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AW:Dark Age / What happens when improvements change the story?
« on: March 06, 2014, 05:10:28 PM »
In apocalypse world, improving your character sometimes creates a car or a gang or something. It's important to know where these things come from, but mostly the answer is pretty obvious: Your friends or underlings or whoever can become your gang. You build the car or you find it and fix it up. Simple.

The same cannot be said of your new dragon. Those things aren't just lying around! Does the Herald need to know about some specific dragon? Can he awaken one under a major city when previously there's been no hint that it was there? Can he define anything about it, or is he stuck with what he's given?

Similarly, what happens when a character's rank goes up? The improvement would appear to contradict the established facts of the narrative. Does the sitting monarch have a cardiac arrest? Does new evidence of a higher birth come to light? Can this be used to automatically and successfully improve your standing through marriage?


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