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brainstorming & development / Combining *World w/ Fate Accelerated
« on: October 27, 2016, 04:50:24 PM »
So I recently picked up Fate Accelerated and noticed some similar themes in design. It looks like FAE was going for a "fiction first" design element in mind like Apocalypse World. There a few things I like about FAE.

—The simplified health/consequence system.

What I don't like about FAE:

—Having a fate point economy
—It's not 'player-facing facing' like AW.
IE, the GM has to stat npcs and make rolls.

So, I had some ideas of mixing the elements I like from FAE into AW.

Approaches, already similar to AW stats:

Bold (Flashy)
Fierce (Forceful)
Patient (Careful)
Subtle (Sneaky)

I like having only 5 and I think FAE's 'clever' approach is mostly useless as clever things can be covered by careful, flashy, or quick approaches.

These stats are like AW, they would range from -1 to +3 Max.

Next, Aspects. I like the way they concisely capture a character's concept elements. Perhaps in a mostly AW system, pcs may not have as many as five. But my thought was pcs having a few Aspects and a few stunts instead of the traditional playbook moves.
When rolling with an Aspect in play, roll 3d6, keeping the best two if the Aspect helps the pc. Instead of an ubiquitous fate point economy, players can always use their aspects when the situation is applicable. The MC may 'compel' a player by offering an xp point. That's the extent of an ooc 'economy' that I'd want.

Next, Stunts...these would be the most closely associated with playbook Moves.

I would suggest making three Stunts similar to how they're done in FAE. Except in using AW's player-facing dice system, I think these are what should give the 12+ 'Critical hit' advantage where they would modify dice rolls. Otherwise they'd just modify the fiction like trad AW playbook moves.

Well okay, just some ideas I'm playing with. I can't decide if this is FAE w AW's dice mechanic. Or *World w Fate Aspects.


brainstorming & development / Evolution Pulse
« on: July 03, 2016, 10:29:37 PM »
Someone has to make this powered by the Apocalypse!

blood & guts / Combat moves for Sword & Sorcery
« on: May 26, 2015, 11:54:59 AM »
For a game with archaic fighting I wanted closer, more cinematic moves for the fighting. AW RAW are great for 'seizing' things and exchanges of gunfire between groups of people where you're rattling off magazines of ammo in one dice roll. I streamlined these moves for simulating the back and forth of melee combat between mostly single opponents. Kept the AW names of the stats here to be clear. Please tell me what you think.

When you wade into battle roll +Hard. On a hit you inflict harm. On a 10+ you have the advantage and may press your attack. On a 7-9 you are now defying danger.

When you defy danger roll +Cool. On a hit you've avoided the danger. On a 7-9 it costs you (you take incidental harm, were noticed, lost something, etc).

One of my goals here is to simplify the moves so they can apply to different situations. You will notice in the first one "the advantage" could be a thing or position like AW's 'seize'. But here it is kind of folding 'Go Aggro' into the 'Seize' move. The 'advantage' may simply be the initiative and drive to keep pressing your attack through a series of swings and thrusts. If you 'lose the advantage', that represents your opponent rebounding and beating you back, putting you on the defensive.

One of the things I liked about AW was the 'Act Under Fire' move. I liked how it represented dodging, stealth, balance, positioning, etc. All at the same time with one move and one stat. This was my inspiration for a more simplified combat move. Here the 'Defy Danger' move acts the same but now explicitly applies to dodging, parrying, and being on the defensive during a fight as well.

A potential flaw here is that these moves place a lot of emphasis on weapon ranges as to who gets to inflict harm first. There is no harm exchanged in one roll. You're either delivering harm. Or avoiding harm. I also plan to keep harm numbers small (A 4-part Harm Wheel?) and use Armor as 'Roll +Armor when you take Harm' move. I want characters to be a little more resilient than in standard AW, without resorting to hit points like some *W games.

After a long hiatus I'm back into working on my Conan hack. Tell me if I can do this and what problems you may foresee:

Light Armor 1-armor
Heavy Armor 2-armor
Shield +1-armor

Grappling 1-harm
Knives, Daggers, Arrows 2-harm
Swords, Axes, Spears 3-harm
Two-handed weapons 4-harm

(will have tags for different weapons and armor of course)

When you Wade into Battle, roll+ Wrath. On a hit, exchange harm. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 10+, you get all 3.
- Break their defense (deal +1 harm)
- Parry and evade (Enemy deals -1 harm)
- Seize something important (their position, weapon, courage, etc.)

(exchange harm: PC's do not subtract their armor from NPC's harm. However they do subtract NPC's armor from PC harm. A Gang's Armor does not increase with size difference).

When you Suffer Harm roll+ Armor (0 to +3). On a 10+ your armor, or luck, negates all harm and saves you. On a 7-9, your armor negates 1 harm and the MC chooses 1:
-You miss something important
-You drop something important (weapon, shield, piece of armor)
-You stumble, fall, or became dazed
-Your fatigued, take -1 ongoing until you can recover

I was thinking of giving characters Harm Wheels (countdown clocks) of four 'pie slices' instead of 6. Gangs still have 6 levels to their Harm Wheels, but their armor does not increase with each size difference. Combined with these new moves I think it will make combat results more granular than vanilla AW.

Perhaps my new 'Seize' move should only grant a 'pick 2' on a 10+ instead of getting all 3?

The potential wrinkle that comes to my mind is gangs. If PCs aren't subtracting their armor from a gang's harm, that could be messy. But 10+ for my Suffer Harm move negates all harm inflicted. Still, maybe I shouldn't do this or do something different with Gangs.

I imagine unarmed combat being more of a series of defying danger, seizing limbs, or seizing throats then seizing breath. Or seizing a body and slamming it into something (+harm).

Anyways, I really prefer a player-facing 'roll+armor' move. I saw another poster's roll+armor move but they cut out damage ratings entirely and it was a little too abstract for me.

brainstorming & development / Combat with ancient weapons
« on: August 19, 2012, 04:57:53 PM »
How would this be different? Although the combat (and peripheral combat) moves for regular AW work great for firefights, they don't satisfy me for hacks which use ancient weapons (swords, spears, bows, etc.).

As I'm currently revamping my Conan hack to be more than just a re-skin, this is important to me. Also want to make a Slaine hack as well.

Thoughts on other hacks I've seen:

Saga of the Icelanders- Not very clear rules for combat as it's not very focused on fighting but more on 'getting into a fight'. If that makes sense.

Dungeon World- I love DW, but HP and Class damage dice are not what I want for my hacks, I want my hacks to have more of a S&S or Sword & Sandal feel.

World of Algol- I am paying close attention to this!

Here is my idea thus far (using standard AW stats for clarity):

When you DO BATTLE, roll+ Hard. On a hit you exchange harm as established. On a 10+ you either avoid the enemy's harm completely, or hit your foe's vitals (+AP) but take harm as established.


Light Weapons: 2 harm (may use Cool-optional)

Ranged Weapons: 2 harm (may use Sharp-optional)

Reach Weapons: 2 harm (+1 to Do Battle)

Heavy Weapons: 3 harm

Two-Handed Weapons: 4 harm (-1 to Do Battle & Act Under Fire-physical)


Leather or Hide     1 armor (concealed-optional)
Chain or Scale      2 armor
Panoply               3 armor (-1 to Act Under Fire-physical)
Shield                +1 armor (-1 to Do Battle when used as a Heavy Weapon)

Alright folks, please comment on what you think about this or offer suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.

brainstorming & development / Werewolf Hack
« on: July 06, 2012, 06:09:03 PM »
Hey guys, I'm mulling over ideas to make a loose Werewolf the Forsaken Hack. I've been inspired by Dungeon World's Druid move for Shape-shifting and got this idea:

Roll+Urge. On a 10+ hold 3. 7-9, hold 2. On a success you take on one of the five forms and get natural bonuses from that form as well as a moves. Spend your holds to use a Form's move. When you spend all your holds you revert to your natural form. In all forms except Gauru, you can opt to "drop" your holds to revert to your natural form.  In Gauru, you have to spend your holds.

Dalu (Near-Man): no bonuses. Move: +1 Fierce

Gauru (Wolf-Man): 3Harm/2Armor. Move: +1 Fierce

Urshul (Near-Wolf): 2Harm/1Armor. Howl (long-distance communication)
Moves: +1 Fierce, or +1 Grace

Urhan (Wolf): 2Harm. Howl (long-distance communication)
Moves: +1 Wits, or +1 Grace, or Cover Ground (long-distance travel)

This is just the start of my brainstorming, simple bonuses to Stats seem a little boring though for Form Moves.

I was also thinking of how to do the Stat Block, maybe something like this?

New Moon: +1 Grace                          Blood Talons: +1 Fierce
Crescent Moon: +1 Wits                      Bone Shadows: +1 Wits
Half Moon:+1 Urge                             Hunters in Darkness: +1 Grace
Gibbous Moon: +1 Allure                      Iron Masters: +1 Allure
Full Moon: +1 Fierce                           Storm Lords: +1 Urge

Then place a free +1 to any of your choosing, if it makes one stat +3, you must subtract one from another stat. Or something like that.

Maybe that's not a good idea...To make Playbooks I would either base them on Moon Auspice or Tribe, then have the other add certain bonuses or something like how Dungeon World's Alignment or Race does to their Class Playbooks.

Whattya Think? Playbooks based on Auspice or Tribe? I'm kind of thinking Tribe. Then Auspice and the pack's Totem could add something a little special the way Alignment and Race do in Dungeon World.

Different Playbooks would add some Gift-like Moves, bonuses to certain Forms, extra holds to certain forms, or the like.

brainstorming & development / Hyborian Saga (Gavinwulf's Conan Hack)
« on: January 26, 2012, 03:54:44 PM »
Here it is:

Some notes:

First off, Simon Carrier's "World of Conan" was a heavy influence. Some of the playbooks are almost directly from his hack (Sorcerer, Sellsword) and yes, he gave me permission to use his stuff. Thanks again.

Second, because I recently changed the Wyrd move from "swear an oath" to "discern the unnatural" some things might need to be changed in the playbooks. This also makes the Augury move a few of the playbooks have different. I made a half-hearted attempt at what Augury does now in The Sage's playbook.

the Stats are:

Allure =Hot
Fierce =Hard
Grace =Cool
Wits =Sharp
Wyrd =Weird

"Inflict Brutality" is the same as "Go Aggro"
"Wade into Battle" is the same as "Seize by Force"
"Strive against Peril" is the same as "Act under Fire"
"Discern the Unnatural" is like open your brain but for all the weird supernatural stuff in the Hyborian Age.

Anyway, I've only ran this once in a 6-session story arc for 4 players. It worked very well and everyone loved it. As discussed in another thread the "Swear an Oath" move was a little hokey.
I'm totally open to suggestions and even now I have ideas to edit it some more to make it more 'original' I guess.

Apocalypse World / AP: Hyborian Saga! Awesome!
« on: August 30, 2011, 05:25:26 AM »
Just finished a great game.

For weeks I have been working on a Conan hack of Apocalypse World. Last night was our first session.


Barracus, the Aquilonian Sorcerer (used SimonC's Sorcerer from his Conan hack, sort of like a Brainer but with cooler crap)

Connavar, the demon-spawned Monster (my own customized Faceless)

Godrigo, the Zingaran Rogue (my own customized mix of Battlebabe, and SimonC's Thief, and a little Operator thrown in)

Heimdall, a Hyperborean Barbarian (my own customized Battlebabe/Gunlugger)

I set the scene in Arenjun, capitol city of Zamora. I used the setting from, "The Tower of the Elephant". Yes, I know this is bumping up against the rule a little bit about not having a pre-decided plot. With an already established setting like the Hyborian Age, I found it a little hard to do. So I used a setting from the stories and planted some plot seeds, but I am still "Playing to find out what happens". It won't be the same "Tower of the Elephant" with Conan. I feel like I had a couple "pre-determined Fronts".

I handed out MC love letters as follows ('x' is the option the player chose):

To the Barbarian: Why are you here? Choose 1:

* Fleeing from some crime, threat, or other scandal (+pursued, mark xp).
* Treasure-hunting, theiving, & wenching (start w/ 1-riches).
X Pursuing some bastard that seriously wronged you (you detail & "Swear an Oath").
* You just wandered into town a moon ago for some other reason but you're a prominent target (mark XP).

(The player decided a thief stole his great-axe, his heirloom and only possession. "Swear an Oath" is my (with Shreyas' help!) replacement for "Open your Brain".
When you swear an oath you get holds for +1forward in pursuing your oath, then mark xp when you complete it)

To the Monster: Why are you here? Choose 1:

X You were inexplicably drawn here by some mysterious power (make an Augury move right now).
* There is much evil here to slake your monstrous appetites (mark XP).
* You were summoned, transformed, or birthed from an unholy union here (+1-riches).
* These ideas suck, you decide. But King Eriakes thinks you work for the enigmatic Wizard, Yara, for good or ill.

(The Augury move in my hack is identical to "Open your Brain" only certain archetypes have it, but not the Monster, he got it just for this story seed)

To the Rogue:

Make your move, "Plundering Jackal". On a 10+, you start with a copper blow-tube filled with Black Lotus powder (5-harm ap area). Obtaining this was an adventure in itself. You also get a rare grapple hook & line. The line was made by the tresses of dead women from the catacombs of Zingara, then steeped in the sap of the deadly Upas tree.
On a 7-9, you just have the grapple hook & line.
On a miss, sorry no luck, but mark XP.

(Yes, if you know the Howard story, this is stealing the plot a bit, don't hate me Vincent! This was cool cause the player rolled a 7-9 and he doesn't have the "Plundering Jackal" move yet. "Plundering Jackal" identical to the Chopper's "Fucking Thieves" move)

To the Sorcerer: Why are you here? Choose 1:

* Plenty of thieves and cutthroats to sacrifice (make Augury move).
X Heard tales of & studied the Tower of the Elephant (mark XP & you know some facts about it).
* Hoped to learn at the feet of Yara, the wizard of the Elphant's Tower (he's initally respectful to you and may grant you some favors).
* Fuck it, you're just here, but King Eriakes thinks you work for Yara, and may grant you favors.

Then we started play, me with the 1st session worksheet and a list of Hyborian names.
The group was having a fun time with Hx and generating some backstory. The Barbarian who lived in the wilderness around town came looking for the bastard who stole his great-axe. The Monster had dreams (the Augury move) of a red, glowing light that pulsed like a heartbeat and heard strange whisperings goading him onward and calling his name.

The Barbarian came to the tavern that the Rogue was roistering at. Although they weren't friends, he knew the Rogue, and figured he was the best help he might get in finding his great-axe, if not the very one that lifted it.

The Sorcerer waltzed into the tavern to listen in on any rumors about the Tower of the Elephant, as he did so, he noticed a cut-purse with a large oblong bundle skulk out of the tavern, heh-heh.

The Barbarian, already distrusting this high-browed Aquilonian sorcerer, started yelling at him. The Sorcerer revealed the furtive figure that skulked away in a hurry. So they all went trekking after the thief.

Meanwhile the Monster was roaming the Temple district, which is eerily abandoned at night, even by the rogues of the Maul. He was searching for the source of his strange dreams. He heard a distant chanting and followed, bringing him to an archaic temple. Inside was some kind of cult and when Connavar appeared, they thought he was some kind of messenger from their deity (The Monster must be disguised, if he openly displays his true nature, he is Acting Under Fire. The 'fire' being that people may discover his 'Bane' which= the Faceless unmasked. Although he is disguised he always has a 'Tell', so it is apparent he is unnatural).

A cultist charged him, stark raving mad, and he snatched her up by the neck and rendered her unconscious. He then placed her in the arms of a statue of a deity. The priest Dinak, conducting the cult worship, pledged his loyalty to him thinking him a messenger of Yezud.

The Monster left the temple and came into the Maul, looking for food. He was ambushed by some cutthroats, but he Acted Under Fire and hit with a 10+. He used his Monstrous Locomotion to scamper up a wall before they could do anything, which freaked them the hell out. (Instead of normal weapons and gear, the Monster has 'Dread Boons' like claws, natural armor, and monstrous locomotion was one of them, the player wanted to climb up surfaces really fast. Some of the Dread Boons have the tag, "Unmasked" -The Monster has to Act Under Fire from witnesses discovering his bane).

The Sorcerer was leading the others after the thief with the big bundle (Read a Sitch). The Monster was on a rooftop munching on a dog he found, when he saw Godrigo the Rogue (they have Hx together). Connavar the Monster warned Godrigo of the cutthroats and followed them.

The trail lead to what appeared to be an abandoned stable. Godrigo, having been in Arenjun the longest and familiar with the Rogue's trade, thought it might be some kind of safehouse. He sauntered into the darkened building to immediately feel a blade to his throat, "Why in Bel's name are you here, Godrigo!?" a raspy voice whispered in his ear.
Godrigo had no time to reply as Heimdall the Barbarian charged in and tackled the knife-wielder. The Barbarian threw him into a supporting post, breaking his neck. Other shadows rushed them.

Godrigo hit with a 10+ to seize his new attacker's throat with is knife. He did it with such deftness and grace that he frightened and dismayed another assailant, who attempted to escape.
A less-filthy cur, wearing some decent leather armor attacked the Barbarian. He hacked into the Barbarians side with a hand-axe but Heimdall pinned it under his arm, broke his attacker's elbow and slammed him into the floor head first. (The Barbarian was enraged and missed that this guy was someone who might be important, and didn't notice where his stolen great-axe might be).

The escaping cutpurse dove through a small window in the back of the building. The Monster, watching all this through the doorway, climbed over the building and caught him. The Sorcerer used "Visions of Death", hitting with a 10+. Following the fiction, he named the guy that Heimdall through on the floor died, his skull shattering on impact. And the thief that Connavar caught would live, the Monster brought him back alive.

They found Heimdall's great-axe and interrogated the prisoner. The dude with the armor stole axe, his name is Abuletes. And since Barracus the Sorcerer declared that the prisoner would live, and they were interrogating him right there, he began spilling everything. Abuletes belongs to a powerful family, and very reluctantly, the prisoner will lead them there.

I figured this was a good place to stop since I need to develop a front for Abuletes' family. The Barbarian reset Hx with the Sorcerer. And I'm using the "Learn a secret when you reset Hx". So Heimdall learned that Barracus' veiled companion was a succubi, his demon familiar, not an human slave. Since Heimdall is from Hyperborea, he was used to the Sorcerous 'nobility' that enslaved others there, and he thought this was the case with Barracus as well.

Everyone said it was a really cool game and their favorite parts seemed to be everything that revolved around Hx and how XP works.

I really enjoyed running it and am looking forward to developing Fronts. I could have used the 1st session worksheet better but I still have a lot of ideas running through my head. I know I need to work on naming NPC's and making them seem real instead of just 2-dimensional throw-aways (looking through crosshairs a little too much, ha).

brainstorming & development / Weird Move for a Conan hack?
« on: July 13, 2011, 10:29:20 PM »
Hello, first off, I'm new and enthusiastic about playing some Apocalypse World.
Second, what I'm most excited to do is hack it for a Conan game, which I've been doing furiously for the last few weeks. (I have seen SimonC's World of Conan too)

The sticking point I've had is coming up with a Weird move to replace, "Open your brain".

I have created a move called, "Swear an Oath". The character can swear an oath about some objective they are passionate about completing.

"I'll varnish the floor with your brains!"
"By Mitra, I won't let you die today!"
"Bel's Balls, it won't slip through my fingers again!"
"I'll dine with Crom the day a scurvy Barachan pirate gets the best of me!"

Roll+Weird ('Wyrd' in my hack). On a 10+ hold 1+1. On a 7-9 hold 1. The  character may spend his hold in any effort to see his oath through. On a 10+ they are also invigorated by making the oath and get +1 forward now.

So... how is this move? Thoughts? Suggestions? Alternative ideas?

(It may be important to note that since there is no psychic maelstrom in the Hyborian age, I made Augury closer to the original 'Open your brain' move but it is only available to Cultists, Sages, and Sorcerers).


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