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Apocalypse World
– Undergången kom –

Ingen minns hur eller varför. Det kanske aldrig var någon som visste. De allra äldsta överlevarna har barndomsminnen från när det hände: städer som brann, samhället i kaos och sedan kollaps, familjer som flydde i panik, de sällsamma nätterna när himlen brann som av blodröd midnattssol.

Nu är världen inte längre vad den var. Se dig omkring: tveklöst, bevisligen, inte vad den en gång var. Men också om du sluter ögonen, öppnar din hjärna: något är fel. Där, precis där du inte riktigt kan höra det, något som ylar, ofrånkomligt, fyllt av hat och terror. Från detta, världens psykiska malström, kan ingen av oss skydda sig.

What's this?
It's Apocalypse World translated into Swedish! Today, Skepnad Studios proudly unveil their biggest RPG project ever: the official Swedish translation of Apocalypse World 2nd Ed.

Who are you?
Skepnad Studios are a small but broad publisher, whose previous projects include system-agnostic supplements such as NPCs of the Wasteland and the recently Kickstarted loot cards UNITS.

The translation is done by me, Jonatan Kilhamn. I have been a big AW fan since the first edition came out back in 2010, and was first contacted with the intention of having me consult on how the game works. After working more with the text, I asked if I could do the whole translation!

When will it happen?
The text is translated in full, which means we now start working in earnest on the actual book, with all that entails. Our plan is to have it published sometime this spring, but it's unwise to make any promises at this stage.

One of the first things we need to do now that the text is translated is to proof-read. Do you speak Swedish, and are interested in helping us out? We'd appreciate your help! Read more in this thread over at the Swedish RPG site

Are you hype for AW in Swedish? I'm hype!
Jonatan Kilhamn, at Skepnad Studios

Apocalypse World / Situation-specific custom combat moves
« on: June 03, 2015, 05:51:23 PM »
I read the new combat moves in the Patreon preview of the 2nd edition! They look really cool, but they weren't complete. Vincent's instructions include "FIRST DRAFT - SUBJECT TO CHANGE - DO NOT CIRCULATE", but also "give 'em a try if you want to".

I intend to integrate at least some of what I see in the draft in my next game, so I wanted a complete set of combat moves. I added the missing ones myself, and I thought I'd share. I'll respect the "do not circulate" part, as well as everyone else who paid money to see this exclusive preview, by not posting the rest of the moves for reference; however, let me just say this: in the new draft, the peripheral combat moves are replaced with an extensive move for each of a number of combat situations. These include "assaulting a held position", "single hand-to-hand combat" etc.

The list also includes three that were not included in full, so I wrote my own versions. They draw a lot from some of the other new combat moves; for example, the hunter's chase is very similar to the road war.

(If this consititutes revealing or circulating too much information, Vincent, just tell me and I will take it down. Hopefully, even people who have not seen the preview might gain something from reading these!)


Open massacre, a field massed with noncombatants

When you participate in a fight which is actually a straight-up massacre, each PC among the attackers chooses, blind, two of the following outcomes: one they wish their victims would do, and one they wish they wouldn’t:
- Disperse in all directions
- Hole up and don’t show themselves
- Bring forward something hidden, that the attackers want
- Fight back
- Die, every last one of them

Each PC among the victims chooses one outcome, blind; that’s the one they work towards.

For both sides, the MC makes the same choice if there are NPCs in that side. If one side contains more than one distinct group of NPCs, the MC may choose again for each such group, but must announce that they are doing so.

Reveal everyone’s choices. The attackers inflict harm as established.

If all victims chose the same outcome, that’s what happens. If the choice was to fight back, the next round is played using a different battle move – perhaps a chaotic free-for-all or an assault on a held position? Regardless, the victims don’t inflict any harm as a group until then.

If all attackers chose the same favoured outcome, and all victims chose it as well, the victims take -1harm.

If any victim’s choice was the disfavoured outcome of any attacker, all victims take +1harm.

If the victims chose different outcomes, everyone gets their choice, sort of:
- If you chose to disperse, the MC will tell you something you leave behind or something you take with you
- If you chose to hole up, the MC will tell you why your hiding place sucks
- If you chose to bring something forward, you either have it with you or you have their eyes on the one who does; the MC will detail
- If you chose to die, you personally take +1harm
- If you chose to fight back, you personally take +1harm but choose one:
  - Take a single, short, personal action
  - Name another victim; they get +1armor

If there are still enough victims standing for the attackers to keep at it, it continues another round.


Cat and mouse, trying to get the drop on each other

When you’re in a cat and mouse game, play it out in three-stage rounds.
Stage 1: the MC tells you about the terrain you’re playing in.
Stage 2: make your move and spend blind.
Stage 3: resolve everyone taking their shots.

If the battle isn’t over, go back to stage 1 and do it all again.
The terrain
There’s no safe and solid ground, not really. MC, choose at least 1 and describe it:
• a precipice         • a wall         • shifting ground
• an exposed place      • an overhang      • broken ground

During the rest of the round, if anyone manages to take real tactical advantage of the terrain, you can choose to give them a bonus. Judge the advantage they’ve taken and give them the bonus you think best:
• +1 to a roll         • +1armor      • +1position
• -1 to an enemy’s roll      • +1harm      • a move where they had none

The move
Roll+sharp. On 10+, spend 3. On 7-9, spend 2. On a miss, spend 1. Spend them blind, on the following:
- Stay out of sight.
- Gain the high ground. Each 1 that you spend gives you +1position.
- Take the shot; choose your target blind. Choose this again to inflict +1harm.
- Take a single, short, personal action.

For any side with NPC combatants, the MC gets to spend 2 for that side as well. The MC may choose to spend 1 or 3 instead for either side, but must declare that she’s doing so. 1 is for a gang weak, noisy, or lacking discipline; 3 is for a gang uncanny, devoted, or well-coordinated.

Reorder all combatants in order of cumulative position, from least to greatest. Then resolve all shots taken in that same order. If you took the shot, reveal your target. If they are out of sight, you get -1position. Otherwise, inflict your harm as established. Regardless, if you were keeping our of sight, pay 2-position or you are in plain view of all.

Afterwards, the players with the highest position may choose to withdraw from the battle, or stay in. Every other player may choose to make a break for it, or stay in. If someone makes a break, others can follow. Initiate a running gunfight or a hunter’s chase (MC’s choice) where each participating player gets their position to spend on covering ground the first round.

Regardless, everyone who’s still in the cat and mouse game continue to the next round, with terrain, as above.


A hunter’s chase

When you’re in a hunter’s chase, play it out in two-stage rounds.
Stage 1: the MC tells you about the terrain you’re playing in.
Stage 2: make your move and exchange harm.

If the chase isn’t over, go back to stage 1 and do it all again.

The hunters start at position=0. The prey start at position=1, if they started in the same room as the hunters; position=2, if they were within sight; position=4, if they were out of sight.
The terrain
There’s no safe and solid ground, not really. MC, choose at least 1 and describe it:
• a precipice         • a wall         • shifting ground
• an exposed place      • an overhang      • broken ground

During the rest of the round, if anyone manages to take real tactical advantage of the terrain, you can choose to give them a bonus. Judge the advantage they’ve taken and give them the bonus you think best:
• +1 to a roll         • +1armor      • +1position
• -1 to an enemy’s roll      • +1harm      • a move where they had none

The move
The hunters inflict harm as established on their prey. Roll+hard. On 10+, spend 3. On 7-9, spend 2. On a miss, spend 1. Spend blind, on the following:
- Take a single, short, personal action.
- Cover ground. Each one that you spend gives you +1position.
Hunters can also spend on this:
- Shoot to kill. Add +1harm to the harm your side inflicts.
Prey can also spend on this:
- Take cover. Add +1armor to your side.
- Fight tooth and claw. Optionally take -1position, and then inflict your harm as established on a hunter with the same position as you.

For any side with NPC combatants, the MC gets to spend 2 for that side as well. The MC may choose to spend 1 or 3 instead for either side, but must declare that she’s doing so. 1 is for a gang weak, afraid, or lacking leadership or will; 3 is for a gang fearless, devoted, or mindless.

Position: reorder the combatants in cumulative position order, from least to greatest. Resolve the hunters’ spends before those of their prey.

After the exchange of harm, the hunters can break off, if they want. Otherwise it continues to the next round, with terrain, as above. Remember, if the prey starts shooting back, it turns into a running gunfight or a game of cat and mouse (MC will detail).

Apocalypse World / Alternate Hx rules (à la Dungeon World)
« on: January 15, 2013, 07:40:13 AM »
Okay, here's another port. I can't say I've played enough AW or DW, or played around enough with the design of either, to say that one system fits better than the other to a certain game. But I do like the Bonds system, and I don't think it's a bad fit for AW, at least. So I wrote up a bonds hack, replacing the Hx rules. There's an added bonus of having the Hx assignment not be a double moebius round-robin – you just dole out all your bonds in order.

Here's a link to the document.

Feel free to comment, either here or in the doc (insert->comment or something).

Apocalypse World / Alternate xp rules (à la Dungeon World)
« on: January 15, 2013, 04:26:56 AM »
Here's a set of alternate experience rules I'd like to try out sometime.


Firstly, everyone marks experience every time they roll the worst result on the dice. That means a 6- on any roll except harm rolls and other custom moves the MC cooks up.

Secondly, at the end of each session, ask yourselves as a group the following three questions:
– Did we learn something new and important about the world?
– Did we resolve a threat to the community?
– Did we create something new in this world?
For every question answered with "yes", everyone marks experience.

Thirdly, everyone has two highlighted stats, just like normal. However, don't mark experience when you roll for them. Instead, after the session ask the group:
– Did I show how cool I can be?
– Did I show how hard I can be?
– Did I show how hot I can be?
– Did I show how sharp I can be?
– Did I show how weird I can be?
That is, ask the two questions corresponding to your highlighted stats. For each question the group answers with a "yes", you mark experience.

Fourthly, you mark experience from resetting Hx and being manipulated and following the advice of someone who's oftener right and stuff like that just as you always did.



For marking on a miss, I guess the MC could judge a custom move they made to not have any result worse than the other, and then you'd get no xp regardless. It'd be a pretty boring move though.

For the questions, I recommend you pick three questions appropriate for your campaign. Here are the ones I can come up with, feel free to add your own.
– Did we learn something new and important about the post-apocalyptic world?
– Did we learn something new and important about the apocalypse?
– Did we meet a notable new NPC?
– Did we resolve a threat to the community?
– Did we create something new in this world?
– Did we make a notable change in any power balance?
– Did we bask in the decadence, filth, or misery of the apocalypse world?
– Did we overcome a notable adversary?
Dungeon World also has "Did we loot a memorable treasure?" but that feels a bit off here.

brainstorming & development / Homestuck
« on: January 17, 2012, 07:53:38 AM »
Okay, I got into an impossible project.

Based on this webcomic, it's a game that mimics the style of a webcomic that mimics the style of a computer game in which the characters play a computer game.

The entire story is also prone to always escalating, being incredibly silly, jumping the shark, and then in the end having it all come together. And then just keep going.

My game draft, found here, concerns itself with a framework, but assumes that the group will start adding rules, new types of gameplay, and character moves as they go along. This game isn't supposed to help you much after a few sessions.

I only think this will do much sense if you've actually read at least some mspaintadventures, and probably Homestuck specifically. But if you have: do you think this approach might work? Are you interested in writing character moves? Check in at the above link, or the brainstorming document. They're open for comments and editing to everyone.

brainstorming & development / Moomin
« on: October 06, 2011, 04:53:38 AM »
I wrote a short moomin hack, but it's in swedish. Let me know if you want to read it, and if someone really wants to play it I might consider translating it.

Just thought you should know.

brainstorming & development / Nobilis
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:21:30 AM »
So I'm (well, me and a friend so far) working on a Nobilis hack. You'd pretty much have to have read one of the Nobilis books to get this, so I won't bother explaining the setting much.

It's not the default Nobilis world, neither edition (okay, I haven't read 1st edition so I wouldn't know about that). There are no imperators, and the nobles are just people who somehow got an estate stuck inside them and have to cope. Maybe the prevoious Power of Fire came and appointed them successor, maybe their mom was the previous power, maybe they just found a soul-shard at a crimescene and later found out the victim was a power...

Power scale is significantly lower than in standard Nobilis. Everyone can still spend their reserves to surpass mortals, but not farther than maybe 3-harm fists and 2-harm just from being badass. They can still be killed, even by mortals, if they're very many, very well-equipped or have received help from a noble.

I intend to write more about the world and how it differs from standard Nobilis later, that'll probably go in the HG rules document.

Links to our work so far:
- HG rules and general rules
- Basic and peripheral moves
- Playbooks

Apocalypse World / AP: Sunken City
« on: November 20, 2010, 07:43:19 PM »
So, after finishing a ten-session game with Arvid as MC, I thought it as time to bring this to my other group and MC myself. First session was about half a session, but here's what happened in that one and the one we had just today.

The cast:
- Lee the Savvyhead. Goodhearted, travels around and fixes stuff with her eapprentice, 15-year-old Fleece. Called to Sunken City to fix their desalination machine, without which they won't survive long. Has a radio she listens to in the evenings, even though she only gets noise since no-one is broadcasting anything.
- Dart the Driver. Drives around the area (which is about as big as an average american state, and has a coastline to the south) just taking odd jobs. Passed Sunken City and got sent to search for a mechanic, brought back Lee. Has a trusty Jeep.
- Gritch the Brainer. Gender-ambiguous weirdo with a gas mask, of course. We keep track of everyone who isn't afraid of em, so far it's like 5 people or something. Not really sure about what e wants yet. Just tagged along to Sunken City, as e knows Lee and Dart from travelling a bit together earlier. Opens eir brain almost every night, as e doesn't have normal dreams.

Introducing: Scream, right-hand-man of hardholder Newton.
Barker: old man with a house full of junk and spare parts. Take care of the desalination machine, but hasn't been able to fix it.
Fuse: Barker's daughter.
Amy: ten-year-old street urchin, lives with Two Moon's cult. Not afraid of Gritch.
Two Moon: cult leader. Not afraid of Gritch.

The game started out in Sunken City, a city consisting of the top 4-5 floors of a number of skyscrapers sticking up out of the water (shamelessly stolen from my game with Arvid). Scream greeted the PCs as they rolled into the tent area surrounding the bridge to the first scraper. Lee and Fleece got to their job right away, while Gritch took a look around town and Dart stayed by his car.

Lee made the first move listening as Things Spoke, namely the wind-powered desalination machine. It told her someone had sabotaged it, and that she needed to replace a heating pipe thingy. Meeting up with Barker, she found out two things:
Firstly, he'd had the right pipe a while ago, but it had ended up with Rolfball the chopper.
Secondly, his daughter Fuse was the saboteur. Lee recognised her from what the machine had told her the moment she walked in the door.

Gritch went to the market, which was located on a rooftop. He started looking for interesting stuff to buy, pretty much because his players wanted to try out the barter mechanics and do something with the 5 (!) barter he got at chargen. He found a guy (don't remember his name) trying to sell his fishing boat. More trying-out-the-rules led to a deep brain scan where he misread and asked "what are your character's secret plans" (should have been "pains"). I answered that he was leaving town because this place sucked. Gritch ended up buying the boat for all his barter, why I'm not really sure. Oh well, I'll make sure they have to go out to sea sometime.

Dart got tired of waiting and wandered into the market, where he met Gritch and a small girl named Amy offered them to come to her aunt's place where they would get food. This sounded nice (after reading a person to make sure she was telling the truth) so they fetched Lee and went there. On their way they saw a woman in blue robes preaching to the masses that the city was doomed (their water supply was gone, the machine had let them down) in the market square.

At Amy's aunt Two Moon's place there were quite a lot of people, all quite happy except for Ik who was keeping the order and handing out food. Everyone awaited the arrival of their mysterious benefactor Two Moon, and when she arrived she turned out to be (surprise!) the woman from the market. This is were first session ended. What bugs me most is that Dart almost didn't get to do anything. We also didn't do Hx since practically nothing had happened between anyone.

Second session, and Dart called in sick the same morning. We decided to play again, since several weeks had already passed and we didn't want the game to die.

Newton, hardholder of Sunken City.
Matilda, guard at Newton's fort (which is just a reinforced office floor).
Roark, police officer (there's no police force, just Newton's gang in general, but they've got a police officer).
Monk, Tao and Jap, to members of Rolfball's gang.

The session started where the previous had left off. Two Moon spoke to the people who had gathered about how times were hard and what little hope they had they had to make for themselves. And they especially shouldn't trust that machine, she'd told them that from the beginning! She talked a bit to Gritch over the table, essentially telling him that she was the reason this city was still alive, as she took care of anyone Newton didn't. And of course she expressed her scepticism towards Lee when she said she'd come to fix the machine.

Then they talked a bit to Amy, who had a hard time understanding that the machine was just a dead thing and hadn't chosen to forsake them but just broken down. When she finally realised that an "evil" machine can be fixed so that it starts giving out water again, she thought about "fixing" Newton so he'd give out more food. Creepy. Anyway, the PCs were offered to sleep there too, and they did.

The next day Dart got an offer to take two of Newton's men out to check up on the small farms and hamlets that paid tribute to Sunken City. They left early, and thus Dart was out of the rest of the session.

Lee went to Scream and told him about the part she needed, and he told her he'd arrange some transport to go look for Rolfball's gang. Most of the time, they can be reasoned with if you've got barter. The best (land) vehicle in town after Dart left is the ATV owned by... Fuse! She agreed to take them out, but stayed pretty silent.

Out on the plains, where mutant wolves roam at night, they got on a hill and Lee whipped out a borrowed pair of binoculars and read the sitch. For her enemy's true position, I told her she sees two men on motorcycles to the north. For what she's to be on the lookout for, I told her Fuse.

They approached the men cautiously, and after a bit of discussing back and forth Monk agreed to take them to the rest of the gang, and their tech guy Tao. When they got there Jap bargained with them and asked for one more barter than they told her they had, so Lee gives up her radio. When the deal was closed Gritch shaked her hand and puppet string'd her with "give the radio back, it's not working anyway". She fiddled with the dials to confirm this sudden impulse, and then threw it back at Lee who failed to catch it.

On the way back, Fuse tried to take them another way. Lee confronted her about it and read a person, finding out that her story about this way being safer from the wolves was bull (answer to "what do you intend to do" - "get rid of at least one, maybe both of you, before returning home"). Gritch tried to puppet string her out of this, but accidentally mucked her brain up so that she fell over moaning. They stopped the atv and she threw em off, screaming about em being a weirdo fucker and "what the f did you do to me"? Lee then told her she knew about the sabotage, "and I won't tell anyone if you just get Gritch back on here and drive us home". She rolled a 9, so she actually has to refrain from telling people about it.

They got home and found Amy sneaking around the machine it trying to fix it. They showed her how it's done and then went to sleep, though Lee went to Barker this time. She didn't like Two Moon very much, and Barker lives next to the machine. Gritch went to Newton's fort to hang out and have a drink first.

Newton and Gritch talked, mostly about Two Moon, and Gritch agreed that he'll keep an eye on her and see what she's up to. Newton doesn't understand the maelstrom, but is happy that he's found someone who does who's on his side.

I first told Lee that she was woken up by footsteps outside her room. She opens her brain to find out what's going on (I'd been goading them both to open their brains pretty much all the time). She got to know Fuse is outside with a knife, got to answer my question of "what do you think Gritch would be capable of doing to you, if he had to? Hurt you? Kill you? In-brain puppet strings?" and saw a vision of masses of boats rallying to an island with a lighthouse. Fleece and Ik were on two of the boats.

She woke up and woke Fleece up too. I had her spend her bonefeel hold to make sure she had weapons ready for both of them. They bashed the door open and found Fuse, except she'd heard how they got ready and now played innocent in front of Barker, who woke from the door. Rushing out of your room at night, armed, assaulting your host doesn't look very good. They quickly left and went to sleep in the entrance hall at Newton's court, after telling the guard that they'd just been assaulted (almost).

Gritch opened eir brain that night too. Lee's maelstrom had looked like just a purple haze with a lot of motion blur in it, Gritch's was a stormy, foggy sea. As e stood there, a ship passed in the night. Two Moon was steering, and as she turned to em and spoke, e found emself on there too. There were a lot of people on the ship, but they were faceless shadows, and only Two Moon and Gritch could rech the steering wheel. Two Moon told em that she wanted eir help in steering this ship, and that she'd been so alone until now. It seemed she was quite a weirdo herself, as she told a brainer that she was alone and wanted his companionship.

At this point Gritch's player told me that what I was saying as Two Moon felt like it was leading up to her wanting to have sex with em, and in the end we decided that felt right. At first it was only brainfuck (literally) since they were in the maelstrom, but when Gritch failed eir deep brain scan for eir sex move, e woke up and realised e was all over Two Moon, and not in the other end of the room where he'd gone to sleep. Two Moon passed out from the psychic harm. I think she'll start being afraid of him now.

In the morning, Lee went over to get Gritch to help her explain to Roark (the police officer) how things really were with Fuse. They had a very informal trial in the fort which ended with Roark dismissing everything Lee said because it was based on seeing things in the maelstrom or the machine speaking to her. Gritch wasn't much of a help.

Lee sat down in a corner and started to fix the radio Jap threw to the ground. She blew her Things Speak roll, so her brain was open. I described the static that used to come out of the radio when it was whole, except now it wasn't just what she heard, it was in her field of vision too, and it wasn't the radio getting it but her, her brain had become an antenna that only caught static... she was in the maelstrom again, but this time with static instead of purple. And then she heard Dart's voice, from far-away, as transmitted through his car radio. He was in danger.

Gritch noticed her starting to shake and falling off into weirdo country, so e opened eir brain too and entered her static vision. Unlike her, e was in control of emself and even managed to discern the source of the Dart transmission. Then he seized Lee by force and pulled her out of the storm.

We wrapped up here, but I'm really happy that we did so much and even got back to Dart in the end, so that next session he'll have a natural way back in.
Things that happened that made me happy:
- All moves except Seduce and Go aggro were used at least once
- Open your brain was used more than once
- Brainer sex (after I thought this group would never have sex at all)
- Gritch managed to break Two Moon, even if it was just 1-harm from a failed brain scan. There are no status quos: she wasn't even fully established as a powerful mindfucker until Gritch took her down. I wonder what she'll do.

the nerve core / Buying multiple books
« on: October 20, 2010, 05:20:20 PM »
Apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread.

Does anyone know how to buy more than one game, or even more than one copy of AW, at the same time from the indie rpgs unstore? Since it's not a store I can understand that I can't go all shopping cart, but I'd still very much prefer to not pay the 12$ shipping five times for 3xAW, 1xIAWA and 1xPoison'd. If the shipping and handling is messier with more than just one book and one pdf, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more than just the 12$ once, but separate fees for every order seems a bit much. Also apologies if there's just some drop-down menu with numbers hidden somewhere that I haven't seen.

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