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Apocalypse World / Real Apocalypse - Inspirational reading / viewing
« on: June 01, 2011, 10:22:33 AM »
Shelter Cycle - writings about a real life doomsday cult that built a massive bomb shelter in montana, my friend grew up in this cult and attests to the factuality of this account...

Gates of Hell - A flaming pit in Turkmenistan

Apocalypse World / Hang Up on the Fight Mechanics?
« on: April 25, 2011, 04:55:49 PM »
I'm not sure what to do with a fight between a pc and 2 or3 npcs. Stacking NPC harm seems a little wonky. If you have enough armor you'll probably be fine, but if you don't they end up being deadlier then a small gang. Any thoughts?

Apocalypse World / [Playbook Idea] The Lost Boy
« on: April 10, 2011, 08:20:05 PM »
So I was all stoked about this a couple of months ago when someone pointed out that there were already two playbooks like it out there. Here is my take on Spooky Kids in the Apocalypse.

I'm interested in critique and play testing.
xo ross

The Lost Boy??
No one talks about what happens to the children, the lucky ones died in childbirth, others taken by wolves, orphaned by rival gangs, starve, or just get turned them loose with a can opener and a jar of muddy water while their mother's cry and the other's hang their heads. And the ones that do survive, against all odds. Well, no one talks about them either.??

Creating a Lost Boy

?Donnie, Optimus, Rex, Bean, Kazu, Dwarf, Dog, Simon, Bird, Kid, Boy, Schwin, K-Mar, Razz, Link, Pony, Muffin, Chainsaw, Dakota, Spoon, Gunner, Who-Man, Bear, Stupid, Ray, Char, Leaf, Sam, Frankie, Lucy, Charles,??Look?child, young kid, older kid

male, female, transgressing

skinny body, little body, awkward body, disfigured body, lean body, long body?
dirty face, scarred face, young face, tattood face, burned face, round face

wild hair, tangled hair, patchy hair, burned hair

grey eyes, feral eyes, dead eyes, wolf eyes, one white eye, sunken eyes, sparkling eyes?
scar on one cheek, thin face, missing ear, gap-toothed, filed teeth,

Stats?Choose one set?
Cool +2 Hard -2 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird +1?
Cool 0 Hard -1 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird +2?
Cool 0 Hard -2 Hot 0 Sharp +2 Weird +2
?Cool +1 Hard -1 Hot +1 Sharp +1 Weird +1?

Scrounge Wear or Skins worth 1 armor
Oddments worth 1 Barter

Choose Two Makeshift Weapons

Oven Cleaner, 1 harm (ap), blind
Sling 1 harm, close, far
Lawnmower Blade 1 harm, close
Padlock and Chain 2 harm, close, messy
Scissors 1 harm, close, concealed
Maltov Coctails, 1 harm, area, fire, reload
Roofing Nails 1 harm (ap), maim
Barbed Wire Garrote, 1 harm, entangle

Chose One Serious Weapon

Grenade, 4 harm, area, messy, loud, expendable
Magnum 2 harm, close, far, reload

Basic Moves
?You get all the basic moves except for Seduce or Manipulate, instead you get Cry Wolf,
in addition choose 2 more Lost Boy Moves??

Lost Boy Moves

??Cry Wolf?
When you cry for help, or call someone out, roll + Hot?
10+ Any normal person would come running to help
?7-9 Any normal person would come running to see what is going on?
Miss and if they come running its probably to shut you up??

Just A Kid?
Unless you give them reason, NPCs view you as not a threat. If a player acts to hurt you, they are Acting Under Fire.

??Sharp Teeth?
When they don’t know what you’re capable of, your harm is (ap)??Disarming?People tell you things they wouldn’t tell anyone else. When you read a person you get +1 Hx with them.

Take by Stealth
?When you try to steal from someone, or destroy something they have, roll + sharp
?10+ you get all 3?
7-9 pick 2?
-you do it?
-they don’t see you
?-you get away?on a miss
- you get caught in the act
Wolf Eyes?
Animals and have a strange attraction to you, when you want them to do something roll +Hot? 10+ hold 3?
7-9 hold 2
As long as you have a hold on them they treat you as the alpha.
?-they tell/show you a secret?
-they steal something to impress you
?-they do something dangerous for you?
-they defend you?miss

Origin (pick one)

The Lost Boys
Gain a gang and fortune, [small 2 harm 1 armor, +stealth, wants: hunger, discipline]

You were raised by an animal, take +1 Hard and +1 Sharp, and + Companion :
choose one: dog, hawk, wolf
you can sacrifice your companion to avoid taking harm. You keep the bonus.

Child of the Malestorm
+1 weird, + Augury

Special Move?
If someone risks their skin or makes a sacrifice to offer you help, and you accept, you both mark Xp ?

Hey everybody,
Our website is live, registration is open, and Vincent Baker is kindly donating copies of all four limited edition apocalypse world playbooks (The Hoarder, The Quarantine, The Maestro 'D and The Faceless),  for our festival goers!

 So yeah, if you are at gamestorm in PDX you can pick up your pass and playbooks there, otherwise, order online.
See you in June 3-5 in olympia !

Monsterhearts / AP: All About the Parents
« on: February 16, 2011, 07:53:53 PM »
When my player's arrived I had the playbooks set out on the table with some lit candles and a wooden bowl for the dice. Angeline and Leah are real life partners. Ang and I play in a band together and we've done lots of gaming over the years, mostly d20 or this freeform game I wrote called Faerie Blood. Oh, Ang and Leah are both diehard Buffy + Twilight fans.
Ang rolled a Witch named Sal, Leah rolled a Fey named Glass.

I started into the questions, Glass's dad is a truck driver who's gone all the time. Her mom brings boyfriends to the house all the time, including this asshole named buddy who Glass can't stand. Sometimes Buddy and her mom get so loud she can't stick around, so she goes out on walks through the forest nearby.

Sal is the daughter of a couple of microsoft employees, who just moved here from Seattle. She spends a lot of time online talking to other witches about witchy stuff. Oh and her parents, hella christian.

Sal first noticed Glass in Math class. Of course since Glass is a total Fey hottie, Sal fell for her right away. Glass's friends think Sal is a weirdo, and they're pretty much right. Her locker is full of all kinds of weird shit she finds in the woods.

Sal tries to get Glass to notice her, maybe sit together for lunch but Glass brushes her off.

Sal goes home in a pretty foul mood. She goes straight to her room and notices that her screen saver is off. Has someone been using her computer?
Sal is totally pissed, she casts a ring of truth on her parents and ask's them about it. Her dad denies he's been doing anything with her computer, he gets this strange look on his face, "do you hear that buzzing sound?" Sal gets into an argument with her dad and barracades herself in her room, her dad runs after her, she says some not really nice things about jesus, and now he's really pissed. He breaks down the door and starts spanking her.

this triggers her darkest self, she lashes out with a hex that ends up freezing both of her parents.

In the meanwhile Glass goes home to see her dad's truck in the driveway, she goes inside, mom is making dinner, she seems really stressed out, dad is drinking beer and watching tv. Glass heads off to her room where she finds fucking Buddy, stark naked trying to put on a pair of her jeans.
"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" Buddy tries to talk but she's like, "I don't even care." and goes back in the living room to convince her dad to go out and get some ice cream with her.

I'll write the rest later...

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