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The Regiment / [AP] Colonial Marines take on Mission: Boston
« on: May 24, 2015, 09:30:13 AM »
One of my current games is an SF "anthology" of several short games with different characters in the same setting, and for the latest entry my players picked groundpounders over flyboys, so I decided to give Regiment: Colonial Marines a spin, especially after I found the amazing Mission:Boston writeup. I already had two major alliances at war and a conquered planet, what else did I need?

Playbooks chosen were Sergeant, Medic, schlaghund's Gunner, and doc_cthulhu's Sniper from Enemy Unknown. I rewrote the Sniper's special move to avoid overlap with the Officer. Final Shot: When you die, hold 1. Spend it when your comrades are in trouble to make one final Headshot at 10+.

I described how the fleet had entered the system under stealth and been speeding in for a week, tensely waiting to be detected…the alert and launch of the dropships through heavy fire…de-orbiting at top speed as the AA guns on the surface started up…when the ship took the hit I kicked the table to shake it up a bit. The Gunner froze up on being asked to make the jump, and the Sergeant had to assist him.

The platoon was pretty dismayed to wind up several clicks west of their LZ. The gunner lost his drop bag, the sniper took flak shots, and the Sergeant wrenched his knee on the landing. They sent the Sniper off to scout while they patched up the wounded and tried to gather other members of the platoon. The sniper spotted the enemy infantry squad heading north. Unfortunately for him, he blew his damn good ground roll.

Since he had taken up a position on the north side of a ridge, in a snowbank, I decided that he was in fact almost perfectly camoflaged, and a member of the enemy squad who was lagging behind came over the ridge and actually stepped on him, his cries of alarm alerting the others. The sniper used him as a human shield, and meanwhile the unwounded and mobile remnants of the unit were dropping their gear and springing towards the sounds of gunfire.

The Gunner had chosen the Incinerator loadout, and triggered his jump pack (since the platoon chose +mobility, I have them multi-use rocket packs instead of single- parachutelike drop packs) to land in the middle of the enemy squad. Between the terror tag and his rolls he scattered (or immolated) the entire unit.

Somewhere around this point, we located a typo: the timeline indicates that the mortar squad is at the crash site (E) instead of at (G).

In all the chaos, the Sergeant has decided that the plan is to commandeer the enemy armored hovercars at the airfield and use them to get back to the original mission, but there's too much fire from the infantry squads there. They decide to hole up in the building across the road, which has been turned into an enemy billet. While investigating they discover some locals, one of whom shoots in a panic, downing the NPC PFC who discovered him.

When we left off, the Gunner was at the entrance to the bunker waiting to light up anyone that comes near, the Sniper was setting up at the window to begin taking shots at the opposing infantry, the Medic was patching people up as best he could, and the Sergeant was trying to raise any other members of the platoon to rendezvous.

(first session thread here)

Well, MC, you've been churning this over in your brain for a while, letting it simmer while you read that crazy Chinese stuff for another game.  Let's see what you come up with.  As always: comments, criticism & suggestions from you fuckers that maybe know what you're doing? Lay it on.

Looking over my first session worksheet and my last post, I think I was scattering too much on the scarcities - trying to do a threat for each rather than a front for 2-3 of them.

I think the strongest stuff I've got so far comes from Ambition, Fear, and either Despair or Decay.  Not sure which I am going to go with. 

The way the lacks are arranged on the circle seems to suggest some kind of relationship, which I can kind of see: Fear arises from Ignorance and Decay, Ambition is the product of Envy and Hunger.  Often threats that would seem to fall into one category can be shifted to one side or another - I had originally pegged Parsons as Envy but he works as Ambition just as well, and the drugs could be either Decay or Despair.

On the other hand, nothing says Apocalypse to me like Decay, so I'm going with that.  Ambition, Fear, and Decay plus the home Front.

Aside:  Does anyone else pick the Front sheet the use for a particular front based on the picture?  Because the woman with the baby, that just says "home front" to me, and when I get to whichever front has the clouds of poison gas that are all over everything lower than Denver, well hell if I'm not going to pick the front sheet with gasmask guy.

So they're outside of Denver, just coming back from a job, when their drivers head splatters all over the hood.  It's Fox who scored them the gig and he's trying not to stain that sweet-ass zoot suit, and Trey who's pulling out the goddamn grenade launcher, and that weird fuck Dr. Pity just looking over at the guys taking shots.

One grenade and it's all over (Trey rolls a 10+ on seize by force: massive harm, take less, and overawe) except for the screaming, and that's when Dr. Pity moves in.  When he touches the guy's face with his glove the guy goes silent - he can't feel anything as the Doctor wanders through his memories.  Mills is his name, he's got a girl named Amy back in Denver, they had a daughter named Sun. Pity watches as she gets taken away by Parson's men.  He watches as Mills waits for Amy to leave before he shoots up.  He aches for her to forgive him and knows she never will. Eventually, he puts Mills out of his misery with a scalpel.

But the fucking driver is dead and the car won't start, so they head back to Denver on aching feet.  Mother Superior owes them for whacking Marco, after all, and the new guy in charge of the tunnel swears to God he'll keep the tolls "reasonable".

Mother Superior is a big lady in Denver, in all senses of the word.  And Fox's player tells me she wears a bondage nun outfit, so its clear what kind of place the Convent is.  Fox digs the sweet little gig that Mother Superior's got going on, and he maneuvers himself into a deal: he and the boys are "on retainer" for the Mother. (10+ on seduce) They seal the deal the old fashioned way (because Fox wants juggling-3).

While Fox and the Mother are "negotiating", Dr. Pity wants to find out more about this Parsons guy.  And who does he run into but Amy, who cleans up the place, you know, after. He quizzes her and finds out that Parsons is using Sun as a hold over her, but He hasn't asked her to move yet.  She's freaked out that he even knows about it, and he blows it when he tries to get her to promise to tell him when Parsons makes a demand: she runs from the room, and you just know she's going to tell Parsons that Mother's brainer is onto her.

The three rendezvous in their rooms.  Fox has a bag full of Convent chits (good for services) which the other two seem content to let him keep.   Dr. Pity begins to tell them about Mills and Amy, and the other two "read a person", both scoring 10+.  Trey's the one that asks the really insightful questions, though: what are you going to do? (eliminate Parsons and free the girl) and how can I change your mind? (convince him that mother & daughter somehow deserve their fate).

The session ends with Hx changes: Trey understood Dr. Pity better after those questions, Fox knows how to keep Trey happy (rooms in a whorehouse plus freebies? Sure!), but Dr. Pity? He don't know Fox, suggesting they go after Parsons-where's the profit in it? Also, Fox picks his three gigs for next time: seeking luxury, keeping Mother Superior happy, and fucking.  Sounds like he's setting himself up as a boy toy…   

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