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I noticed a lot of GMs / MCs new to AW and PbtA games miss out on some of the best parts of the system because they don't know when to cue in. So here's an article describing the points where MCs can influence the game:

I'd love some feedback on this, let me know what you think.

Check out the free starter set for my game City of Mist:

It's a game of film noir investigation and super-powered action, set in a modern metropolis rife with crime, conspiracies, and mysteries where ordinary people  become ‘Gateways’ – living embodiments of a legend.

The game uses some interesting new features added on top of the Moves, such as the roll+tags system I discussed here before, and the Status system for conditions. Also we have really nice art :) Kickstarting soon!

I would really appreciate your feedback on the game and specifically the mechanics. If anyone wants to run the game and has any questions please hit me up.

Hi everyone,

I just published a post about the roll+tags mechanics I am using in my street-level super-powers and investigation hack, City of Myst:

Do you agree on the benefits mentioned? What do you think might be the possible breaking points of this system? Does anyone know about other AE games or creators using a roll+tags system that I can consult with?

brainstorming & development / City of Myst
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:49:34 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've been working for over a year on a PBTA game called City of Myst about super-powered individuals in a dark urban mystical setting. The two cool game mechanic elements that characterize the game:

1. It runs on roll+tags. The characters are basically lists of tags and the moves are powered by the number of relevant tags you use in a a move. This is a fusion of Apocalypse Engine with tag-based games, e.g. Lady Blackbird.

2. Status spectrums replace harm. Status combines a tag, often negative, with a tier. Whenever the tag applies to what you are doing, the tier acts as a penalty to your roll. The status spectrum is a nice way to merge different effects into one value ("Are they on the same spectrum?") and make the penalty stacking non-linear. I'll share more about that when the Alpha is out.

The Alpha release, due in the next few days, will include the core moves and mechanics and seven ready-made character playbooks (not archetypes but finished characters - the character creation is a whole 'nuther ballgame).

If you want to check out the game website for some more info -- it's at . I will post an update here when the Alpha docs are available for download.

For now - does anyone know of any other games/hacks working with the roll+tags mechanics that I can check out? What do you think about this direction?

Oh and check out some of the art our illustrator has been working on:

Holding Pen / A new Song of Ice and Fire hack - playbooks
« on: September 16, 2014, 07:21:22 AM »

I'm new to Barf Forth Apocalyptica. Been playing Apocalypse World and "powered by" games for a few years now.

Since last year I've been working on a hack for a Song of Ice and Fire with a new approach. Before sitting down to design it, I saw the posts here on the subject by Jeff and I read the other hack by Andrew Medeiros, which were cool, but I needed something that could really help my players sink their teeth into the ASOIAF feel.

I'd like to share the playbooks I created and get feedback, ideas, and comments. So here it is:


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