es. you find the pharmacy you were looking for and search it for antibiotics, roll for the moves, and the Mc will tell you if, how and what you find]

When you suffer emotional or physical harm and you are Down, in a moment of pause say how it feels, roll+.... Mark Resolve.
On a 10+, it just don’t bother you too much. On a 7-9 choose one:
? You keep it to yourself (mc take one against you).
? you might need some help, see When you share your hidden pain
On a miss, say how it makes you feel really bad and the mc makes an appropriate hard move.

Analysis: When the player chooses to "keep it", it's a flag for the mc. And it doesn't mean a hard move, it means to put him in the spotlight, make something happen to him.
When you are Down it means you can't use resolve points or take an advancement or mark resolve.

When you share your hidden pain or your inner self with someone else (feelings, memory, pain) roll+empathy. They take +1 st, they know you better now. On a hit, your sorrow fades and you are not Down anymore. On a 7-9, they hold 1 over you. They can Spend theyr hold to:
? Aid/interfere with you as they had hit 10+.
? Take +1 forward against you.
? Hit 10+ on Seduce/manipulate with you, if they use what they learned about you and it
On a miss, they hold 1 over you. When they try to manipulate/seduce you, it count as they had hit 10+, no matter what as long as they have a legit leverage.

Analysis: they can help you on that roll. But if they get a soft hit, they don't take any hold; and if they get a miss it count as if they had hit 10+ to interfere with you. Or mc make a move. Maybe they were not in the mood to listen to your annoying shit and trouble!

When you live a moment of true beauty, a lap of luxury, an unmistakable sign of humanity or hope, roll+empathy. On a 10+, pick two. On a 7-9, pick one. On a miss, it's just a passing moment and has no significant effect.
? Mark resolve
? Heal 1-harm
? Share it with someone, you both take +1 Hx with eachother. But if you pick an effect too, you choose who of you two benefits from it.

every character has a couple of principle, for example:
life is too short. you’re not a coward, but you don’t love to take risk if not strictly necessary.

When you have to face an imminent threat or take a risk that you don’t think is necesary, choose one:
? go against your principle, take +1-forward.
? follow your principle, mark Resolve.
I have faith in people. when you meet some strangers and trust them, without any clue about their nature or against what your friends say, mark resolve. or, if you don’t trust them take +1- ongoing against them.

analysis: after you have made your decision, whether to follow or not your principle, acting differently count as acting under pressure.

When you give/do something for someone else, mark resolve if you don't want nothing back. Or else, sign them for debt. You can spend debt to:
? They expose their self to danger to save you
? Give you what you want
? Do something you want

When you have sex...oh, you wish ya had, donch ya? Scarcity, it's all about damn scarcity.

Apocalypse World / zombie apocalypse, has anybody ever tried to do that?
« on: December 20, 2012, 07:38:28 AM »
with my gaming group we'd like to play something with zombies and pc's as survivors, but I feel that we need to change a few things of the basic Aw.

I'd like to know your experience about that.
For now I decided to remove the playbook, and focus on the Pc's -normal people in a special situation- how they relate to other survivors, scarcity and how the world change them.
and then come the zombies.
that's the main problem, I don't know how to handle a "fight" with the undead.

Some ideas come up, but none of them really satisfying, since all I want to do is to play that kind of setting I'd aprreciate some adivice.
Sorry for my broken english ;)

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