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AW:Dark Age / experience question
« on: September 18, 2014, 04:33:33 AM »
I know I should be able to answer this, but I can't.   On the game do you only gain 2 xp per session along with end of season moves?   Am I correct, or am I reading it wrong?  Or is there another way to gain rights I haven't noticed?

AW:Dark Age / Proposition with Dragon Herald
« on: March 05, 2014, 11:44:33 AM »
So a Common Topic on this so far is history versus fantasy.  I realized after reading everything that this game could be played on earth as in our earth, in a viking setting, or arthurian setting very easily.  One catch though is the Dragon Herald.  The Troll Killer exists because we always had in our past "giants" David and Goliath, "Cyclops" Odysseus, even witches "Circe and Morigan le Fay".  Monsters could exist they are just our imaginative comprehension of real scary things.  However, the one the doesn't fit much is the Dragon Herald.  It implies that Dragons exist.  Big giant unsustainable magical monsters, and pull us out of the more realistic harshness of the dark ages. 

Historically those times were considered an apocalypse because from the fall of Rome when some people went back and saw aqueducts they had no clue what these things were.  Priests were considered truly godlike because they could actually read.  Diseases were fought with ridiculous magic rituals that might have killed more then helped, and disease and plague were rampant.  Famine was constant, and the threat of the outside was everywhere from the bitter cold, to the lack of food.  In England they fought murderous Man Monsters (Vikings/Celts/Saxons/Picts) that Could attack at any moment.  In Eurasia they fought Centaurs "Mongol and Arabic horsemen".  Our world in the Dark Age was a land of Apocalypse, and I worry that the Dragon Herald removes our world from that and makes it a world of fantasy not darkness.

That said I think the class is cool, and was seeking for advice how to reskin it a little bit so it doesn't have to explicitly involve dragons.  To me the Dragon Herald is like the mad profit, or the witch advisor to a king.  They are the truth seer that nobody wants to like, but has to deal with "Beware the Ides of March, the Furies, Circe, etc.".  I want peoples advice on the following.  So seriously please help me and provide other examples.  My thoughts to make it more realistic is keep it exactly the same, but instead of "Awaken Dragons" as XP moves maybe instead they "Create prophesies" or "Change fate".  Make them more broadly mystical instead of specifically with dragons.  Any other ideas?  I'd love to hear.  These are my thoughts though.  Further if you want more examples of Mad Profits that remind me of a Dragon herald see the following:

-John of Leiden/ Munster Rebellion for mad prophets (listen to this for more

-This one for good dark age lore (*s-Angels/Dark%20ages-medieval-antiquity)

-This one for plague and death in the ancient time (

Though you'd have to buy it.  I'm obsessed with Hardcore History, and I plan on using some of themes in my game of it.

AW:Dark Age / First Thoughts
« on: March 03, 2014, 03:32:37 PM »
Basic rules awesome.  I love the 7 experience concept.  It encourages characters to be well rounded and try everything.  Love the basic movies.  Some critiques of classes.  You have a lot of sort of priests.

Wicker-Wise  (unless they are more wizard?)
Dragon Herald (Cast out priest)
and Soon Bloodless priest (uknown)

3 priests could be very cool, but it leads to games with a lot of politics based on priests and various religions fighting each other.  Is there any area for politics between nations and vassals?  That might be more in the: To-Do crowned. I was just curious.

Most playbooks I really like except the dragon herald. 

It says the dragon herald summons the dragons in the MC sheet, but not on the character sheet.  It wants to be Kaleesi, but the character sheet itself should incentive it a little more.  A suggestion could be taking something from the Savvy Head Playbook.  Think of ways to send the dragon herald on quests to awaken the dragon.   Requirements for it.  That way the character has some guidance towards this goal.  I think ti could be like the savy head though where the MC gets to choose what these requirements are, but they always lead a person down a dark path.  There should be some incentive on the Dragon Herald to try and bring forth dragons.

The other issue is with the troll killer.  Having a troll killer is cool someone who can defeat monsters is awesome, but they primarily focus on cool not hard.  I see that they want to be more like the battlebabe in that way, but they have no way to really improve hard.  If they go up against monsters it seems like they would die.  The Troll Killer definitely seems plotty which is cool, but that's one type of troll Killer.  I'd create a stat block for it with Hard+2 instead of Cool so you could also be the Conan Barbarian type of killer if you wanted to.  This could be a champion of sword, but I think the class can go both ways so much, that they should not be tied down with one primary stat.  Instead they should have the option for how they want to defeat monsters.  Cool= Aragorn/Legolas stalwart in the face of danger Hard= Conan overcomes fear through brute strength and will.

Other then that I can't wait to try, and see the new characters.

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