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blood & guts / Stat Specialization in Character Type Moves
« on: July 19, 2011, 05:15:35 PM »
Okay, so, in working on Dragon World I've found myself sometimes writing up character types whose type-specific moves tend to use the same stat. The Explosive Mage's moves are pretty much all roll+eldritch (I just renamed "magic" as "eldritch" BTW). Sometimes it's natural to do it that way, and other times I feel like I'm letting some D&D4e stuff creep into it. The actual Apocalypse World playbooks seem to vary what stats the different character type moves use a bit more, but I wanted some outside perspective on how much of a spread there ought to be.

Yesterday I finished reading a rather old manga called Dragon Half, a farcical thing about a super-strong half-dragon girl (her father was sent to slay a dragon and married it/her instead) who's in love with heartthrob monster slayer/pop idol Dick Saucer. And it occurred to me that for Dragon Half, Slayers, and similar titles (I'm making a list) there could totally be a move along the lines of "act sensibly despite temptation," and now I think I'm going to be writing a really strange Apocalypse World hack at some point.

Right now I'm just tossing ideas out (especially since I have no shortage of other stuff to work on), but it would basically abandon the concept of Harm per se, since it's more about characters wanting to do violent, stupid things and the circumstances rerouting them into weird hijinks. (Except for nameless monsters. Kill the hell out of them all you want. And eat them afterwards if you're hungry.)

My tentative list of character types/playbooks so far:

Explosive Mage (think Lina Inverse from Slayers)
Half-Dragon (Mink from Dragon Half)
Dumb Warrior (Gourry/Dick Saucer)
Useless Bard
Nutjob Cleric (Amelia from Slayers)
Adorable Mascot

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